I can't believe that I'm about to start college in under a few hours and I wonder if I won't disappoint my mother and my self in the process.

I always was the type to be lazy but now it's time to step it up, and I hope I never give up in the process.

You know that kid that could slide through the class, not try and still pass, well that was me.

Now the summer is over and I became a bit wiser I decided to put my foot down and show my true smarts.

No longer being a slacker, or relaxing cause college isn't about that.

I'm going to college to better my self and not party.

Call me a nerd but I am more focused on my studies than being found in a jail cell.

I'm not saying that will happen to anyone but I'm just hoping my future is well balanced.

Cause I have dreams and walking in as a freshman I just want to succeed.

With the free money I got for my classes, I can't let my self fail a class.

I don't really know what will happen but I just hope I make my self the person I want to be.

And not the man everyone perceives me to be, but honestly I just hope that I make it and change one persons life.