Hi everybody! So I have recently played Batman: Arkham Asylum game and I fell in love with Scarecrow, I watched the movie Batman Begins and it got even worse with me, so I decided to write this fanfic I had in my mind for a long time. I hope you will like it. J

I do not own anything from the DC comics!

Chapter 1.

Before I start with my story, I would like to ask myself one question. Why am I writing this? Is it because I want to relieve my heart of the pain? Or because I want to justify my actions to myself? No. I started to write this records of previous events only because I wanted to understand what exactly happened this past few weeks, what exactly have we done wrong that all of these things happened. I have known Harleen Quinzel for so many years before we even came here, and still I wasn't able to stop what was about to happened. Well, maybe, partly, I didn't even wanted to stop it, she was happy with that crazy clown after all, and I? Well, I had my own things to worry about. Thruth is, that we actually made the entirely same mistake, and we both paid in a way for it, for the fact that we both succumbed to our feelings. But well, let me start my story from the beginning.

My name is Katherine Jones, I was born in London and I moved to Gotham when I was 22. I have studied psychology on a local university. It was there where I met a certain Harleen Quinzel. She was determined to be the best, always, but at the same time, she was a good friend for me. I was always a little quite, not much of a sociable type, often bullied by the school bastards. One would say that the people in the university are actually a little grown up at least, but well, the exceptions are everywhere I guess. But she was always my protector. And when we finished the university we were looking for a place to work together.

Truth is, Harleen and I we looked quite similar, with long blond hair and blue eyes, like two sisters. We often actually even played a game for ourselves that we actually were sisters, but that game was only made for us. When we heard that they had a few free positions in Arkham Asylum we were so happy, it was a dream come true, mostly for Harley, she was always so fascinated with the criminal minds, that I sometimes was almost worried about her. She was so naive. But well, I too was eager to try this job so we actually went to the asylum and we succeeded, they took us in. It was a little weird to me that they took us even that we didn't have any previous experiences, but I guess there never was enough doctors in this facility, there were always some of them leaving.

It was a beginning of September when we first stepped through the gates of the asylum and I must admit, I was immediately affected by the strange, chilling atmosphere of this place. It was an old, gloomy place, that not even the daylight had managed to make more reassuring. We made our way to the Penitentiary, where there was a female doctor waiting for us in front of the door. She introduced herself as doctor Gretchen Whistler and she led us through a few narrow corridors, until we arrived in a larger room, full of cells with glass-paned front sides, where the doors to the cells were. Immediately, we both became curious. This was the place where the patiens were. The doctor stopped here and I could almost sense Harley's excitement, even if she wasn't nearly hopping around like a little girl in front of a Christmas tree. It was quite amusing to watch her, until I saw the slightly frowning look in the older doctor's face.„Here we are," she said. „This is what the cells look like. I took you here, because there are some of the pacients you will be seeing, so I thought you would like to get to know the area. But I would like to ask a question, if it doesn't bother you. Forgive me for saying it, but you are basically just out of school now, why did you want to work here of all places?"

I smiled, as I turned to her. „It's perfectly alright doctor. You see, I was always interested in the differencies and the difficulties in the criminal mind. It could be so fascinating."

„Yeah, yeah," Harley said and smiled sweetly at the doctor. "You can't deny there is an element of certain glamour in these supercriminals." She wanted to speak more, and I stopped listening. I started to walk along the cells, watching the pacients through the glass. There were many lesser thugs in these cells, poor, lost souls that went to the criminal life and then they were caught and thrown here for eternity. But then there were some more special cases that I already knew about, those well-known criminals that were almost like icons of this city. Almost like the Batman.

Of course I heard about the famous "protector". At forst I didn't want to believe, until I saw him with my own eyes. Well, I like bats, that's true, but he didn't impress me that much. But in that time of course, I was grateful for his protection, and all the things he was doing for this city.

Suddenly, I stopped in front of one of the cells. There, on a little metal bed was sitting a men. He turned his head towards me a stared at me for a while with icy blue eyes. It was unnerving to look in them, and he must have noticed, because an amused smirk appeared on his face. He emanated power and inteligence. When I finally managed to tear my eyes from him, I looked on a little plate next to the door.


I wasn't familiar with the name, so I decided I will ask the doctor, but when I turned around to find her and my friend, I found them already standing behind me. "Getting acquainted, doctor Jones?" she smiled. "Yes, doctor," I replied. "May I ask you something doctor? Can you tell me...?" I started, but she stopped me in the middle of my sentence. "I am sorry, but I have no more time to talk. I have an interview in half an hour and you should now go to see the warden, he wil give you your schedules and... other instructions. I hope we will see each other soon. Come with me, I will show you the way to the mansion."

As we were approaching the passage that eould lead us out of here, Harley looked in one of the cells and stopped. Inside was a man that no one could confuse with any other pacient in this facility. The white skin, green hair and that smile that always lingered on his face was just simply unmistakable. The Joker. There was probably no one in Gotham that never heard of him and his crimes. Seeing him now in person, even behid the unbreakable glass was agitating, yet fascinating, but as much for me as for Harley. I watched as she was staring at him with wide ayes, with a mixture of amusement and interest in her look. I heard a loud sigh behind us as doctor Whistler said. "I must warn you, you should be very careful, or those patients will eat you for breakfast. And some of them," she said and looked at me. "will really enjoy it." After she said that, she turned her head back to the cells and I noticed she was looking right on the cell I was looking in before. I wanted to try and ask her again, but before I had the time, she waved with her hand and started to move. "Follow me, I really don't have much time left. I have a session with Victor Zsasz."

She led us through the grounds and the huge mechanical door to the eastern part of the island. As we entered it, I immediately saw the Arkham Mansion, an old but beautiful building where we were heading to. Dr. Whistler led us to the door and said: "Ok, I will leave you here, just walk through the hall, up the stair and enter the door to the right wing. There you just need to go to the end of the corridor and you will be in warden's office. It was really nice meeting you." she smiled and then she left. We entered the building and found the way to the office. It was a large, nicely decorated room, facing the door was a great fireplace. And there was the warden, sitting behind a large table in the corner of the room.

"Good afternoon, doctor Quinzel and doctor Jones, I was awaiting you. I am glad that I have the opportunity to personally welcome you to the asylum." From the first moment I saw warden Sharp, I knew I will not like him. It was surly, stern man with grey hairand glasses on his eyes. Not only I didn't like him, I had a very bad feeling about him, something I wasn't able to explain. He spoke with us for a long time, providing us with the necessary instructions, and then he gave us our schedules and keys to our offices. It seemed everything that had to be said was said, but as we were about to leave, he cleared his throat and said: "I must warn you ladies. I don't know why you wanted to work here, but it was your choice to do so, and everythig that will now happen to you is on your responsibility, even if we can provide you with certain protection. If you would feel the need to leave us, we cannot pay you for an unfinished work. I wish you good luck." With that words we left his office and the building as well. We sat ourselves on a wooden bench outside and looked eagerly on the schedules. Harley suddenly gasped and pointed at the paper. "Oh my God, look! I got the Joker. Katherine, look!"

I rolled my eyes, when I heard a voice behind me. "Well, you're not much lucky yourself." I turned my head and saw a young man standing behind me, leaning over my shoulder and looking at my schedule. "You have the Scarecrow, that is a really tough guy." He smiled and sit beside us on the bench. "I am sorry, I am doctor Thomas, Ryan Thomas and you are?"

Harley spoke the first. "I am Harleen Quinzel, but call me Harley, everyone does. This is my friend, Katherine Jones." He smiled again. "Oh so you're the new doctors? News travels fast, you know, but I certainly didn't expect you to be so beautiful."

"Thank you," I said. "But can you tell me who this Scarecrow is?" He looked at me with widened eyes. "You don't know? Well, you should definitely read his file at least. They should be prepared for you in your offices. But I don't understand, why would they give Scarecrow of all possible inmates to a new doctor that just started to work here?"

"Why, is he that bad?"

"Well, yes, he's one of the worst here. His name was Jonathan Crane, you see, he was a scientist here in Gotham university, a professor of psychology, specialised on fears, but then he was kicked out when they found out that he was doing experiments on humans. He invented this so-called fear gas, that makes people hallucinate, see their worst nightmares come to life. He's very dangerous, loves to mess with people's heads. You should be very careful aroud him. This is a friendly warning."

"Wow" I gasped. "Thank you, I guess. I surely will. Hey, Harley," I said and I turned to my friend. "I am sure you want to go home now, but I would like to stay here for a whike and read that files, so, I hope you don't mind getting home alone."

"Not at all." she laughed. "But hey, your work starts earlier than mine, so I will not see you in the morning. Call me after you last session and we shall go for a dinner together."

"Great idea." I smiled and I turned to Ryan. "It was very nice meeting you. I hope we will se each other again." I said and we shook our hands, and than I went back into the mansion to find my office.