Author's Note

Hello. It it I, the Author. I've been thinking up this story for a while, and though this is a short first installment, if I get a positive reaction, I will continue to write about the adventures of the cabin crew. This is my first story on FanFiction, so please read and review. I'd love to know what you think and how I can improve!

The Cleaning Witch

Martin stood in the lobby of Gatwick airport, shifting from foot to foot. He checked his watch again, then realized that the time was probably wrong and looked around. Caroline had told him that he was supposed to be meeting a "Rory", who was to be the new steward. He reminded Caroline that they didn't need to staff anyone else, especially since some of the cabin crew were already not being paid. He scanned the lobby, which was still under construction. The crude metal rafters did nothing for the atmosphere of the airport, welcoming guests with a rough gritty hug, as if one were embraced by sandpaper. Martin sighed, looked at his watch again, then exited to the slightly better looking waiting room.

The word slightly is only used because there were no metal beams across the ceiling. Though there was a whole wall of glass looking out on the airfield, the room itself was a drab grey colour that blended in with the fog from this morning, visible from the glass viewing area. Rows upon rows of sparsely cushioned blue seats huddled together in clumps across the room, leading right up to the elevator to descend into England. He scanned dully over the seats and almost missed the one person in the room with him. Martin did a sort of double-take. There was a woman sitting in one of the rows of seats, watching the airplanes take off.

She had a small smile on her ice-pink lips as she gazed around the tarmac. Martin straightened up evidently and put on his captain's hat. The woman was about his age, and a kind of intense pretty. Dark hair fell to the small of her back, and dark grey eyes analyzed the planes as they went by. Her figure was slim and of average height, he guessed. She probably enjoyed planes. How they worked, how to fly them, who flew them… Martin whipped his head back ahead of him as if Caroline had barked at him. Rory. Rory. He was supposed to be waiting for Rory. He snuck another glance at the woman by the window. She had focused in on one plane in particular. He craned his neck to get a better look, then cringed as he spotted what the woman was gazing at. She was looking at the aircraft Golf Echo Romeo Tango India intently, Arthur's MJN Air paint job standing up proudly against her gaze. Well, I can't very well approach her now that she knows I drive that pile of gaffer tape and string. Martin sighed, checked his watch again, and faced the doors coming into the airport.

"Martin?" Caroline Knapp-Shappey's voice floated around the corner, and Martin jumped. He didn't notice the woman's head turn at the sound of Caroline's voice. They came en masse around the corner: Caroline heading up the lead, Arthur looking around and smiling like, well, like he did, and Douglas bringing up the sarcastic rear of the group.


"Where, dear Martin, is our new cabin crew member? Rory's plane landed half an hour a-" Caroline looked over Martin's shoulder, and her telling off face turned into her happy face (though Martin couldn't really distinguish between the two). She stepped around Martin and started walking again. Arthur ran past her as Martin turned around to see the woman standing with a small smile on her face.

"Rory!" Arthur hugged the woman tightly, picking her up off her feet. She laughed as he set her down, and hugged him back. Martin was astounded.

"What are you doing?" he hissed as he trotted quickly towards the group. He pulled Arthur and the woman apart. "So sorry miss, I just need to talk to Mr. Shappey for a moment-what are you doing?" Martin turned on Arthur, who still had his trademark grin on his face.
"It's Rory." Arthur looked over his shoulder and shot a smile at the woman.
"No, it can't be Rory." Martin shook his head fervently.
"Why not?"
"Because Rory isn't a girl's name."
"Actually Martin," Caroline said, as Martin turned around to find a very cross-looking head-stewardess and the other woman, "Rory is a perfectly good name for a girl. Especially when it's short for Aurora." Martin stood in a shocked silence for a moment. Never in his mind had he thought that Rory was a girl. He looked at her as Rory greeted Douglas with a handshake and a smile. She turned on him then, her smile gone, and extended her right hand.

"Aurora Lancaster. Pleased to finally be noticed, Captain Crieff."
"Agmmna." Martin responded, a little stunned by the whole ordeal. Rory smiled at Caroline, and, surprisingly, Caroline smiled back.
"Good to see you, Aunt Caroline."
"And you, dear child."

This was about too much for Martin. He blankly followed the rest of the group as they exited the lobby.