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-Part One: Origin and The Crusade-

Chapter One

A flash of white light signalled Daniel beaming into the control room of the Ori Mothership. Adria stepped forward. "I should never of trusted you." She said, her voice containing both sadness and anger, though sadness was the lesser emotion. In truth she felt betrayed. How dare he do this, after all the trust she had put in him!

"They're about to shut down the Supergate and allow our ships through." Daniel calmly responded, Adria moving her head to face Carter and Teal'c, Carter's face reflecting absolute disbelief. Even Teal'c seemed surprised, though he did not show it as easily as Carter did. "They've assembled the weapon, and the Ancients didn't interfere, right?" Daniel continued, turning his head to face Carter and Teal'c. "You did exactly as I said, right?"

Adria looked directly at Carter and Teal'c, surprise on the features of her face. "Daniel, what are you doing?" Carter asked, her tone displaying how shocked she was. Teal'c simply remained silent, scrutinising Daniel and wondering how the Prior and long time friend could have deceived him. Daniel turned his head back to Adria. "We can destroy the Ancients now and the Ori won't even have to fight." At his words, Adria turned her head back to him, surprised at his apparent change of heart. Daniel smiled.

"I've done all of this for you."

Adria squinted her eyes, the only physical sign of her searching Daniel's mind to see if he spoke the truth. A moment later she smiled. "Very well." She said, Daniel's mind reinforcing his words; He was telling the truth, and a sense of pride at how far he had come with her help surged to the forefront of her mind. But first she needed to resolve this situation; her praise of him could wait. A mental signal from her, and a patrol of Ori Soldiers walked into the control room. A flick of her head and SG-1's weapons flew from their hands onto the ground, and she turned to speak with the guards. "Take them to the brig."

As they marched away with Teal'c and Carter in the middle to join the guards apprehending the rest of SG-1, Carter turned her head to face Daniel. "Daniel, don't do this, please!" she cried. Daniel neither said nor did nothing except lower his head as they were marched away, unwilling to face them. Turning to Adria, he gave her a pleading glance, emotion reverberating through his voice.

"Please, don't have them killed."

Adria raised an eyebrow towards him. "All unbelievers must be shown the way to Origin, or be destroyed." She responded, wondering why he had suddenly made this request of her. She had been sure he no longer carried any emotions towards his old team, but she understood the position he was in, having been in the same situation in her weeks of existence, finding it difficult to try and forget her mother as the Priors had advised her to. Though she did not approve, she nodded. "They will not be harmed, but I leave it to you to show them the true path to enlightenment. Do not disappoint me." With that, she left the control room, leaving it to Daniel to finish the job.

Daniel activated his radio before speaking. "Jack, give the order. Please, I don't have the strength to keep this up much longer." Of course, this was a lie. Daniel had plenty of strength; he simply needed to play the part in order for Jack to do as he asked, which he knew he would. Jack could be too trusting at times, and it was this simply fact that would secure the Milky Way's conversion to Origin.

Daniel watched as with a loud whooshing sound, audible even from where he was on the ship, the Supergate deactivated. Smiling to himself, he casually keyed the radio again. "Now that you've helped us with that Jack, I would suggest you leave before the cloak I put on the ship automatically deactivates."

Silence followed.

Daniel walked until he was standing right in front of the viewport on the bridge, watching as slowly the gate began to activate. Electricity arced around the individual segments of the Supergate as it slowly came online. The giant wormhole established itself with an incredibly loud noise, the vortex seeming to explode out of it. First a single Ori Ship came through, then a second, then a third and fourth.

Suddenly, the Odyssey's cloak deactivated, it's sudden appearance a small blip in contrast to the Supergate as it began to move towards it, skilfully weaving through the beams fired at it from the Ori ships. It rammed itself right into the side of the Supergate, the explosion rippling through the segments and destabilising them, three of them floating away from the main group. The wormhole seemingly flickered a few times and deactivated, the Supergate's other segments destabilising a moment later, explosions turning a few of them into molten slag and debris. Daniel gulped and then turned, walking out of the bridge and towards Adria's private quarters.

It was time to inform the Orici of the bad news.

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