Hello~ this is my first story using two hedgehogs.

I will try to make Sonic and Shadow be in character as much as possible just like how you see them in the game or anime/cartoon!

Sonic and Shadow will develop a relationship slowly (you know... not suddenly jumping into a romantic relationship)

Sonic will not be a helpless hedgehog always waiting for Shadow to the rescue. (So he won't be like a girl... lol!)

Additional Note added in 2013: Believe it or not XD I actually wrote all these chapters (1~19) from my smartphone while I am coming back home from school, work, volunteer, meetings and etc using bus or subway in order to upload once a week for you guys! 0

so... yeah there might be some small spelling errors but I DO PLAN TO FIX THEM DURING THIS SUMMER VACATION!

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Caring for Your Rival

From Sonic 2006

Come with me, Shadow. Let us punish this foolish world of humanity. It is only fair to give back what was intended for you. You have every right to want justice."

"That's absurd," Shadow answered right away, knowing that Mephiles was lying, "Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it alone."

"You forgive humanity this folly then?" Mephiles pointed at the future Shadow who was chained up inside a purple restraint, fully unconscious.

There were few seconds where Shadow's mind that told him maybe it wasn't a bad idea to join Mephiles. What if everything that Mephiles told him was right and that in the near future, he would be captured by those humans again because humans always needed someone or something to blame whenever disasters happen? But then again, Shadow thought about how he promised to Maria about keeping the world safe and not giving destructions to innocent lives. With that in mind, Shadow prepared to battle Mephiles with a small grin on his face.

"I determine my own destiny," Shadow said confidently.

Present Time

"Easier said than done," Shadow whispered to himself as he raced through the massive robots and GUN forces running after him. It has been around six years since the Solaris incident and honestly, after killing the Solaris, Shadow thought the whole event with Mephiles supposedly never happened and a better future might be ahead of him.

"Shadow the Hedgehog, you must surrender now or we will capture you by force!" one of the GUN members shouted.

Guess Shadow was dead wrong.

"This is just ridiculous!" Shadow muttered to himself, "I decided to stop having my grudge against GUN and all the people in this damn planet and I actually tried to avoid any negative influences and this is what I get?! Bunch of idiots trying to capture me for no particular reasons?!"

While skating through the open area that was clearly GUN's boundary, Shadow thought about fighting. Technically, he could knock them out easily in few seconds, but at the same time, he thought that type of action might make this situation worse. It could potentially confirm the GUN that he is bad indeed.

'If only I had at least one emerald then I could at least use chaos con-damn,' Shadow stopped thinking when he realized that he just skated into the dead end. Shadow calmly turned around and in a second the police cars, GUN force and few highly developed robots surrounded him.

"Why are you guys following me? If you haven't noticed I didn't do anything wrong lately," Shadow tried to control his anger.

"Don't play dumb with us hedgehog," the head commander shouted, "We know that you are trying to cause another massive destruction to mankind with those filthy Black Arms again. You were reported sneaking around museums and collecting those emeralds to find whatever the hell that you need to do to have another massive invasion!"

Shadow's eye lids narrowed as he tried to understand what in the world the commander was saying to him. He never went anywhere to find emeralds in the first place and Shadow definitely did not tried to contact the Black Arms. The hell, Shadow killed Black Doom and sent the whole comment back to space so save the Earth!

"Once again you humans just proved to me how insolent you really can be," Shadow crossed his arms, "I don't know where you got that fairy tale story but it looks like you're just trying to make an excuse to capture me for no reason. Afraid to have an ultimate life form around the Earth, perhaps?" Shadow teased.

"Open fire! Capture Shadow immediately! Dead or alive!"

Shadow's eyes opened widely at a sudden surprise attack but he managed to jump up high in the air to release his chaos spear, not directly at the GUN forces, but slightly in front of them so they would not get hurt. But it certainly scared them. While people shouted in fear and also in confusion because of smokes produced by chaos spears caused, Shadow took this as a chance to skate around and escape.

'Someone is trying to bring back Black Arms….?' Shadow thought to himself, 'And they think it's me…. unless… unless they witnessed someone that looks like me and it can only be-'

Some Place away from GUN perimeter

"SONIC~~~~~~~~~~" Amy shouted and leaped into the air to give a bear hug to her self-proclaimed boyfriend.

"A-Amy?!" Sonic sighed, "What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to hang out with Cream and Tails today?"

"Yes but I thought it would be cute to leave Cream and Tails alone for their little play date while I have some quality time with you!" she tried to give a small kiss on the blue hedgehog but he gently pushed her away.

"B-but I don't really want to have a quality ti-" Sonic quickly saw Amy's fury increasing by the moment, "I.. I mean what I meant to say was.. don't.. you want to hang out with me later in the evening when it is more.. uh…. romantic I guess?" Sonic's ears twitched at his own sentence. 'What did I just say?!' Sonic mentally slapped himself.

"That's a great idea! Finally I get to spend a long evening with you! Should I go home and get ready?" Amy jumped in joy but Sonic's attention was on the public television that was in front of an electric store that Tails visited so much.

"Attention, Shadow the Hedgehog just escaped the GUN boundary and could be anywhere around this city. But do not be alarmed because the GUN police will arrive to cover the city completely for full protection of our good citizens. If you have witnessed Shadow the Hedgehog please report to us right away because he could be a dangerous threat and Sonic the hedgehog, if you are listening to his news then please help GUN to capture the black hedgehog a soon as possible."

"What the… Shadow? What did he do this time?" Sonic said and scratched his ear, "But… I thought after the whole Black Arm's invasion. He wouldn't get himself into any trouble."

"That's weird because didn't Shadow also helped you few years ago when.. uh.. what was his name.. Silver? Yeah when Silver tried to stop you," Amy suggested.

"I'm pretty sure it's just a whole misunderstanding," said Sonic, "Shadow is not the type of hedgehog to do any harm without reasons what so ever."

"Or maybe he did have some bad intention after all," Amy rolled her eyes, "Come on Sonic, everyone knows that Shadow could turn to the evil side when he feels like it. Maybe it's better for you to help the GUN and get this over with."

"Amy you can't just-"

Then there was a huge crash and people in black army uniforms entering the city from all directions.

"What is GUN doing here?" Sonic shouted and Amy just hugged the blue hedgehog for protection.

People were surprised just like Sonic as they screamed and few of them shouting to GUN if there was any potential danger in the city that the moment.

"What was that crash sound?!" someone yelled.

"Is there going to be some kind of invasion?!"

"If the GUN is here that must mean that.. that black hedgehog must be here as well!" one of the citizens alerted the other people.

'Shadow is in this city right now..?' Sonic just stood there to see what the GUN would do next

"Everyone please evacuate to the other side of the city at once," one of the GUN stated calmly. "There is a full protection in the other side of the city because Shadow the hedgehog has been spotted running around in this area."

With that sentence, people were running to the other side and GUN also helped some of the people to get to the safe place from the supposed danger.

"Commander, what's going on?" Sonic walked with Amy right next to him, "What do you mean you guys are trying to capture Shadow in the first place?"

"Ah Sonic, it is great seeing you at this moment!" the commander's face lit up instantly knowing that the hero would be on their side and not Shadow's.

"Shadow was spotted contacting the Black Comment again for another alien invasion perhaps. We didn't want to believe this at first but further research shows that he was collecting emeralds and some data and this was way too dangerous to be just ignored."

"WHAT! Another disgusting black alien attack?!" Amy shouted and squeezed Sonic tighter, slightly enjoying the close contact that she didn't have for a while.

"No way!" Sonic shook his head, "You do know that Shadow is the one who saved us all from Black Doom right? And I'm pretty sure Shadow didn't like that alien one bit himself. Why in the world would be try to bring them back? Second thought.. didn't you guys see Shadow killing those aliens?" Sonic smirked as he thought about the only time when he and Shadow were able to work together side by side. It was great fighting along with someone who had the equal power and speed. Well maybe not the speed part because Sonic knows he is faster than Shadow but it was still.. well.. nice. After defeating Black Doom, Sonic wished that he could partner up with Shadow more often but they never did once which disappointed Sonic a little. Sonic was really happy to see Shadow when he came just in time to save him from getting killed by Silver.

'Awww I guess that means Shadow cares about me in some degree,' Sonic smiled and redirected his attention back to the commander. "Are you guys sure it's not another mistake? Like how you guys mistaken me for another hedgehog years ago?" Sonic raised an eyebrow and tapped his foot.

"No Sonic, this is no mistake. Shadow must be captured dead or alive because we certainty do not want to go through another crazy invasion again."

"W-wait, what do you mean dead?" said Sonic, "Can't we just talk this out with Shadow and-"

There was another crash

"See! That is Shadow doing the destruction to the museum again! I'm pretty sure the chaos emerald is in that location! I will bring my GUN force down there immediately! Sonic since you are faster, please go and capture Shadow at all cost!" and with that the commander left trying to gather more GUN soldiers before heading to the crash site.

"I guess I can have a small visit to my buddy," Sonic chuckled, a little happy that he would be able to meet that Faker again, "Still I don't think Shadow would do anything bad at all."

"Oh Sonic I want to come along with you just in case you need a back up!" Amy said and summoned her hammer to show that she was ready.

"No Amy you really shouldn't I mean…" 'She's just going to be in my way!' thought Sonic.

"I'm coming with my boyfriend and there is nothing that you say that is going to change me!"

"Okay! Okay! You can come!" Sonic said in defeat, "Just promise me that when it gets too dangers leave, please."

"Yay Sonic cares about me! But I don't know if I want to leave my Sonic alone when it gets too dangerous because our love is strong to keep up safe and-"

"Amy let's go!" Sonic interrupted and pointed at the crash site.

"The chaos emerald should be here somewhere… now where could it be…" said the dark figure roaming around the destructed site, searching the place with his green eyes. Just then he heard something and turned around to see none other than Sonic and a pink hedgehog with a ridiculous hammer.

"Sonic! It's Shadow! So he is the cause of all this! You better be sorry to ruin my perfect date with Sonic!" Amy glowed in fire and raised her hammer as a threat.

Sonic gasped as he saw Shadow's figure and was a little heartbroken thinking that Shadow might have actually turned bad…. again! But when the black hedgehog turned around it was…

"Mephiles?! What the… I thought I would never see you again!" Sonic quickly got himself into a battle position.

"Ah it is nice to see you again.. Sonic the hedgehog. But I'm afraid you're not my target.. hope you don't get too disappointed."

"So the GUN must have mistaken you for Shadow! You creep, what are you up to this time?! And why are you trying to connect with the Black Arms?!"

"That is for you to never know… my clones attack him and his girlfriend at once!"

"Wha…what?!" Sonic looked around and suddenly there were hundreds of Mephiles surrounding him and Amy.

'Okay.. if I just use my speed right then taking these guys down is going to be a piece of cake. Wait! I forgot Amy is still with me! I should tell her to get away!'

The blue hedgehog turned around to tell his friend to find a safe place but she jumped with her hammer, directly aiming towards the real Mephiles.

"AMY! DON'T BE HASTY!" Sonic shouted and tried to stop her but the clones all came in at once, not giving Sonic a chance to defend himself or do anything since his attention was on the pink hedgehog.

"You think you are soooo scary!" Amy yelled, "I bet you and Shadow are working together to plot something nasty again but I'm not going to let you!"

"Me and Shadow?" Mephiles sounded furious instantly, "Shadow is my prey and you are starting to get on my nerve!" Mephiles easily knocked Amy's hammer down and a black aura pushed her to the ground immediately.

"Amy!" Sonic struggled to get the clones off from him.

"That was a cheap trick. You sure don't know how to handle a lady," Amy gave a huge frown.

"I don't even know where your pathetic bravery is coming from," Mephiles laughed.

"Why are you laughing?! Don't you dare laugh at me mister!" Amy tried to stand up but realized why her enemy was laughing in the first place. Her legs were wrapped by a black cloud which restricted her entirely.

"S-Sonic! HELP! SAVE ME!" Amy cried, finally knowing that she was indeed in danger.

"Grr. Amy hold on!" Sonic was able to get few clones off but they just kept coming, "Mephiles if you do anything do my friend-"

"Sonic I'm your girlfriend!" Amy corrected Sonic, "Hurry up or he's going to-"

"Now die you annoying girl!" Mephiles released the same attack that he used to kill Sonic once. The sharp diamond shaped blade form from Mephiles' hand and instantly made its way towards the target.

"AMY!" Sonic closed his eyes, knowing that he would see Amy's face sliced in half or.. anything blood related but when he heard Mephiles' shocked voice, he opened them to see Shadow.

Shadow had Amy safe in his arms.

Sonic's eyes opened wide and he felt his heart pounding to see Shadow after a long period of time. I mean, you do get excited when you meet a friend whom you haven't seen for a while… right?

"S-Shadow!" Sonic called out to the black hedgehog who had his back turned.

"Hey! I did not wanted to get saved by you Shadow!" Amy struggled to get free, "Let me go! I know you're working for Mephiles!"

At Amy's last comment, Shadow's temper was just about to explode in any second.

"Stop being so absurd. Why the hell would I work with my copycat? And you should be happy that I came just in time because your little blue friend was too lazy to help you in the first place," Shadow growled.

"Uh Shadow? Your lazy friend is hanging out with Mephiles' clones at this moment," Sonic was slightly ticked off but he still couldn't hide the fact that he was happy to see Shadow again.

"Whatever," Shadow replied and turned around to give a small nod at Sonic before facing Mephiles again.

But at that short second, Sonic noticed something horribly wrong. Shadow's left eye was shut tightly to keep the blood from pouring out.

"Shadow! You alright buddy?!" Sonic winced at Shadow's injured eye. 'It must have happened when he saved Amy' thought Sonic, feeling bad for Shadow.

"I didn't know I would run into you this early Shadow," Mephiles waved his hand and clones vanished, "But I'm afraid I don't have time to deal with you right now. I thought the emerald might be at this location but perhaps my calculation was incorrect but I'll tell you this, Shadow the hedgehog," Mephiles closed his eyes before speaking again, "I will make you suffer before I kill you myself!"

"Get back here Mephiles!" Shadow demanded but was too late. Mephiles entered a purple colored portal and disappeared with a dark laughter echoing around the broken museum.

"Sonic!" Amy quickly got off from Shadow and ran to Sonic but the blue hedgehog's attention was fully on Shadow. What was going on between Shadow and Mephiles? He was going to find out if he had to force Shadow to talk.

"Shadow, just what was that all about?" Sonic walked to Shadow while Amy was still stuck to his hips. Then a thought hit him. Shadow was still injured! "Never mind that, come with me so I can have your eye treated!" Sonic showed concern but Shadow refused to turn around and face him.

Shadow's ears twitched and pointed where the sound was coming from.

"It's the GUN…" Shadow murmured.

"Come on Shadow, come with me," Sonic reached out to Shadow but the black hedgehog just continued to walk away. Well, more like limp away.

'Oh no.. is his leg injured too?' Sonic knew that to both of them, having an injured leg is a huge problem since speed and agility was what they both depended on the most.

"I need to go," said Shadow and instead of skating away like how he wanted too, he limped gently tried to get far away from the city as possible. Sonic did not like Shadow's stubbornness one bit and he was not going to let his friend leave with such injuries.

"Shadow!" Sonic managed to turn Shadow around and gasped at how much worse the bleeding turned out to be. Shadow's left hand glove that covered his left eye was soaking with blood and Shadow's left leg had a severe cut also. "If you think I'm going to let you leave like this then-"

"Shut it," Shadow snapped and shook his hand away from Sonic, "I need to leave and if you're planning to follow me like a little determined hedgehog then I'm going to kill you at that spot."

And with that Shadow fast walked to the other side of the city.

"Sonic I was scared that-"

"Not now Amy," Sonic said coldly and this really surprised Amy. "Heh… I'm glad that Shadow didn't forget how determined I can really be."

Sonic decided to follow Shadow behind him, leaving a confused and angry Amy behind.

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