The shop was in shambles. Lilies, roses, and flowerpots were everywhere. And Seymour Krelborn was scared as hell, but he was trying to be brave for Audrey's sake.

"So this was your plan, huh?" He inquired fiercely. "Mini Audrey IIs everywhere! Audrey II fever! Men have been coming to me from all over! Audrey II plush toys, Audrey II brand detergent! The guy trying to market Audrey II marshmallow candies has been coming to me at least twice a day!"

"That's right, boy!" Audrey II laughed. "And there ain't nothing you can do about it!"

"Well, I have just one question before we end this...did I just misname you? I mean, your name is Audrey II."


"Which is a girl's name. So did I just misname you?"

"Don't count on it, Seymo'!"

"What do you mean?"

"You think that was just a coincidence? Well, let me tell you a little something 'bout me! I come from the planet Plantsexual from the galaxy of Plantsylvania. And up there, well, we don't care too much about gender!"

"So you mean you're...?"

"Exactly right, fool!" Audrey II poked Seymour with one of his stems.

There was a knock on the door.

"God, is that the candy guy again?" Seymour rolled his eyes. "This is such a bad time!"

Audrey slowly opened the door. "Seymour?" She asked.

"Audrey, no!" He was too late. Audrey II grabbed his namesake and sat her down roughly in a chair.

"How'd you do, I

See you've met my

Faithful handyman..."

"I am not your handyman!" Seymour growled.

"He's just a little brought down because

When you knocked

He thought you were the candy man..."

"Seymour, what's going on?" She asked fearfully.

"Don't get strung out by the way I look

Cause using blender or beater

I look just like a plant by the light of day

But by night, I'm one hell of an eater

I'm just a sweet plantsvestite

From Plantsexual, Plantsylvania..."

"A 'plantsvestite?'"

"Let me show you around," he smacked her into a wall,

"Maybe play you a sound

You look like you're both pretty groovy

Or if you want something visual that's not too abysmal

We can take in an old Hedy Lamarr movie..."

"You're never going to win, Twoey!" Seymour shook his head. "Never!"

Audrey II brought a piece of the ceiling crashing down, almost hitting him and squashing him.

"Seymour!" Audrey called out.

"When your man goes splat,

They'll say, 'How 'bout that?'

Well, Audrey, don't you panic

By the light of the night,

You'll be wound up so tight,

Because I'm satanic and organic

I'm just a sweet plantsvestite

From Plantsexual, Plantsylvania..."

Seymour tried to usher Audrey out the door, but Audrey II worked his destructive magic again and sent another piece of the ceiling hurtling down, eventually landing right in front of the door. They were trapped.

"Why don't you stay for the night?"

"Night," one of his evil buds echoed.

"Or maybe a bite?" He snapped at Audrey, but Seymour shielded her.

"Bite," another rang out.

"Cause it's my first inclination

To show you the man

With brown hair and no tan

Who's good for ridding me of starvation

I'm just a sweet plantsvestite

From Plantsexual, Plantsylvania

I'm just a sweet plantsvestite

From Plantsexual, Plantsylvania...

So stay locked in the shop

Cause I'll never stop

I see you shiver with conster...nation

But maybe my reign

Isn't really to blame

So I'll remove the symptoms..."

Noticing how Audrey was shaking, he slapped her back to make her stop, but it only made her shake harder. He was so focused on her, he didn't notice Seymour sneaking up behind him with an electrical wire.

"But not the cause!" He started laughing intimidatingly, but he was instantly shocked. Surges of electricity went through him. "OH SHIT!"

He exploded suddenly.