I wake up. Alone. Where is Austin? I jump up and run down the stairs, still in my pajamas, hoping that he's down here eating breakfast... but I only see three people before me.

"W-where's Austin?" I ask, my voice shaking a little. Everyone shares a sad look at each other but I keep my eyes glued on Mimi. She flashes me a sad smile. I swallow. "Where's... Austin...?" I ask, now full of anger. Not at Mimi, or Mike, or my dad. At Austin. He promised. Mimi walks over to me and puts her hand on my shoulder. I shrug it off.

"Honey, he... he had to work today. Jimmy said it was an emergency," she tells me. I exhale and run to my room. I grab the outfit I picked out yesterday and run to the bathroom.

I strip off my clothes slowly and turn the shower on, waiting for the water to get warm. Once the temperature is to my liking, I get right in. I shiver as the warmth rushes through me. I wash, rinse, and repeat with my hair about three times. Then I wash my body about five times. Then I just stand in there, taking my time. Hoping that Austin will be back by the time I get out.

When I do get out, I towel myself off and change into my clothes very slowly. I pick up my toothbrush and put the toothpaste on it. I brush my teeth. I walk out of the bathroom and back to my room with my pajamas and my toothbrush. I put them in my suitcase and turn around.

Austin's downstairs, I keep telling myself, Austin's downstairs...

But he isn't. I still only see three people in here. Mike, Mimi, and my dad. I sigh. I shake my head.

"Mimi, he promised," I whisper to her when she wraps her arms around me. A quiet sob escapes my lips.

"He'll be back. Just wait about another hour. I'm sure he'll be back," she reassures me.

"An hour?" my dad asks. "We were supposed to be leaving after breakfast though." Mimi hushes him.

"You're going to wait," she tells him firmly. I hear him grumble something to Mike. "What was that?" she asks him.

"Nothing," he says quickly. I let myself sink into Mimi as tears roll down my cheeks. I sigh.

"C-can I call him?" I ask. She nods.

"Of course you can, sweetie," she says. I walk up to my room slowly. I pick up my phone.




I click his name and call him. It goes straight to voicemail. His phone must be off.

"Hey it's Austin! I can't come to the phone right now but leave me a voicemail and I'll call you back as soon as possible. Bye!"

"Hey Austin. It's Ally. Um, I just... We're gonna leave in about an hour. I know you're busy but come back as soon as you can. Please. I love you. Bye," I say. I hang up the phone and drop it onto my bed, along with myself. I stare up at my white ceiling and sigh. I reach for my songbook but stop myself. I don't even feel like it. Actually, I just lied. I always do. I pick up my songbook. I don't want to write an entry though. So I flipped to the song I started yesterday.

I played it safe

I kept my foot up on the break

I never really took a chance in life

And didn't live for today

I decide that I'm going to write it from Austin's point of view.

Oh, girl and then I met you

Opened my eyes to somethin' new

I write for the hour, oblivious to my surroundings. I hoped that when I looked up, Austin would be right behind me, watching me write in silence... but he isn't. My dad walks into the room.

"Ally..." he says. I look up and wipe the tears from my eyes. I nod to him. He leaves my room. I put my laptop in my bag and bring it down the stairs with my songbook in my right hand.

"I'm sorry," Mike says to me. I shake my head and shrug as if I don't care.

"It isn't your fault," I say dismissively.

"Maybe I'll see you in two summers," he says with a slight chuckle.

"You aren't coming to Miami with Austin next summer?" I ask. He shakes his head sadly.

"We can't leave Moon's Mattress Kingdom unattended," he tells me.

"You still own that place?" I ask. He nods.

"There's no hassle in our castle!" he exclaims happily. I smile. "Queen Mimi," he rests his arm on Mimi's shoulders, "King Mike," he points to himself, "and Prince Austin."

He takes out a paper crown from his back pocket and puts it on his head. Mimi does the same and puts hers on her head. They're both gold and they say Moon's Mattress Kingdom on the front. "Prince Austin" makes me giggle a bit. I smile at them.

"But why don't you just get someone to watch it for you?" I ask.

"There are many crazies in this town," he says simply with a small laugh.

"Yeah, tell me about it," I mutter, thinking of Tilly. He hugs me. I hug him back with the arm that isn't holding my bag.

"I'm gonna miss you," he tells me.

"I'm gonna miss you too," I reply. After we release each other, I look to Mimi who's crying. She was so quiet about it that I didn't even notice. She hugs me silently. When we pull away, she smiles sadly.

"I love you," she says. I smile back.

"I love you too, Mimi," I tell her. My dad gives her a quick hug and they say their goodbyes. He turns to Mike who's holding back tears. My dad is also holding back tears.

"Men don't cry," they say together. They sigh. "Oh, yes they do!" They cry loudly as they smother each other in hugs. Mimi and I look at each other and she raises an eyebrow. Five minutes later, they're still crying and hugging. If this isn't a serious bromance, I don't know what is...

"Dad, we'd better get on the road," I say. He moves away from Mike and my eyes widen. Why did I do that?! He was wasting time. Austin could come back the second we leave! Nice going, Ally...

"You're right, Ally. Goodbye, Mike," he says, clapping a hand on Mike's shoulder. Mike does the same and nods to him. My dad nods back. Soon after, we put our bags in the backseat of the car. I glance down the road, to see if Austin is coming.

There isn't a car in sight. I sigh and climb into the front seat. I take out my phone. I try Austin's phone once more. Again, it goes straight to voicemail. Furious with him, I shut off my own phone and shove it into my pocket.

Austin's POV: (Quickly)

"Alright, you can take a quick break," Jimmy tells me. I've been asking him if I could for about five minutes. I rush outside the recording booth, over to my phone and pick it up. I'm going to call Ally and tell her I'll be home soon to see her off. Oh, no... What if she already left?

I press the button so I can unlock it... but the screen doesn't light up. I press it three more times and it still doesn't come on. I push my eyes together in confusion. Is it... off? I hold down the button and the screen lights up. The start-up screen shows.

"Jimmy, did you turn my phone off?" I ask him. He nods. "Why?" I ask, irritated with him.

"It could have interfered with the recording equipment," he tells me.

"But Ally's didn't that day," I argue.

"That was a newer booth. This one's old and the slightest technology could ruin it for life," he says. He looks down at my phone. "Take it outside please," he says. I sigh frustratedly and walk outside. I notice that Ally called me about an hour ago and left a voicemail. She called again a few minutes ago but she didn't leave a voicemail this time. I ignore them both, dial her number, and hold my phone up to my ear.

"Sorry but that I'm missing your call right now. I'm most likely reading, studying, or writing in my book. Probably the latter. Um... anyway, leave a message after—THE CORNER OF THIS PAGE IS BENT! DAD, DID YOU TOUCH MY BOOK?! Oh, leave a message after the tone. DAD!" I can't believe I got her voicemail.

"Hey, Als. Um, it's-it's Austin. I hope you haven't left yet. I'll be home soon. If you get this message and you're still at my house, please don't leave yet," I beg. "I love you. Bye."

"Austin, come on. We need to finish this," Jimmy says.

"Hang on just a sec'. I have to check my voicemail," I say.

"Austin, come on. I have other artists to record. I haven't got all day," he snaps. I look down at my phone and sigh.

"This will only take a second, Jimmy," I tell him. I call my voicemail and listen to it.

"Hey Austin. It's Ally. Um, I just... We're gonna leave in about an hour. I know you're busy but come back as soon as you can. Please. I love you. Bye," Ally's voice says. She left this message an hour ago... and she was gonna leave in an hour.

My fingers tighten around my phone and I throw it down, shattering the screen. I bang my head on the wall twice. I've already missed her.

"Joey, clean this up," Jimmy says to a nearby janitor, snapping his fingers toward the mess I'd made.

"Ay! It's Dave!" the janitor says to him in a thick New Jersey accent as Jimmy ignores him and walks back into the room.

Ally's POV:

We've been driving for about three hours now. I look up at the quickly-darkening sky. I stare out the window at the passing cars. Suddenly, I see a few trees then a bright light.

"We're going to stay here for the night. You know I don't like to drive at night," he says. It isn't because he can't see. It's because of the others who can't see that might crash into us. I find out that there's a forest around the motel we're at and the bright light was the motel's sign which said Vacancy. The 'V' and the first 'c' were blinking as if they needed changing. They probably do.

We scramble out of the car, not even bothering to get our pajamas or anything. My dad doesn't get his because he usually just sleeps in his clothes anyway. I don't get mine because I don't exactly plan on sleeping tonight. I just can't believe Austin wasn't there when I left.

He has work, I understand that, but some things are just more important than work. Like—oh, I don't know—your girlfriend leaving for about nine months or so. Wait, is school really that long? Yeah, because summer is only three months. Nine plus three equals twelve and there are twelve months in a full year. Okay, wow... But, anyway, I'm leaving for nine months and he chose work over me. That's just... no. No. You don't do that. It's just not right.

My dad checks us in for the night and we walk up to our room. He lies down, tosses and turns for a few minutes then falls asleep. I grab my songbook, walk out the door and to the lobby of the motel. I walk out the front door and sit on the sidewalk that runs in front of the ground floor rooms.

I sit against a pole and open my book. I've got this whole song figured out except for the stupid bridge and the freaking chorus. I see two car headlights out in the distance. Suddenly, the lyrics just flow out of me like a river after a reign of tears. That's good too. I write that down on the next page. Then I flip back to my current page.

Don't you know you changed my life?

Girl, 'cause now I'm livin' and it feels so right


You got my heart beat pumpin'

And it's goin' insane

I think for a second and remember the time, a few days ago, when Austin and I went skydiving.

You got me jumpin' outta airplanes

But that doesn't sound right... I could use the British spelling?

You got me jumpin' outta aeroplanes

And that's why

I'm crazy; it's true!


Crazy for you!

You got me base-jump livin'

And I can't look down

You know you short-circuit my brain

I can't lie

I'm crazy; it's true!


Crazy for you!

Then at the end, I could add the last three lines again. I look up. The car I'd seen zooms by as fast as it can go. It looks a lot like Mimi's car... Of course I would think that though. My mind hopes that it's Austin. But we're already a few staties away from River Dale. It can't be Austin.

After a few seconds, it backs up at the same speed. It whips into the driveway of the motel. It turns into a parking space quickly. The driver climbs out of the car and runs toward me. I try to run away but the alleged attacker picks me up and spins me around before I can go anywhere.

I struggle to get out of their grasp. They force their lips upon my own. They feel... familiar. I still can't see who they belong to though. I'm blocking the light so they're just a dark shadow. They set me down so I can see their face.

"Austy!" I exclaim. So that is Mimi's car then. I jump back into his arms and kiss him. He kisses back for a second then pulls away. "How did you find me?" I ask.

"I've been stopping at every motel and hotel between River Dale and here," he explains. He face turns a dark shade of crimson. "I almost missed this one," he adds sheepishly. He sets me down again.

"I'm glad you didn't," I whisper.

"I just had to say goodbye to you. So... goodbye," he says with a laugh. His laughter slowly dies out. "No, really, I felt so bad when I realized that you'd already left. I didn't get your voicemail until the hour after you'd sent it. About the time when you left probably. I finished up with Jimmy quickly then I called my mom on Jimmy's phone and told her I was going to look for you."

"Why Jimmy's phone? Why not your own?" I ask. His face turns the crimson color again and he looks down.

"I kinda... broke mine," he tells me. I push my eyebrows together in confusion. "Well, I was mad that I missed you so I threw it at the ground where it shattered into about two million pieces." I remember something.

"Hey, I wrote you a song. Not exactly a song to you but, like, a song," I say. I rip the page out of my book and hand it to him.

"Crazy 4 U?" he asks with a laugh. "Why'd you spell it like that?" I shrug.

"Who knows? I guess I just felt like spelling it that way," I tell him. He folds up the page and puts it in his pocket. His face turns serious.

"I love you," he says. I smile.

"I love you too," I reply. I kiss him once more and he begins to walk back to Mimi's car. "Bye, Prince Austin!" I call jokingly.

"Dang you, Mom and Dad," he groans. Then he laughs. "Bye, Princess Ally!" he calls back. I smile.

The next day, as soon as I get home, I take Austin's picture out of my laptop and tape it to the wall above my desk. I smile at it and turn my laptop on.

I see a notification on the ooVoo icon on my desktop. I open ooVoo and see a buddy request. They sent it only five minutes ago. I click accept. It'd be nice to have more than one friend. Wait, what if this person is a creepy stalker? They don't even have a picture...


That's their user name. I decide to give them a call. They answer after only two rings. Austin's face flashes across my screen and I give a small squeal of excitement.

"Hey Prince Austin," I say.

"Hey Princess Ally," he says.

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