Shaun Baxter groaned as he shook his head and opened his eyes. First thing he saw was that damned lizard on the windshield; it's head at an impossible angle. The second crash had caused it to barrel straight into the glass this time, and it was dead. He picked it up in a daze, as he looked in the backseat. Through the window he could see the chopper coming down and he knew he needed to get the goods fast. In all likelihood, the eggs would be his ticket out of here and it was a good thing too. After all that had happened, he really didn't feel like driving down the mountain at night in the rain. Just not in his plans for right now.

He realized that his gun was nowhere to be seen, and there wasn't time to go looking for it. Unbuckling his seat belt, Baxter turned around in his seat and looked behind him. Dr. Guitierrez was splayed facedown on the seat; he looked unconscious for now. Besides him was the backpack that the Compy had escaped from, but Baxter paid it no mind. Instead he grabbed the one that had the eggs in it, and without checking he slung it over his shoulders. In his excitement, he opened the door, and stared at the chopper coming down. He could smell the money, practically taste it. This was going to be worth it, he wouldn't even have to finish graduate school at this rate… He felt the rush of the cool night air as the chopper descended.

In the truck, Levine and Muldoon stood absolutely still as the Chopper began to descend. Levine turned off the lights, and he could see in the rearview mirror the large form of the Carnotaur stopping to sniff the night air. Even this large dinosaur was cautious, at such an unfamiliar object entering its world. It lowered its head once, and then disappeared into the jungle. "He's not gone, only waiting until it passes," Levine observed and behind him Muldoon nodded. The men both knew exactly what sort of helicopter this must be. The one that the Biosyn woman had called for…Luckily they were in the shade of the trees and some distance from the clearing, the helicopter would never notice them.

"Where's the Doctor?" Muldoon said as he leaned in close to the window, wiping the fog off of the glass. It was apparent that she'd managed to leap out at the last second but he couldn't see her. Normally he took pride in his tracking abilities, but it was a dark night and it was raining, and frankly there was a lot of mud on the road. She could be anywhere in this and he couldn't see her. He thought it was possible that she was crawling in the mud to avoid detection by the helicopter and nodded. Smart move, which was what he would've done. Even though he knew the Helicopter crew couldn't see him, he lifted his shotgun, and aimed just in case something happened.

In the fog of the night, the helicopter descended, making its entrance in the muddy landing right next to the Hummer. There were two or three people in the chopper; it wasn't easy to tell exactly. One pilot and two others, and the other immediately got off and began to walk towards the crashed car. Baxter stepped out of the car at that moment, raising his arms to show he meant no harm. He surveyed the man staring at him, couldn't quite make out the face among the rain and the darkness. They were dressed in the same fatigues as James had been wearing, but there was something about them that was decidedly not exactly Military. "Biosyn?" Baxter asked to make sure and the other man nodded, still staring at him.

"I got something for you then," Baxter smiled as he took the dead Compy out from the seat and handed it to the man. The man cradled it in his arms and stared at it for the longest time. Then he walked back to the chopper and gave it to the other man. Baxter could see the specimen being put into what appeared to be a portable cooler, and then covered with a blanket. After this, the man turned around, and Baxter came forward again. "Do you have my money?" he asked as he started to walk towards the copter. He stopped, frowning as the man held out his hand signaling him to stop. He wondered what he could have possible done wrong. Still, he did not let that unduly perturb him.

Carter watched from the trees as Baxter stood his ground, and held out the backpack. She groaned as she leaned against the trees, hearing the sound of an owl hooting in the distance. She really needed to get to the cars to lie down or something, but she couldn't. Even going around might be risky but she knew she had to try it. The helicopter men hadn't noticed it, but the large dinosaur had gone into the trees as soon as the noise had started. So following the treeline around the Chopper was a very risky proposition at the moment. Every part of her felt like it was on fire, and she could barely stand. She'd managed to make it through to the tree line by crawling in the mud, grateful that it had been so close already. She was completely soaked and scraped and every single inch of her clothes was damned dirty. In short she was feeling like hell.

Still, Marty was somewhere inside the car, and she knew she couldn't leave a patient. Staggering, she made her way through the treeline and collapsed onto the churning mud. Since it was dark and she was already covered with the stuff, she was able to pass unnoticed as she crawled behind the car. She could see the two men talking from her crouched position, wondered why the kid was hesitating. Wasn't this the part he'd been waiting for, been willing to betray them all for? She frowned as the other man began to stall Baxter, sensing that something was wrong. The kid raised his backpack and the other man took it from him rather roughly. Words were exchanged but she couldn't hear over the patter of the rain and the fogginess of the windows. But she saw that the other man seemed satisfied with the contents of the bag, and nodded.

Carter fiddled with the car door, trying to open it in a way that wouldn't attract the attention of the men. Maybe it was better to do so once they left. After all, they didn't look as if they intended to stay for any length of time. She gazed downward through the window and with relief could see that Marty was still breathing. He was breathing very shallowly and his head was bleeding from where it had hit the door. But he was alive. Staring back up, she could see the man from the helicopter taking the bag back to the heilicopter and it was taken by his companion. The kid stepped forward again, as the two men walked back towards the chopper together. Carter quickly took the opportunity to get on the other side of the door, where she would be able to open it quicker. The owl hooted again, this time seeming much closer, even though it wouldn't normally be that late at night.

As the man got into the chopper, the kid attempted to climb on but his path was blocked. The kid attempted to argue, but was then silent. As Carter saw through the pouring rain and the foggy glass, the man reached into his waistband, and pulled out a gun. The kid stood absolutely still, but it seemed like he wasn't sure what the meaning of it was. He held his hands in the air and began to protest. Carter couldn't hear over the rain but she could imagine what he must be saying. Probably trying to make light of the situation, or bluff his way. Though by the stern look on the other man's face, she could guess what his orders were. To leave no witnesses probably, which was going to be easy when it was only one man.

The gunshot echoed loudly though the clearing, and Carter felt herself instinctively ducking into the mud. From her vantage, she could see the kid's body collapse onto the floor, as he groaned and writhed on the floor. There was a start as the blades of the helicopter started up again, and she could feel the wind rushing past beneath her. She was absolutely still as the chopper began to lift up, not wanting to alert to anyone that there were still survivors. She figured the men back at the car were following the same direction, staying absolutely silent until the coast was clear. The helicopter did not waste any time in lifting off of the ground, and soon was lost to sight through the clouds and the rain. Still, she counted off a full half-minute before moving, quickly opening the door to the car.

Baxter groaned as he lay on his back in the dirt. He touched his shirt slightly, feeling the stickiness of the mud and the blood from where the bullet had hit him. Not even a vital shot really, but he'd played it off as worse then it was so that the man would leave him alone. He remembered the face that shot him, it was the same one that James had said was his boss. Who knew that Rossiter himself would come out to personally pick up the goods? Well they were out of his hands now, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. There was only one thing to do now, try to back up the Hummer and get the hell out of here. He had dropped his gun, but he thought it was somewhere in the car…

As he got up, he held one hand on his chest to stop the bleeding, but he could feel himself getting light-headed. He wondered vaguely where the other car was then he decided he didn't care at all. As Baxter got into the driver's seat, he noticed that the keys were not in the car. He immediately turned around and saw that the back seat was empty, and the door was swinging open. Baxter punched the horn in frustration, just letting the loud noise echo through the clearing. He saw his gun under the seat, and he stumbled and grabbed it. Oh yes they were going to give him back the key, he'd make sure of that. He climbed over the passenger seat, and he saw them, already staggering through the mud.

As Baxter stood staring at the two of them, he felt his chest heave. Everything had been for naught, everything. The woman was staring at him, fear in her eyes. She began to say something about getting him help for the wound, but he wasn't even hearing it right now. He could see the silhoulette of the other car through the fog, sensed that they might try something. So he pointed his gun at them, staring right at the men. The message was clear, if they tried anything he would shoot them, not to kill though, just enough to get the message across. "Get up," he said as he felt the rain wash over him, as he put his other hand to his side. The bullet had never exited, and he supposed it had cracked a few of his ribs at least, nothing major. Still, the bloodstain was slowly creeping through his shirt.

"Shaun," Marty said as he crawled up to a sitting position. "Shaun please it's over, just…" He stared up at his former student, his face just completely tired. He had certainly never dreamed that it would come to this, never in his life. "Just get in the car and walk away," Biosyn had gotten what it wanted, and look at their reward they had offered him. The kid had no reason to do anything further to them, now that all hope of his compensation was gone. He stopped talking, as he heard the hoot of the owl again. That was strange; it was coming off too strongly from what little he had studied back when he was still deciding which field to go into in graduate school.

Baxter heard the sound as well, and he swiveled around, sensing that there was something behind him. There was, and it glided out of the jungle like a silent ghost. The first thing he noticed was how thin it was, as if were almost on the brink of starvation, it was not fully developed, perhaps due to malnutrition. The animal was seven or eight feet tall, seeming to be in its full maturity, even if not having achieved its full height yet. It's body form was that of a therapod, and even in this dim gloom, he could make out that it was spotted black against the faded and muted yellow of its body. There were two crests above its eyes, and they were crossed with red and black stripes. As it stared at them, the animal emitted a soft hooting cry, just like an owl. It struck Baxter what that sound he'd been ignoring was.

He stayed absolutely still, not moving a muscle, as it didn't seem interested in him at the moment. Instead it craned it's head, looking through the open door of the hummer. If he took a shot at it he might agitate the animal and there was still another large dinosaur out there, which might be attracted to the sound. The Dilophosaur's head disappeared into the backseat, as if it was scouring for something, then when it came out, he could see what it was holding in it's jaw. The other backpack, a rip appearing in its side and he could see the glint of another egg in it. So that's why the first backpack had felt so light, there had only been one egg in there…. He sighed as he knew Marty had made the switch.

Baxter began to walk towards it, his gun aimed high. He'd already had enough things taken away from him today. The other specimens, his graduate school hopes, and now he wasn't about to let this last one be snatched from him as well. "Hey!" He yelled at the animal, hoping that it would be intimidated by the loud noise. After all, it didn't seem to be as strong or well built as the larger one, or even that smaller one with the large claw on it's feet. "Get the hell away or I'm going to fire!" The animal had not shown itself around the village, so he supposed it had learned to be wary of people, even after the exodus caused by the Biosyn agents. So he supposed that his tactic would work.

Levine and Muldoon watched from the car as the animal had come out of the jungle. Muldoon was frowning again, and holding his SPAS-12. "Dilophosaurus Weatherilli", and to Levine's surprise it was Muldoon who spoke this time. "Had it on Nublar, no idea that some managed to escape." But it didn't look like the species had been thriving, unlike the raptor. "You screwed up," he said to Levine, shaking his head. The other man had been so eager to identify the eggs that he'd only paid attention to the first and overlooked the second. Levine was still staring, and Muldoon sympathized. "Kid shouldn't be approaching it like that, there's something different about the ones InGen bred." Just then, the animal dropped the bag, and they watched as the kid bent down still brandishing the gun to retrieve it.

As they watched the kid bend down, Marty took hold of Carter's arm, and she did not even resist. "Down!" He whispered as he ducked against the mud, trying not to be visible in the rear lights of the Hummer. He'd heard enough stories from the deposition, about what had happened to Nedry, and what Grant had said about the animal before him. Carter didn't have to be persuaded, she seemed rather shocked by the sudden appearance of the large animal. They each tried not to breathe or give away any signal of their presence, as they watched Baxter's hand close around the backpack. The Dilophosaur stared at him curiously, and then snapped its head forward in a sudden jerking motion.

Baxter stood up, staring down at his shirt. The animal had spit on him, he realized, as he perused the sticky black substance. As he slung the backpack over his shoulder he ran a finger through it, and felt as if a sudden chill ran down his front. There was a hole in his shirt, and he realized then the spit must've eaten through it. He also felt an odd tingling sensation in his fingers, so this animal's spit had some sort of acidic properties…. He raised his gun, as the animal stepped forward and gave another hoot as it bared its teeth. Baxter pulled the trigger back as he prepared to aim. He had a good read on it's head, and if it snapped its head back he would shoot it this time. Slowly, he began edging to the side, trying to present Marty and Carter as more viable targets for attack then he was. However, the animal paid them no attention, its head following him as he moved.

He fired one shot, and the Dinosaur didn't react at all, it had gone cleanly past its head. He thought maybe if he could just get in the Hummer he could be safe. After all…but there were still too many doors open though. The animal might not be able to get in all the way but it could still spit through an open door. Well, Baxter figured he would deal with it when the time came. He looked back at the animal just to make sure it was still there, swiveling his gun as well. Suddenly he felt a sticky mass of the hot, burning spittle impact against his cheek. He looked down as he tried to rub it off, but it was no use. "Damn, you piece of shit…" he muttered as he staggered, just trying to make it into the car.

It really did burn, and he could hear the heavy footsteps of the animal following him as he made his way towards the driver's seat. Baxter remembered that the car keys were still with Marty and he grit his teeth. Damn, damn. At least he could try to make a stand in there, then the animal would get bored... His hand ran along the line of the car, as he opened the driver's door with his foot. The pain in his cheeks was still very obvious… also the acidic poison had seeped into his gunshot wound, and he was barely able to think. Lowering his arm, he felt the backpack slip off of his shoulder, and onto the floor and he didn't care.

As he started to get in, he felt another sensation, and then he couldn't see. He realized then what had happened as soon as he rubbed his hands over. The dinosaur had spit on him again…and he was now blinded. He fired once or twice in panic, as he tried to get inside the car while rubbing frantically at his eyes trying to get this shit off of him. It wasn't coming off, and the pouring rain didn't help either, since he already had mud on his hands and it was already caking the poison in, preventing it from being washed off easily. There was another hoot and he heard the sound of the footfalls coming closer. It was behind him now he could tell that, and he spun around, his gun raised.

He felt his hand being pushed to the side by the animal's crest, and his gun slipped from his nerveless fingers. Baxter clawed at the outlines of the car; still trying to get in, somehow shut the door behind him. He had a bottle of water inside, if he managed to shut the doors he could wash it out. Feeling the edge of the driver's entrance he began to chuckle. "You lose buddy," and began to back up, but only for a short while. Because then there was another sensation, and he felt a sudden warmth running down his legs, dripping onto his feet. He felt even more lightheaded then before all of a sudden, and his legs buckled as he fell backward on to the driver's seat. A touch affirmed that it was his intestines he held in his hands.

The animal had ripped him open, and his organs had spilled out. He felt another sensation in his leg, and realized the animal was biting him. Dragging him out of the car. Not even aware of what he was doing anymore, Baxter tried to hold on to the steering wheel, but it turned in his hand, and the mud and the sticky acid caused him to lose his grip. He grunted as he fell on his back in the rain, as the animal let him go. For some reason he felt incredibly sleepy, even though his terror was extreme. Then he felt a new pain, and it felt like his skull was going to split. Because the Dilophosaur had his head in his jaws, and he couldn't even think, because there was too much pain, in too many places. He hoped it would be quick, now that he knew his schedule was pretty much cleared for life.

That was his one final wish; that it would soon be over.