A/N: Sorry this one is so short, but this scene really needs to stand alone, in my humble opinion. Hopefully more up in a few days.

A smile played at her lips as she repeated the news in her own mind. He was coming for her. Finally.

Took you long enough, she telepathically whispered into his mind.

The com in her ear bustled back into life as Eliot verbally grumbled, "Could you not do that, Cas? It's kind of creepy to hear you up here."

Make me, she taunted him back, knowing she shouldn't push it too far or he really would make her stop when the team got through the different doors that separated them.

"As touching as ya'll little moment is," Hardison piped in from his mobile command center in Lucille the Van, "we better hurry otherwise they'll find out. And then we'll all be in some seriously hot water."

"Cassie?" Nate's voice now cut in over the com line, "Can you … feel where the guards are and tell us? Not that I don't trust Hardison's equipment, but this is going to be tricky."

No problem, Cassie replied before going deep within herself and then casting herself outward to see where the life forces around her were. Eliot's team, having never been off Earth, felt and looked different in her mind than the SGC goons.

The MPs were everywhere, just like they always were. Do you have control of the cameras? She asked Hardison telepathically.

"Yes," he replied assuredly. "They're on a loop of the last hour. With a little luck they won't know the difference until you're out and we're safely away."

Cassie smiled tersely at that phrase. I doubt I'll ever be "safely away," Hardison. I'm not sure I'll ever truly be safe again.

Eliot looked different in her mind than he did before. She frowned as she mentally watched him come within a few feet of one of the patrols before he stopped, as if sensing them on the other side of the wall, and redirected his route. There was something different about him that part of her was trying very hard to not notice as he slowly and methodically made his way closer to her cage. Like if she watched him out of the corner of her eye at twilight she just might see it there.

Something else suddenly caught her attention in the air shafts. Parker, stop! She nearly shouted mentally at the other woman.

Parker obediently froze her position, one hand up slightly as she had been about to move forward. Back up slowly, Cassie directed her. You were about to push on one of the silent alarms.

The thief looked down at the metal grating in front of her. Even her trained eyes could perceive no difference between it and the metal surrounding it. "How can you tell?"

I can hear the electro-magnetic frequency it's putting off. Asgard tech. You can't see it. Go back twenty yards and you'll see another shaft veering off to the east of the building. Take that until you come to the third shaft pointing north. I'm in the room below the second opening on that air shaft, Cassie directed her using her mental map of her prison.

"Thanks," Parker said as she carefully followed Cassandra's instructions.

It was only Parker and Eliot inside the building. Cassie wasn't sure how they had managed to get that far by themselves, but had to admit that time and time again SG1 had proven that smaller operations were less likely to detect when done correctly.

A few short minutes later and Cassie could feel Parker's energy signature directly over her head in the air shafts above. Eliot was a short distance away ducking guards at every turn with what seemed like almost superhuman skill and ease. His hand was on the doorknob. That last door that separated her from seeing his beautiful, careworn eyes once again.

The door opened and Eliot, dressed in the same fatigues as the rest of the MPs on duty that night, appeared, zat strapped to his right thigh and a service blade strapped to the left. Her smile lit up the room from within, especially when it was returned by him.

Eliot took a few steps into the room, shutting the door behind him. His features only slightly betrayed the relief he felt at seeing Cassie unharmed and relatively safe.

He was halfway to her cage when Cassandra held up a hand in a motion for him to stop. She felt Colonel Mitchel and a team of soldiers closing in on the central room. Hold your position, Parker, she firmly told the thief so that she wouldn't be dropping in to more trouble than she already was.

Less than five seconds later the three doors around the room burst open and Mitchel, followed by a team of seven MPs –three of which Cassandra had never seen before, set up standard formation at each of the exits.

"What do you think you're doing, Spencer?" Mitchel asked calmly, his gun trained on the other man's head.

Eliot didn't turn around to face the soldiers, instead he locked eyes with Cassie and replied, "What I have to do to make sure she's safe, Mitchell."

Mitchel's head came up slightly from the sight of his gun. His eyes were hard as he asked, "Do you really think you can keep her safer than we can? You can't even break her out of here without being caught and stopped. How could you protect her from the threats out there against her and the babies?"

"That which is at rest is easily restrained. You would think you'd know this by now," Cassandra remarked calmly, verbally speaking for the first time since the incident started.

While the guards tried to process what the hell that meant, Cassandra stood up and looked first at the black machine in the corner that was meant to keep her mental powers in check, and then at the air vent above. In a great show of theatrics, she looked at Eliot and mentally willed the guns that were a danger to the man before her, and her own safety, into the air and out of the hands of the MPs.

"It's safe to come down now, Parker," she said aloud, her eyes still locked with Eliot's. Her left hand reached out and picked up the baby blankets that were sitting at the foot of the bed while Eliot opened the door to the cell and let her out.

Parker seamlessly let herself out of the air shaft, causing more than one appreciative look from the guards as she skipped over to Cassie and Eliot and gave Cassie a brief hug.

Cassie kept her attention focused on the guards so that they were immobilized while she reunited with the two thieves momentarily before Eliot nudged her toward the door. "We gotta go, Cas."

She nodded and led the way to the door that Mitchell had stationed himself at with two other guards. When she was near him, Cassie knelt down on one knee and whispered in his ear, "I want you to remember and tell the rest of the SGC that the only reason I stayed was because I wanted to. That device in the corner stopped working after a week and a half. You know it's not safe for me here anymore, and I know it's not safe for me here anymore." She stood back up with a little help from Eliot before adding louder, "Tell Jack that I can take care of myself."

Stepping past the guards, Cassie motioned for Eliot and Parker to follow close behind. Once they made their way through the complex and to the waiting van with the other members of the Leverage team, Cassie released the guards and their guns from the hold she had on them, letting them go about their business in peace.