Fionna's pov.

Just another day. Today I was planning on kicking the ice queens butt with cake! Sadly cake went all "Sorry babycakes I'm gonna spend the week at lord monochromicorn's because he came down with something really bad!" Jeez I know what their really up too. I decided to go strangle some pixies with Marshall lee. He always cheers me up, he's like my best friend.

I walk to Marshall's house and knock on his door. He opens the door only in his boxers.

"Oh hey Fi" He says coolly.

"Marshall at least put some pants on" I say pushing my way through his and into his house.

"Wait Fionna!" He says. It's too late I've already seen it.

"Dude you got laid last night?" I whisper/laugh.

"Yeah, some guys have needs." He smirks.

"Is it a one night stand?" I ask.

"Yeah. Can I hide out at your house untill then?" He whispers.

"Uh sure" I whisper back.

He grabs his clothes and shoes and leaves the sleeping girl on his bed. I kinda felt bad for her because she'll wake up alone and knowing that she has just been taken advantage of. It's not my problem though, it's Marshall's.

When we get to my house I sit on the couch while Marshall goes straight to the refridgerator and bring all the strawberries to the couch. He sits next to me sucking out the red from the strawberries leaving gray mushy thing behind.

"Dude I hate when you leave those gray things behind" I say to him.

"What are you gonna do about it?" He smirks while sucking the red out of another strawberry.

"Well maybe i'll kick you outta my house." I say.

"Whatever you say fi. If you have the guts to do it." He smiles.

"I'll only let you stay because I hate being home alone since cake "has" to stay at lord M's house." I sigh.

"Really?" He smiles seductivly. "We're home alone fi, doesn't that make you feel sexual" He bites his lip with his fang almost closing the distance between us. I'm used to this so I simply push his face with my hand.

"Nope Marshy Poo you just had some!" I said in a baby tone.

He only smirks and looks away.

"Since I'm bored wanna watch a movie?" I ask him.

"No fi, I want to be inside you" He smiles putting his hands on my waist pulling me towards himself.

"Pushy aren't we?" I smile pushing his hands off me going to the shelf where the movies are.

"Nope desperate" He sighs.

I just smile because this is how things usually go. I've always had feelings for Marshall but everytime he hides out in my house because of a one night stand I love him a little less everytime. It breaks my pure heart. I know all he wants is to get in my pants but I want more than that.

He decides to choose a scary movie that happens to have nudity and slight sex scenes. The asshole hasn't had enough sex to be decent. During those scenes it really does make me uncomfortable because he has me on his lap. His hands on my inner thigh. His fingers sliding side to side getting closer ad closer to the heat source. He doesn't dare go their though because he know that I will kill him. He places his cold lips against my sensitive spot. Of course knowing him this long he has found out ever single one of my sensitive spots. I also know how to keep down unwanted moans. I'm a virgin and he knows it. This is enough, i'm going to burst. This is making me too wet. I pull his lips away and place them on mine. Giving him the satisfaction of our first kiss. I've had much experience with kissing not with Marshall but with gumball. (I used to date gumball). I thought Marshall would taste bitter but he tastes sweet like strawberries.

His tongue glides across my bottom lip pleading for entrance, I gladly open my mouth so our tongues fight for dominance. He won only because I let him. We stop and were both panting for air.

"Wow fi. Eager much?" He laughs.

"Dude what ever" I say. "I know your not looking for a relationship but being with me will cost you one" I smile and get up from the couch to the kitchen. "Don't worry i'm not going to make you date me because of one little kiss." I faked smiled. I did want him so badly but a one night stand just won't satisfy me. I really do want to had a relationship with Marshal, but it's not going to happen.

"Well fi, I would like to have a relationship with you" He lies. "I love you." He says, that I know was the truth.

"Marshall I know when you lie and one of those things were a lie." I sighed.

"You know me so well" He smiled.

He thinks playing with my emotions is funny. It doesn't hurt it annoys me.