A child of two worlds, Zia ain't never got a place that she could call home.

Not Caelondia.

Not the Tazal Terminals.

That is, until now.

She could call the Bastion home.

But now that all's said and done, Kid's got all the cores back.

She's got everything to lose and nothing to gain. She can go back to a time where she don't belong, or stay right here. I ain't giving out any prizes for who can guess what she wants. After all, the best memories she has are those after the Calamity, not before.

But it's not her choice to make.

It's up to the Kid.

After all, he's done all the heavy lifting. Figured he should be the one to do the honors.

Kid takes a few steps to the left, then backs up and heads towards the right.

This ain't a decision you can take lightly, Kid. Gotta be sure you won't regret it.

Kid stops in his tracks and doesn't move.

Come on, Kid. You ain't covered in Scumbag Goo.

The Kid takes his sweet time weighing his options.

I don't see what's takin' him so long. After all, he can undo the Calamity, here and now. Make everything right again, bring us back to a better time.

Baby pecker's damn well grown up by the time he chooses.

Kid flips both the switches at once!

…Nah, I'm just kiddin'.

The cores detonate and jus' like that, we're zooming off into the distance.

I gotta admit, I'd figured the Kid would've had enough of me by now.

There's no going back now, but I guess we could go…anywhere we please.

I've always wondered about the Motherland.

Of a place beyond the Bastion.

Maybe we'll get there someday. I'd love to see the look on their faces when we dock this thing right on their doorstep.

'Bet Zia's glad with the Kid's choice. Zulf…he don't look too pleased.

But Zia…she's smilin', and we ain't never seen her so happy. I never realized, but damn does she look like her old man.

She's finally got a place she can call home.

A/N: A short story I wrote about the Kid's choice. Narrated by Rucks...and I wouldn't have it any other way.