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Background: This is what could have happened in "The Siege of the North." Currently, Katara, Yue, and Aang are in the Spirit Oasis. Aang is in the Spirit World. Oh and Zuko has his broadsword with him. Just because I love his broadswords; they are awesome.

This will be a Zutara and a Yukka (SokkaxYue).

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Well, aren't you a big girl now?" a chilling voice came from behind her. Katara turned to see her fears realized.

"No," she gasped, seeing Prince Zuko walking towards her and the unconscious Avatar.

"Yes," Zuko snarled. "Hand him over and I won't have to hurt you."

Katara took a defensive stance in front of Aang as Yue rushed off to find help. Without hesitation Zuko began shooting balls of fire at her. She blocked them with her Waterbending and drew a larger amount of water out of the oasis sending it crashing into her attacker. Zuko was knocked backwards towards the entrance he had come from. He landed with a thud on his stomach.

"I see you've learned a new trick, but I didn't come this far to lose to you." Again Zuko shot flames at her and she pulled more water out of the oasis to douse them and splash him back into the surrounding water. How did he find us here? She wandered to herself. She froze his feet in the water and began to bend it around him making a globe. She froze the water globe and smirked. Get out of that!

"You little peasant," Zuko retorted. You've gotten a master haven't you?" He began to heat up his surrounding shell of ice. It cracked open, and he lurched forward at Katara, sending a large ball of fire at the waterbending girl. She deflected it and the two continued to attack and defend. Zuko was inching closer and closer to Aang. He reached out and grabbed the collar of the younger boy's shirt. Katara sent a mass of water at him, washing him away back into the water. She sent a wave of water at him freezing him to the wall.

(Ok at this point I am going to change things up a bit Zutara style. Hope everyone is good with that.)

Not moments later, the sun began to rise; Zuko felt it strengthening him. "You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun." With that he exhaled a breath of fire and melted his icy encasement. Katara was exhausted, but refused to give up. She prepared to fight and Zuko didn't disappoint. He sent a huge mass of fire at her; she was able to block it, but the force knocked her back. The area filled with steam from the colliding elements, and Katara hit the ground hard, knocking the wind out of her; she slid backwards on the ground pulling her hair out of its braid. She was breathless and couldn't see her surroundings for the steam when Zuko leapt on her, grabbing her wrists and quickly tying them together. He got up pulling her with him and grabbed Aang. He threw the boy's body over his shoulder and headed for the door pulling Katara along.

"Let us go!" Katara snapped. Zuko ignored her and stopped at the door to grab Katara's parka and shove it towards her.

"You'll need this where we are going."

"I'm not going anywhere with you," she reached with her bound hands and grabbed one of Aang's arms and tried to pull him from Zuko's shoulder. Zuko grabbed her arm and pulled her around to face him.

"You're more trouble than you are worth water peasant; if you wouldn't be here to tell them what happened to the Avatar I wouldn't even bother taking you with me," Zuko snapped. He's forgotten Yue. Hurry Yue! Get as many people as you can!

. . . . . . . . . .

Yue ran down the halls of the palace searching for someone who could help; anyone. She felt a horrible pang of guilt in her stomach for leaving Katara and Aang, but she knew she wouldn't be of any use in a fight. She rounded another corner and ran right into a sprinting warrior. They crashed to the ground, him landing on top of her. She opened her eyes.

"Sokka! You have to help! Your sister and Aang are in trouble! The fire prince is attacking and Aang is in the spirit world." Sokka jumped to his feet and pulled Yue up.


"Follow me."

On the way Sokka said, "Your dad reassigned me to protect you. I got in a fight with your fiancé and he took me off the mission." Yue smiled, she was so relieved. They reached the Spirit Oasis only to find it deserted.

"No, this is my fault. I never should have left them!" Yue cried.

"No, you did the right thing. If you had been here he would have taken you, too, or worse killed you. We need to go look for them. Let's get Appa."

(Now we all know Zuko is not a cold blood killer of innocent girls, but Sokka's opinion of him isn't the highest)

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Half an hour later Katara and Zuko, carrying an unconscious Aang were walking across the polar ice cap in what seemed to be a mild blizzard. Katara had attempted to escape twice already. Both attempts were in vain though. Zuko was stronger and faster and would catch her by the arm in a matter of seconds. Now he wouldn't let go of her arm, so she wouldn't have an opportunity to escape.

Why did I bring her? He asked himself.

So she wouldn't tell anyone what happened with the avatar. He answered himself.

But that other girl already got away to go find help.


Zuko sat at his desk toying with a small blue necklace he had used to try to blackmail a certain waterbender with. He had it out constantly since the night he had tied her to a tree, looking at it or running his fingers over it. Iroh walked up to him.

"Prince Zuko, it seems you have grown quite attached to that necklace. Perhaps you have feelings for its owner?" Iroh asked bluntly.

Zuko blushed. "Uncle! What do you mean by that? Of course not! She is the enemy!"

"All I'm saying is that you are a young man now, and you haven't been around girls since you were too young to be interested in them." Iroh chuckled, "And you did seem to be enjoying yourself uncharacteristically the night you captured the young lady."

Zuko blushed harder. "You're imagining things old man." Iroh chuckled and walked away. "Whatever you say Prince Zuko."

Zuko would never admit to it but, she was beautiful that night. He smirked remembering how she had run, terrified away from the pirates. Part of him actually wanted to save her, to be her hero, but he knew he was the bad guy. "I'll save you from the pirates," he smirked as he grabbed her wrists. He had settled for a mixture of the two, and she almost looked like she was blushing after he hissed those words. He wanted to pull the beautiful girl closer to him; he had relished in the terrified look she had on her face. He had scared her, and part of him liked that. It made him feel powerful, so he tied her to a tree and began to question her about the avatar. He circled her, admittedly enjoying the situation. He stood behind her, whispered in her ear, and put his arms around her to present her mother's necklace that he would give her in exchange for the information he so desperately needed. Maybe uncle was right, maybe this is what those feelings are like, but I will never admit to it.

::::::::End Flashback (whoa, memory in a flashback whoaaaaa…)

She was glad she had taken her parka from Zuko after her first escape attempt, and it was currently hanging over her arm. She couldn't put it on because her wrists were bound.

"Zuko, can you untie my wrists so I can put my parka on?"

"Why, so you can bend and try again to escape? We're surrounded by your element; I'm no fool."

"No! Because we are in A BLIZZARD! In case his highness hasn't noticed, and it is cold in blizzards. Why did you tell me to bring the parka if I am not allowed to wear it?"

Zuko growled and wrapped the parka around her, still refusing to untie her wrists. He moved his arm around her back and pulled her forward. He remembered that people who weren't fire benders didn't have the ability to warm themselves internally. It wasn't fool proof, but it helped him tremendously in situations such as these.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Two hours later, Sokka and Yue are on Appa still searching everywhere for the missing members of the gaang, and the blizzard is getting worse.

"This blizzard is making it almost impossible to see," Sokka complained. Yue huddled closer to him.

"We will find them Sokka." We have to; without the avatar my people have no hope.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I'm so close, I've got to keep fighting. Father I have proven myself. I have the Avatar. I am worthy of my honor again. I just have to get through this blizzard and get him to you. Zuko's thoughts were interrupted by a thump. His hand had been on Katara's back pulling her along and now nothing was there. He looked down and saw her small form on the ground shaking. A wave of concern flooded over him and he laid down the Avatar and lifted her off of the ground. She was literally freezing to death. He was stricken with guilt.

We have to find shelter now. He wrapped the parka around her and threw her over one shoulder. Then, he grabbed the avatar and threw him over the other, and continued to trudge through the blizzard.

Stupid! Stupid! Why did I bring the girl? Now she's freezing to death and it's my fault; I'm just as much of a monster as they think I am. Did I think she'd abandon the avatar and stay with me? What do I have to offer her anyways; I don't want her to stay out of pity. Why do I even want her? Why am I having these feelings? Arghhhhh!

Just then Zuko spotted a small cave ahead on the left he trudged towards it. How am I even going to get out of this one? Zuko reached the cave and laid down the unconscious Aang and barely conscious Katara. Katara was slowly coming back to reality. Zuko didn't realize this; he was in his own world walking back to the mouth of the cave. She slid closer to Aang and tried to wrap her bound arms around him to warm him. She cradled his head against her. Zuko began talking as if to Aang from the front of the cave. Is he finally losing it? Katara wandered.

"I finally have you, but I can't get you out of this blizzard. There is always something. Not that you would understand. You're like my sister; everything has always come easy to her. She is a Firebending prodigy, and everyone adores her. My father says she was born lucky. He says I was lucky to be born. I don't need luck though; I don't want it. I've always had to struggle and fight and that's made me strong. It made me who I am."

His father said that? That's awful!

Zuko turned around and realized Katara was conscious and listening to him. A shocked look shot across his face but he quickly wiped it off and looked away. "I'm glad to see you're ok. We'll have to wait out the storm." He went and sat down across from her. She just glared at him and continued to hold Aang. Zuko's mind went back to when his mother would hold him like that when he was little. He missed her so much and Katara was reminding him of her. She was always so caring and motherly to the avatar and her brother. Zuko had noticed this, and he longed for her gentle touch, but it was different than his longing for his mother's gentle touches and hugs. He longed to hold Katara in his arms and have her touch his face. He didn't know if it was just because she was a woman and he had seen precious few of them since he'd been old enough to care, or if there was something about this particular girl that was special. She was strong willed, confidant, kind hearted, and beautiful. Not to mention her eyes looked like they were as deep as oceans, he had never seen blue eyes growing up in the fire nation. It was definitely something about this girl.

He realized he was staring at her and looked away.

Katara started to feel faint again, the cold air was still whipping into the cave because of the wind. She shrugged her parka off of one shoulder and managed to pull Aang into it with her. She didn't want him to freeze even if it meant she would be colder.

Sure enough she began to shiver, and she felt herself losing consciousness again, when something she never expected happened. She thought she might have even been hallucinating. Zuko got up and walked toward her, sat down next to her and lifted her up, placing her between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back so that her back was against his chest. "Let go of me!" she weakly protested. He ignored her and began to send waves of heat into her body. She was sure it was a hallucination; she moaned with pleasure and scooted back into him. Zuko blushed at her reaction, and sent even more heat into her body.

What am I doing? Snuggling with Zuko?

It's just a hallucination from freezing to death, and it feels good. You might as well enjoy one last thing before you die.

This feels awfully real to be a hallucination. I can even feel all of his muscles. Wow he must work out a lot . . . did I just think that? Well so what if I did, just because he is strong and muscular and mysterious doesn't mean anything. So what if he is attractive. He is still the enemy. I don't have to deny that he is attractive.

After regaining a little more consciousness Katara's eyes shot wide open and she jolted forward out of Zuko's arms. "Whoa, why were you doing that? Get away from me!" What was I thinking staying in his arms so long!?

"Relax peasant I was trying to keep you alive. You're welcome."

"Don't get smart with me. You're the one who brought us out here in the first place. This is all your fault!"

"It's not like I was expecting a blizzard."

"Well this is the North Pole, it's not unheard of," Katara replied sarcastically. Zuko stormed off.

Hurry Aang. What is taking you so ling in the Spirit World? Katara looked at the boy sadly. Zuko walked over to Aang and started to tie him up.

"What you doing? Get away from him! Are you obsessed with tying people up?" Katara practically yelled.

"I won't have him escape when he gets back to his body!"

"You're just doing that because you know he can beat you. That's why you keep us tied up. You're afraid of us!"

"I'm not afraid of anything peasant and I have already proven that I can beat you. I don't have to explain myself to my prisoner."

"You're such a jerk and a terrible person! Why are you trying to take away the world's only hope? Oh, that's right, you're Fire Nation. You don't care about anyone or anything. You just want to have the whole world in your Fire Nation clutches, so you can reign terror and destroy lives and families. This war has hurt so many people. It's hurt me, personally! You're Fire Nation took my mother away!"

Katara turned and sat down crying.

"I'm sorry. That's something we have in common," Zuko said walking away from her.

She looked up and turned her head to look at him remembering what he had said earlier about his father saying he was lucky to be born. And he's lost his mother, too. Plus, I've heard him called the Banished Prince. It sounds like he's got it worse than I do.

"Zuko?" she asked still wiping tears from her eyes, "I'm sorry for yelling at you. You once told me that you had to capture the Avatar to regain your honor. What did you mean by that?"

Zuko looked back at her and tried to decide how much to tell her. "It's the only way to end my banishment and regain my place as heir to the throne and have my father accept me again."

Katara tried to decide if she should push for more information. She stood up and walked toward him with a concerned look on her face. "Zuko, why were you banished?"

He got defensive. Part of him wanted to tell her, but he didn't want her to pity him. "It's not a fond memory; what do you care anyways?"

She looked hurt but not angry. "Zuko, I just want to understand."

He looked back at the mouth of the cave, the blizzard raging on. We are going to be here awhile; I may as well tell her. He unsheathed one of his broad swords and turned back to her. She had walked up to him and the two were standing three feet apart; she gasped and started to back up.

"Relax," his cool reply came, he walked toward her and she kept backing up. "I'm just going to cut the rope; you're not going anywhere in this storm." She sighed in relief and allowed him to cut through the bonds. He put his sword away.

"Alright, I was thirteen years old. My father was holding a war meeting and I wanted to go, but the guards wouldn't let me in. My uncle told me that they were boring and I should not worry with going, but as heir to the throne I insisted. My uncle took me in and made me promise not to speak out. A general began telling of a plan to sacrifice newly trained troops in order to trap the enemy. I was outraged that we would consider sacrificing our own troops. I spoke out, and in doing so dishonored the general. An Agni Kai was to take place because of my insult. I declared that I was not afraid. The next day I was in the arena ready to fight for my honor. I looked up and my opponent was not the general, but my father the Fire Lord. Apparently, in speaking out against the general I had dishonored my father because it was in his war room that I did the crime. I fell on my face and surrendered. I refused to fight my father, though he threatened me repeatedly. He told me that in refusing to fight I had lost my honor. I had disrespected him. He said I needed to learn respect, and pain would be my teacher. He burned my face and banished me."

Katara gasped, "How can a father-" Zuko cut her off, "I don't want your pity."

She stepped forward, and gently and slowly lifted her hand and placed it on his face over his scar. He winced and kept the grimace on his face, but to her surprise didn't swat her hand away or grab her wrist to stop her. Now it all made sense, why Zuko was a jerk all the time, why he was so driven, why he chased them all over the world to capture Aang. He just wanted his father to accept him, he- like herself- just wanted to go home and have things return to normal.

. . . . . . . . . .

Ok that's all for chapter 1. I know I'm mean for ending it right there. I just had too so what will happen next? Sokka to the rescue? Aang back from the Spirit World? How far will Zuko and Katara's sweet little moment go?

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