"GERAARRDDD!" Amy screeched impatiently up the stairs to her husband. "We need to leave! NOW!"

"I told you! In a minute!" Gerard shouted back, trying desperately to adjust his tie so that it looked like he was 'a smart guy, but one that knew how to have fun'. It was Louis' idea actually, to go for a younger look. "It's something for the Mums." Louis had assured him. Ahh Louis...Gerard hadn't fully recovered from the shock of finding Louis and Shakira sprawled on his bed. Gerard didn't know what to do about it all, it was just so...His train of thought was interrupted by his wife letting out a piercing shriek .

"NOW Gerard!" She stamped her foot in frustration.

"I said just a minute!" He called back, having finally perfected his tie. God, she could not let him have ANY time to himself could she? Nag, nag, nag! As he reached the bottom of the stairs with a sigh, Amy scrutinised his appearance through half closed eyes.

"Your tie looks funny." She stated before flouncing out the door and into the car.

'So does your face.' Gerard muttered, taking a last glance in the mirror. How can something this sexy be wasted on something like her... He thought to himself, shaking his head mournfully.

Amy, who was now leaning over the driver in a rather awkward fashion, honked the horn impatiently.

'IM COMING YOU WITCH.' he shouted as he slammed the door and jogged down the steps towards the car.

He slid into the soft leather seat and pulled out his speech. This was going to be a long, boring, pointless outing.

The driver pulled away, heading towards the town center, where the opening ceremony of a charity was being held.

After waiting for in traffic for half an hour they finally arrived at the dreaded event, only to be met by a swarm of photographers and reporters.

'Oh lord,' Amy sighed, glancing through the dark tinted windows 'Gerard, it's time to act happy. I want nothing but smiles and comments on how lovely I look in this dress. Clear?'

'Well... I wasn't brought up to lie... and some things are easier said than done...'

'GERARD. Do you want the whole town thinking we're a bitter old couple that hate each other?'

'Thinking? More like knowing.'

'Don't push me today, Gerard. I can only take so much!'

'Fine. But only because it's good publicity.' He sneered. The driver cleared his throat and the couple we're brought out of their argument.

'Here we go, hunny pie.' Gerard said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 'Ladies first.'

Amy swung open the door and stepped out into a sea of flashing cameras as she put on her award winning smile and gestured for Gerard to come out and join her.

The cameras went wild as Gerard stepped out and posed besides her, his features strong, confident and smouldering. He put his arm around his wife and brought her into a smooch, which he knew she would resent. When they emerged from what they pretended was a spontaneous act of love, they proceeded to make their way towards the small stage.

Gerard stood behind the podium and gazed out at the silent audience.

"And, like I said" Gerard paused for effect "It's for the children." The crowd errupted in applause, clearly believing every lie their mayor had just told them, as Gerard bowed his head and stepped down from the mic. Amy, who was doing a superb job of looking heartfelt, placed a hand on Gerards arm as she wiped a fake tear away. The cameras went wild as she then proceeded to step up the the mic and look over the audience.

'That was a...truely beautiful speech,' she had a catch in her voice as she swallowed and continued on 'And I, personally, could not have said it quite like Gerard' She appeared close to a break down now, Gerards 'truely beautiful' speech was clearly pulling on her heart strings. if there was one thing Gerard admired about her, it was her acting skills. 'And now, my dear friends, it's time to cut the ribbon!' Amy beamed at this idea, her whole face seeming to light up at the idea of opening the charity.

They were ushered towards the ribbon and handed an oversized pair of scissors. They had been sprayed with gold paint at short notice, and it was still sticky with not quite dried paint. Together, as a union, they grabbed a handle and, as slowly and dramatically as possible, they cut the ribbon. This too earned them a round of applause, followed by camera flashes and hand shakes.

Finally, after an endless round of handshakes, they were hearded back to the limo and were on the journey home.

'Well, darling, how was that little expedition?' smirked Amy, staring out of her window.

'Oh it was boring, low budged and tacky, like any other event we attend. Babe.'

'Mmm,' Amy smiled 'In that case, you're going to love the circus.'