Soo Heyy guys. I've been getting lots of requests to finish this story up. I honestly thought it was finished but it seems like I left you wanting more? But thanks for the reviews, I will finish up for all of you guys. If this sucks I'm sorry, I really wasn't planning on writing more of this. Next chapter soon.

Fionna's Pov

I awake in Marshalls arms with nothing but a blanket covering me. It's weird how the warmth of his body comforts me. I thought vampires weren't warm. I snuggled next to him closer inhaling his scent. My nose crinkled when it hit the scent of pine cones. It was an odd smell but it was good. His face was so cute when he slept. I raised my hand and brushed his hair off to the side and kissed his forehead before getting up. Not even halfway out of the bed his arms went around my waist and pulled my back onto the bed.

"Fi" He croaked with his morning voice.

"Hmm?" I laughed at his voice.

"Stay here" He pecked my lips.

"Can I put clothes on first?" I wondered if he would really let my put my clothes on.

"Nope." He said straight forwardly.

I kept bothering him until he reluctantly said "Fine". I raised myself with the blanket still around me and dress myself with my teddy bear undies and his long plaid shirt. I was still a bit embarrassed to be in front of him naked though if he had the chance he would let the world see him naked and not care what one person would think. I layed back onto the bed as he put his boxers on. I turned around while he put his boxers on.

"Fi." He laughed.

"Hmm" I muffled into the pillow.

"Why are you hiding." He laughed. "You've already seen the goods" He winked.

"W-well I don't know it's just how I am." I blushed.

"Loook attt meee fiii." He sang.

I looked at him. My face instantly turned red. "MARSHALL LEE!" I screamed as he ran down the hall.

"GIVE ME BACK MY UNDIES!" Some how he manages to take them off without me know. He has been doing it for some time now.

"Never Fi these are just to comfy." He posed and danced in them.

"Marshall! Give Them Back." I blushed bright red.

"Give me the shirt and I'll give you the undies." He laughed knowing I had forgotten a bra.

I ran back to the room and looked for the bra.

"Looking for this?" He teased. I glared at him. "Fine take your stupid shirt." I slowly teased him by unbottoning the shirt one by one I could see his eye clouding with lust.

After the last button was undo I looked at his face. His mouth was hanging wide open and he was hard. But I hadn't taken the shirt off yet. I started to button them up once again but quicker.

"Fi! What the hell!" He whined.

"I just remembered I have alot more undies. You can keep that one." I smiled at him.

"I'll Get You Back For This." His teeth clenched as he went to the bathroom to relieve himself.

I took the time to actually fix myself. I put on my usual skirt and hid my hair in my hat. Once I put my bra and shirt on I headed down to the gumball's place.

When I got there he was smiling a bit to much. I had to hold down a laugh because it looked like his smiling hurt.

"Dude Why are you smiling?" I laughed.

"Well some have been saying that I don't have the friendly feeling of a prince." He said with a smile.

"Well You should tone it down your scaring candy people." I note, looking down at the floor with all the candy guts.

"Okay Fionna Is there anything you need I haven't seen you here much in the part couple of days."

"Oh I was just wondering if you could lend me some money since cake left me with none and all the food in the fridge is gone." I pout slightly.

"Why?" He asked with curiosity.

"Uhh I've been hungry.." I play it off knowing its the vampire always eating my food.

"Oh Sure..." He awkwardly hands me some money before hugging me goodbye. I head back home with food.

Once I get home Marshall was watching T.V. "I see someone gots the goods." He winks as I set down the groceries.

"I'm Tired." I sigh.

"Oh I can help with that." He smiles massaging my shoulders and kissing my neck softly. His nose slightly twitches. "You stink." he laughs.

"What?" I asked confused.

"You smell like gumballs." He laughed harder.

"Your nose must be amazing to catch that, he hugged me for a second when I was out." I laughed.

"It really is a gift. Go shower though, I can't be around you if you smell like that dude." He scrunched his nose cutely.

"Okay" I gave his a kiss before heading to the bathroom.

Halfway through the shower the door opened and of course I knew he was here. He was loud when he wanted to be heard. His warmth suddenly wrapped around me. He was naked of course.

"Hello" He laughed. (A/N: The "Dirty" parts won't be descriptive because I feel awkward writing them and Yeahhh. Sorry :P)

"Hello" I turned to face him ignoring his hardened length. His lips slowly took mine. I can't forget how great his lips felt on mine. This kiss was growing passionate as his tongue slipped between my lips exploring my mouth. I let a few moans out letting him get satisfaction. His length grinded around my opening. I let out louder moans but without any warning he was thrusting me. I let out a loud yelp as I got used to him. "You could have warned me..." I said in between moans. He only laughed a little in response. He keep thrusting into me until we both hit our climax and sat in the tub.

"Well That was fun" He laughed. I stayed in silence, enjoying his presence. I still couldn't believe that me out of all the people, me. He chose me. After the shower we got dressed and got into bed cuddling.

"Marsh. I never thought you'd be the one for cuddling." I smiled.

"I'm not but if it's for you I'd do anything." He kissed my head.

And with those words I went to sleep.