"Good to see you, GERTI." Rory said under her breath as she ran a hand over the worn blue seats. The crew had just entered the plane, and Arthur had immediately decided to fill her in on all the happenings of the past year. Martin cringed as he stepped into the plane, hearing Arthur rant and rave about everything from how Douglas won the drinking game that year to how the travelling lemon once ended up on Martin's hat.

"… and Skip has this other job to! He drives around in a van-"
" Arthur!" Martin hissed. Rory turned and raised an eyebrow. To avoid looking at Rory, Martin decided to focus on Arthur, who was also looking at him, albeit somewhat more questioning than Rory was.

"What, Skip? You do drive around in a van and –"

"Yes, but my primary job is captain." Martin outlined clearly, subconciously touching his captain's hat as if for comfort. Rory shrugged, then continued to walk down the asile of seats. A rather large sigh of relief was heard behind her, along with a low pitched chortle, then the smack of someone's fist on another person's shoulder. All of this was almost drowned out by the sound of Arthur babbling on about the polar bears. Reaching the flight deck of the plane, everyone filed into the control room at the request of Caroline. After the door closed, Caroline turned to the crew. This in turn made everyone become very uneasy, as the woman standing in front of the exit had her "Now, gentleman..." smile on. The old lady turned to Rory, bringing out a bundle of navy and yellow cloth from behind her back.

"Alright, gentleman. And Rory. I hope you are all relaxed and ready, as we set out for Cuba in..." at this she checked her watch "ooh, about fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen?" Douglas and Martin said in almost unison, with Arthur saying "Wow! Cuba!" Calamity ensued for a short time in wich Douglas muttered about sunscreen and proper attire, Martin complained about finding someone to do a delivery for him because he hadn't scheduled in another flight until Wednesday, and Arthur talked excitedly about Cuba. Caroline raised an open hand, and silence ensued.

"Now that you have that out of your system, I do suggest you prepare yourselves. Our passengers arrive in five minutes." A cummulative groan. Rory rose from her seat and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going, then?" Martin asked angrily. If everyone had to stay in the plane, then there was no sense in anyone leaving the flight deck until they had to. Rory turned, both eyes narrowed in an expression that was bordering on breaking glass.
"Due to the fact that passengers are arriving and I just arrived, I do need to get changed into my uniform. Unless you would rather I do it here." Martin could feel the blood draining from his face as Douglas and Arthur broke into fits of quiet laughter. Caroline even cracked a smile as Rory curtseyed and pulled the cabin door open.

"Martin..." Douglas tried to catch his breath as Martin glared at him.
"Not now, Douglas." he turned quickly to the controls and began to do the pre-flight check. Arthur and Caroline quickly exited, leaving the two pilots to proceed. They went on in silence through the pre-flight check until it was complete. All that was left now was to wait for Caroline to give the go ahead.

"You could have warned me." Martin muttered sulkily to Douglas.
"About what?"
"About Rory. Aurora. That she was a girl. And why does everyone welcome her so warmly?" Douglas settled down in his chair, then turned to face Martin.
"Rory has worked for MJN for three years as a stewardess. It's what she's always wanted to do, besides learn how to fly a plane. However, her mother expected other things from her. Do you remember Caroline's sister?" At this Martin shuddered, then nodded. "She was none too pleased that her daughter was working for her sister. Rory's mother forced her into a buisness degree a year ago. She left two weeks before we signed you on. However, as you've no doubt noticed, Rory does not enjoy getting forced into things. What was supposed to be a four-year buisness program, she finished in a year."
"And her mother let her come back?" Douglas smiled in a way that seemed that the answer was not entirely morally correct.
"Her mother still thinks she's at the University."
"Won't she figure it out, though?"
"Eventually, but what matters is that Rory uses this time to build a convincing argument against her mother. And who better to consult than the woman that isolated Rory's mother in the first place."
"Oh." Martin said, turning back to the controls. "I see."
"Martin, don't you dare say anything of this to Caroline or Rory. They are both very touchy on the subject, and if they know I told you, unspeakable things might happen."
"I won't bring it up, Douglas."
"Thank you." Douglas then turned to his bag and began to rifle through the contents. Martin, who was set to do the pre-flight announcement, turned quickly to the unwelcome and dreaded sound of Douglas doing something without his knowledge.

"Douglas, what are you doing?" Martin questionned in a low, quiet voice. His expression became that of fear as Douglas pulled an object from the bag and smiled wickedly at Martin.
"I'm sure you know how to play this game, Martin."
"No, Douglas, not this time. I need to make a good impression."
"On who, the passengers? They really don't give a damn, you know."
"No! I mean, to Rory." Douglas raised an eyebrow, then began to laugh. Martin's voice quickly took on a clipped and agitated manner.
"What? I think first impressions are important, and since I botched my first two tries, I figure I should do well on my third." Douglas just kept laughing.
"I don't think you understand." Douglas said, between fits of giggles. "Rory was part of the initial creation of the game. She was the one who thought up the use of the lemon. It will be a good way to welcome her back along with showing her that you aren't the stick-in-the-mud captain that you make yourself out to be. Come on, it will be harmless."
"Whenever you say that, I get extremely worried."

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