Chapter One

Two women stood in front of Badger as he went through the papers that littered his desk. Both women were heavier but still toned. Broad shoulders that had carried heavy gun's in the war showed the women's building annoyance.

"Well?" The taller of the two was impatient. Her brunet military hair cut was short enough to show the skin of her scalp making her look more like a man. "You got something or no?"

"Just hold your horses, little girl, it's here somewhere."

"Well then why can't you find it?" The shorter woman had a thick Southern United States accent that could be from Earth- that-was. Her auburn hair was tied back in a messy bun that bounced slightly as she tapped her foot.

"Because he's got a big ol' rats' nest on his desk. Can't find Jack," the taller said.

"Got it," Badger exclaimed holding up a piece of paper.

"Fantastic," the Southerner said taking the paper from him and walked out the door, leaving him to his disreputable business.

"Seren, wait up."

The other woman followed her out and 'Seren' turned to her. "Cass, go get the remaining supplies and then get back to the ship."

"Aye, Captain." And the other woman walked off.

'Seren' walked to the ramp of a Firefly class vessel and stopped short seeing a similar class vessel nearby. She checked the side of the one she stood in front of and noted that the 'Tranquility' needed a once over with paint and seal. Nodding as a short reminder, she walked up the ramp.

"Can I help you, mam?" A male voice came from the bottom of the ramp behind her.

"No," she said turning around to look at him before continuing, "but yours is on the other side of the way." She noted the woman and the bulky mercenary beside him. "This is my baby Tranquility, and she's about to take off."

A lanky man passed her up the ramp, very curly hair bouncing with his steps. "Captain, we're set and ready. Passengers waiting in the dining area."

"Thank you, Shepard; I'll be in as soon as Cass gets back. You go take your place. I wanna get out of here." The man nodded and disappeared into the ship. "Sorry 'bout that."

"No, no. Pardon us. Never seen another Firefly around here." He extended his hand out to her. "Captain Malcolm Reynolds."

"Captain Doctor Serenity Christ," she replied shaking his hand.

"You're a doctor too?"

She nodded her head as Cass made her way up the ramp with the four-wheeler. "Captain, we leaving?"

"Yeah, stow and lock up." Serenity turned her attention back to Mal. "Well, Malcolm, it was nice meeting you, but we must fly." She saluted as the ramp lifted and she disappeared behind it before the Firefly lifted off and flew away.

"Nice lady," Mal said looking to Zoe.

"Real purdy woman, Mal," Jayne said.

"Good name, sir," Zoe commented.

"Very good name, both hers and the ships." Mal paused in thought. "Summit of Tranquility. Not a very pretty battle, but we came out on top."

"You think she was there, sir?"

"I do seem to recall a Christ on the special commendations listing."

"She ain't got no coat," Jayne put in.

"Doesn't mean anything. Could be she never got one, or she doesn't look good in brown. Women are persnickety 'bout that. Any way we got our own business to get on with." Mal said walking to Serenity.