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Lucky Team



He looks a bit stupid, but cool in a way." Yamanaka Ino whispered beside Haruno Sakura's left ear. "I never thought he could be in the same grade with us. You can have Sasuke, then."

"As if I want to let him go…" Sakura commented, gazing at Uzumaki Menma who was yawning widely. He surely looked adorable with that kind of naughty face and raven hair. Not to mention his unique personalities. "I've been in love with Sasuke for a long time, but…"


It doesn't mean I couldn't have another, Ino-pig! Stay away of me! He could hear us talking!" Sakura pouted her mouth, and then focused herself upon Sasuke. He was as charming as usual, especially when he looked bored. Both Menma and Sasuke were the best boys in the class, possessing best postures and best abilities. If only I could have both, my life would be perfect.

"The seventh team are Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and…" Iruka-sensei pressed his voice. "Uzumaki Menma!"

"YEY! I GOT HAREM!" Sakura yelled happily."I GOT HAREM!"

The room suddenly turned silence. Everyone stared at Sakura, waiting for something like clarification or whatever. Hell, why did she scream that loud? What's wrong with her?

Sakura stuttered, still mortified. "I meant… I meant I got harp-HERPES!"




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