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Adry P.O.V.

Thoughts were swirling in my head, I knew really well what I had to do, but in the same time, I didn't.

I was panicking, pacing around my room until I noticed the pale light from my window. I threw the curtains away and saw that it was sunrise.

I haven't slept an hour that night, but it felt like it was merely a few minutes. I took me couple more hours to finally admit defeat and sit down on my bed. I put my head in my hands and wiped my face.

I sighed and at last, decided.

Now feeling more determined, I took my school bag, although I won't really be needing it, and with a one last look at the letter, that was now resting on the floor, I exited the room and took off to Benny's.


Adrianna, I'm writing to you now because I do not know if I ever again will, I just have a few things to say to you, so I'm just gonna say them, I could never ask for a better sister than you were, always kind and understanding to me, please know how much it really meant, and I wish as the older brother I could have been there for you more but the occasions that split us were most unfortunate.

Please always remember that I love you, and remember me for the person I am, not the one I'm forced to be. When you think of me, think good and well, for the few times we shared, think of them as precious as I always did.

Now, I'm forced to leave and I'm not so sure I'll be coming back, for because of blasted father I am in this situation, and I just can't escape it.

The Dark Lord is rising, although with all my heart I believe the light side will win. Unfortunately, I am not on the right side, so I doubt they will listen never the less how honest I speak, so now I say my goodbye, and beg of you not to interfere or go after me, stay safe and take care of yourself.

And I just hope you finally get that boy you told me about.

Take care love, and goodbye.



"Ow, hello Adry dear, I was just going out to the store, but Benny's still upstairs, so you can walk to school together.", Benny's grandma smiled as she opened the door.

"Thank you.", I smiled back as I passed her and walked inside.

"Are you okay my dear, you look a little pale.", she said.

I turned to face her, „Oh, no, I'm fine, don't worry about me.", I smiled.

She nodded back, „Well, I'm off. You kids have a nice day.", she said as she went out.

"Thank you, and we will!", I called back and she closed the door.

Not wasting a moment, I threw my bag on the floor and ran upstairs to Benny's room.

I knocked a few times after which came a voice, „Yeah, come in."

I walked inside and saw the surprised look on his face.

"Hey Adry, I didn't know you were coming early today.", he put his bag over his shoulder, „Shall we go?"

I shifted on my feet, „Um, is there any way you could skip school today?"

His eyebrows shoot up in surprise as he stared confused at me, „Um, sure, I guess so. Why, what's going on?", he put down his bag and stepped closer towards me.

I sighed, „Yeah, well, there's something I really need to talk to you about, and it's really urgent.", I looked up at him.

His eyes widened, „You're not breaking up, are you?", he breathed, „I mean, it's only been a couple of weeks, look I know I can be a jerk sometimes but I didn't mean it! Honestly! It wasn't bad for me, I don't know if it was for you, but I really tried my best to...", he stopped to drew some air and I took my chance.

"Benny, calm down, I'm not breaking up with you!", I grabbed his shoulders and looked into his eyes.

He still looked uncertain as he asked slowly, „You're not?"

I shook my head, „No, silly, why would I do that? Besides, that isn't even the point I want to talk about."

He sighed, „Ow, man, you got me good there!", he laughed nervously as I let go of him and sat on his bed.

He came over and sat beside me, „So, what's up?"

I sighed, „Well, where do I begin?"

I thought again about all the things I was about to say, and came to a dilemma if I really should be saying anything at all.

A few moments passed as I thought through everything again and decided that it was the only way, no matter what the cost.

I didn't know how Benny's gonna react, he might freak out, or hate me, or he might not even want to see me ever again...

I took a deep breath to prepare myself and took his hands into mine.

"Look, Benny, I might not have been completely honest with you..", I started.

He looked puzzled, „About what?"

"About..", I dropped my gaze, „Me."

He shook his head, „I'm not sure what you mean."

I sighed.

Man, this is much harder than I ever thought it could be!

"What I mean is,", I swallowed hard, „I am a wizard."

There, I said it!

I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to see his reaction.

Will he think that I'm joking?
Will he think that I'm a mental freak and run off?

Will he even react at all?

Millions of thoughts were spinning in my mind as I awaited for him to say something, anything.

Than, I felt his hand on my chin as he lifted my head and I opened my eyes. He was still there, right in front of me, looking me into the eyes.

"You're-You're not joking, right?", he asked slowly.

I shook my head, „I'm sorry."

It took him a moment to answer and his expression didn't change, „You don't have to be sorry for it, I'm just... I don't understand why you didn't tell me earlier.", he said quietly and I could say from the tone of his voice that he was hurt.

I felt really bad and I remembered the night after we went to the movie. I shook my head once more, „I'm sorry."

I couldn't look at him, I couldn't look at the betrayed trust in his eyes. Than I felt his forehead on mine, and as I raised my head, our lips momentarily locked. It was a soft and gentle kiss, and it calmed me down a little.

When we parted, he looked again into my eyes with his goofy grin, „Well, it must me kinda cool, huh?"

I smiled and nodded slightly.

"But, that's not all, is it?", he asked.

Just my sigh gave him enough of an answer.

"Okay than, fire off, and I'll listen until you finish.", he raised his hands and leaned against the pillows.

I cleared my throat and began, „I come from a very wealthy and well-known wizarding family, but my father has his pride and prejudice, so after his first-born son, he didn't even want to consider a daughter.

So, when I was born, my mother couldn't bring herself to give me away to a orphange, so she contacted her childhood best friend from America and have him raise me.

And so I grew up with Alan and Ella Marin as my uncle and aunt, when we aren't even related. I stayed in contact with my mother and older brother who even visited occasionally, and it was fine. For us wizards, there is also the Wizarding world, which is..."

To tell him the whole story it took me about an hour and a half. And I did my best to shorten it all up and tell him only the basic things.

Too bad there's just so many.

So I told him about Diagon Alley, the Ministry of Magic, wizarding schools and Muggles.

All during that time, Benny kept silent and listened carefully. So, when I finished, it took him a few more moments to reply.

He scratched his forehead, „So, let me see if I got this straight. Wizards have their own secret parts of towns and shops, their own ministry and laws, schools, banks and sports.

They live among us but they can't show themselves to 'non-magical' people, so we don't know.

And now some crazy evil wizard dude came back to life and wants to rule the world, so the good-guys are battling him and your brother is in the middle of it all?", Benny breathed.

I nodded, „I think that's pretty much it."

He shook his head, „How in the world did he menage to get himself so screwed up?", he asked.

I sighed, „It wasn't up to him, you know, it's because of father, I told you he's a bastard.", I frowned.

"Okay, got it.", Benny showed his thumbs-up, „Now what?"

"Well,", I sighed, „I have to go over there and help him."

Benny kept looking at me for a second before he laughed.

"Hah, now come on, you're joking, right?"

I gave him a stern look, „I don't see whats so funny."

He shook his head, still laughing kinda nervously, „I mean, you can't be saying you're going to the center of a war that's not even yours?"

"I have to go, Benny, you don't understand.", I said, a little annoyed by his behaviour.

"I have to help out because, firstly, he's my brother, and secondly, I'm not gonna let Dark wizards take over without a fight!", I said.

"But,", Benny's smile was slowly slipping away, „It's... It's a war... With magic and all sorts of dragons and trolls and demons in it..", he said slowly.

"I know!", I stood up and turned away from him, „But I have to go. I won't sleep easy if I know I could have done anything and I didn't.."

I heard his bed creak and I felt him stand next to me.

"But, it's dangerous.", he said slowly.

I turned to face him and smiled, „Don't worry, I'll be careful."

Benny looked at me worriedly and breathed, „Than I'm coming with you."

My eyes went wide and I quickly shook my head, „No way I'm letting you!", I said.

"How come?!", he said, looking shocked, „If I don't you'll be all alone!"

I took his hands into mine and shook my head, „No I won't, I'll have brother with me, and we'll find the others battling on our side. Besides, I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt."

The first time was bad enough, I don't think I'll be able to take it if Benny's life was in danger again.

"And I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you!", he said.

I smiled gently, „Don't worry, Benny, I promise you I'll take care."

He still looked un-easy so I grinned, „D'you want me to show you how we wizards do some magic?"

He immediately shoot his gaze up to me, his eyes wide in wonder, „Could you?"

I laughed, as he reminded me of a child about to get a brand new toy. Nevermind, if it'll take both of our mind off of things.

We sat on the floor and I took out my wand.

"English oak, Unicorn hair core, ten and a quarter inches and slightly springy.", I held it up as I talked, so her could take a better look at it.

Benny grinned excitedly and I asked him, „What do you want me to do?", I smiled.

He started jumping up and down, „Can you make something disappear? Or, no, make something? Or even better, make us fly? Or invisible? Or or...", he counted on and on.

I put up my hand to stop him, „I have an idea, how about this?"

He quietly sat down and awaited.

I closed my eyes and recalled the scene from the hospital, when we first kissed. How I never felt such joy, just to exist there with him. I let it fill me up until I knew I was smiling. Than I opened my eyes and casted the spell,

„Expecto Patronum."

Thin silvery web went out of my wand and as it spread in the air between Benny and me, it started making a indefinite shape.

Than it became more and more clear when finally from the silver fog flew up a falcon. Benny was gaping by the time it make a full circle around his room and flew around us, springing us with shining sparks.

I giggled at his face and put out an outstretched arm so the falcon landed on it.

It stood there for a moment before it vanished in bright smoke. As it's light vanished along with it, the room grew darker and I suddenly realised that it was already sundown.

"Wow!", Benny breathed.

I smiled and kissed his cheek, „I'm glad you liked it. I'll show you more some other time.", I stood up to leave.

"I have to go now, it's getting late."

Benny winced out of his amazement and stood up as well, „Is it already?"

I nodded, „Yeah."

"So, when are you leaving?", he asked slowly.

I sighed, „As soon as possible, so, probably tomorrow evening."

"Oh.", he said quietly.

I hugged him, „Thank you for not freaking out."

He held me tightly, „Hey, no way, it's not every guys luck to have an amazing girlfriend who also turns out to have cool magical powers.", he laughed.

I laughed as well before I waved a goodbye to him and left.

A/N: Adry's wand is actually the one I have on Pottermore, so there's a fun fact! xD And I've been thinking, if someone was to play the role of Adry, who would it be? Than I came to Ashley Benson. I think she would be perfect for the job! But, if you guys have any other ideas, why not share them? :]