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Chapter 2

Austin POV

My eyebrows shot up. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or be embarrassed. I just picked up the little box and turned to Ally, asking her with my eyes. I watched as her expression went from confusion to horror to humiliation. She jumped off the bed and was in front of me within seconds, snatching the box and looking at it, before hiding it behind her back and smiling sheepishly.

"Ha…I'm gonna kill her." She muttered as she walked back over to her bed and tossed the box in the trash.

"Can I…erm…ask you something?"


"Why would Trish give you a box of condoms?" I asked. She looked at me, an 'isn't it obvious' expression on her face, before she shook her head and chuckled lightly.

"Trish seems to have this idea that because we're both older now, us being in the same house means we're gonna fall in love." She shrugged.

"Trish wouldn't give you condoms if she thought all we'd be doing was fall in love…" I said, smirking as I sat down on the bed beside her.

"Yeah, well…I told her it was stupid. We're just friends. Right?" she asked, looking to me for confirmation. I should have nodded, or said yes. I shouldn't have done what I did. I shouldn't have shrugged.

"I don't know. Are we just friends?" I asked her, my voice quiet. Her head snapped up and she looked me in the eyes.

"I, erm…I thought we were." She whispered. I should have smiled, acted like I was joking. But I didn't.

"So did I. But apparently no-one else does. Your dad made you put a lock on your door; Trish gave you a box of condoms…" I muttered. She shivered.

"Well, I, erm…maybe they're just joking. They know we're just friends."

"Or maybe they know that no matter how much we try to tell ourselves we are, we will never be 'just friends'…?" I suggested. Her breath caught and I realised I was leaning towards her.

"Maybe…" she whispered. I smiled.

"You want to know what I think?" I asked her huskily. I don't know what I was thinking; all I know is that I definitely wasn't thinking with my brain…

"What?" she whispered, almost too quiet for me to hear her.

"I think there's only one way for us to find out…"

"How?" she breathed.

"Like this." I whispered, and then I did the unthinkable. I kissed her. I kissed my best friend. I kissed Ally Dawson.

And it was pretty damn amazing.

I felt her gasp and her hands flew to the back of my neck. I put my hands on her waist and moved my thumb in soft circles over the smooth skin there. She shivered and pulled herself closer to me. I groaned as she tugged on my hair and bit her lip. Her eyes flew open and widened, and then she was pulling away, jumping off the bed, and rushing over to the other side of the room. I stared after her, confused.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" I asked. She shook her head, looking at me as she leant against the wall and took a deep breath.

"I think…I think we're doing this wrong. We're supposed to be best friends. I haven't seen you for four years. And I…I don't want to be another one of those girls you mess with and dump. I value our friendship more than that." She whispered. I felt hurt when she said that; she knew I didn't do that to girls. She's the only one I told the real reason I had so many girlfriends.

"You know I don't do that, Ally. I told you what happens. I don't 'mess around' and I don't 'dump' them. I break up with them. There's a difference. I don't do it just to hurt them." I whispered. She looked at me.

"I know, Austin. I'm sorry. I'm just so confused right now. Before you left…I didn't feel this way. I didn't feel like I was on fire every time you touched me. I didn't feel like standing on my tiptoes and kissing you every time you stand behind me. And I didn't feel like kissing you all the time." she told me. I smiled.

"Guess what? I did. Well, not all those things. But I was definitely attracted to you. And now…I think it's gotten ten times stronger while we've been apart. When I first saw you earlier, when you opened the door…I almost didn't recognise you. I was expecting the same old Ally I knew four years ago, skinny, no figure, flat-chested, one-of-the-guys Ally. What I got was you, seventeen year old Ally, with boobs and a body to die for."

"And I was expecting short, skinny Austin with a baby face and puppy fat. And what I got was eighteen year old, tall, muscly, grown up Austin." She replied. I could see I had embarrassed her by mentioning her boobs, but I couldn't help it. They were the first thing I noticed. I remember thinking; 'Wow. She's grown' the minute she opened the door.

"I guess we both got more than we bargained for." I sighed. She smiled.

"I should have known better, I guess. You're all over the press." she sighed. I laughed.

"God, please tell me you don't read those stupid interviews and stuff? Half the stuff is made up, and what I did say is twisted to sound stupid. And don't even get me started on the pictures…I'm pretty sure they take some guy's body and edit my face and pants on. There's no way I am as buff as I look in those pictures." I joked. She laughed.

"I don't really read magazines. Why, do they print a lot of shirtless pictures?" she asked me. I scoffed, rolling my eyes dramatically.

"I swear, I did one topless photo shoot and now apparently I'm willing to take my shirt off whenever someone points a camera at me. It's unbelievable." I complained. She just laughed.

"How many 'morning after' scandals have you had?" she asked me. I laughed.

"Seventeen. And I've gotten three different girls pregnant. You want to know the funniest thing?" I asked. She was a little shocked at the revelation, but nodded and walked over to me anyway.

"I'm still a virgin." I mock-whispered.

Ally POV

I froze, unable to believe what I was hearing. I mean, I hadn't exactly imagined Austin having sex. But I had always just assumed that he had, you know, done the deed…being a famous rock star with thousands of female fans. I was relieved to know he hadn't actually gotten three girls pregnant, though.

"Are you really?" I asked him. He nodded.

"I swear on my life." he said seriously.

"Wow. Okay, this should be really weird. You just told me you were a virgin. Best friends shouldn't talk about that kind of stuff." I said, shaking my head. He rolled his eyes and looked at me, annoyed.

"Come on, Ally, I think we're past the point of pretending we're still best friends. I've said no to some of the hottest, sluttiest girls on the planet when they've tried to take my clothes off, but if you said you wanted to make use of those condoms Trish left you, I wouldn't think twice about it." He said, voice quiet but honest. I was frozen.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked him.

"I'm trying to say that I think I'm in love with you, Ally. Since I was fourteen, and you were thirteen. Maybe even before that. You are the only girl I have ever wanted to kiss, or do anything else with." He said softly, looking down. I could tell I was hurting him with my silence, but there was nothing I could say. I was frozen, unable to speak or move. Finally he sighed loudly, looked up, and winced.

"I'm just gonna go into my room." He said, tucking his hands into his pockets and leaving my bedroom. I still couldn't move.

Finally, I managed to comprehend what had happened. And I realised that I loved him too. No matter how much I tried to deny it, Austin and I had always been more than just friends. And now I finally realised it, I couldn't let him get away. I ran out of my room, across the hall, and flung open the door to the guest room. Austin was stood there, dressed in only a pair of black boxers, probably about to get into bed. I hesitated momentarily, shocked by the sight of him. Maybe I would have been more prepared if I paid more attention to the tabloids, but Austin was definitely buff. I didn't think about that, however, as I ran over to him, flung my arms around him, and kissed him hard.

I let all the bottled up emotions that had accumulated over the years pour out into that one kiss. I felt his arms go around me as he began to kiss back, pushing me backwards so we fell onto his bed, him on top. I groaned at the feeling and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled back a little and looked at me questioningly. I grinned.

"I think I love you too." I whispered, and he kissed me again.

Eventually I realised that Austin was naked but for a pair of boxers, and felt myself blushing furiously as I pulled away from him and fixed my clothes.

"Erm…I think I should go to bed now. Before we get carried away." I whispered. He smiled, kissing me again. He lingered a little longer than he should have, and I pulled away, glaring at him in false anger.

"Sorry. But I've been waiting four years to do that." He said, grinning like a little boy. I smiled, kissing him quickly, before getting up and saying goodnight.

"Oh, trust me, I'll have a very good night." He said, and I laughed.

"So will I…" I replied.

I fell asleep smiling that night, and I had a very good dream. A dream I will not share with you, but I will give you a hint. It involved using Trish's present…

I knew things would be hard once Austin left to go back to Hollywood. Maybe we would find a way to make it work. And maybe our relationship would fall apart. But one thing was for sure. This was a reunion that I would never forget.

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