This is my first attempt at writing for the Six of Hearts series, so I hope they're not too OOC! I also hope flight times and distances aren't too messed up. Enjoy! ~ |: zuzu

What You Need for a Proper Romantic Relationship: Kyntak follows Six home to see if he has what it takes to be in a romantic relationship.

Six slammed the door shut in his face. "No."

Once Kyntak had learned that Six had never been in any kind of romantic relationship whatsoever (not that he was even freindly most of the time) but that he had never even attempted to create one, he had been trying to get him with Agent Eight, who was one of the only two female Agents, not counting Queen. Today Kyntak had trailed his brother from the Deck HQ, to the bookstore, and then to his house. He was currently begging to be let in, after Six had locked all of the bolts on the door and even activated the wires around the frame. He wandered over to one of the windows. It seemed to be bulletproof, but given enough space he could run and jump at it. Kyntak backed up six meters, out in the street, then sprinted at full tilt towards the house. He launched himself up, so he slammed feet first into the glass. The force knocked him back onto the ground.

Flight time: 1.3 seconds.

As he got up, he conceded that going feet first wasn't the best idea, and that he should've gone hands first. Behind the now clear glass, and Six stared angrily out at him. They stared at each other for a second, then the glass darkened again. Seconds later, Kyntak heard the buzz of the wires being turned off, then the clunks of the bolts, and finally the door opened to reveal his annoyed brother.

Kyntak just brushed past him, surveying the building around him, leaving Six to close and lock the door again. He bent down to examine the light security system. When he was done, he let out a soft tsk noise and moved into the living room, his attention instantly being drawn to the books.

"Books, good, good. They like intelligence." he said, picking up a random one and opening it up. "They all look new, too."

Six gave a cold look, then plucked it out of his hands and set it on the couch, next to the one he had just bought, which was lying open, page down. Six knew that Kyntak had been in romantic relationships, but Six found it absolutely useless, as he did most things. All he needed to do was get his work done as quickly and efficiently as possible, hand in his report, possibly buy a book, and go home, where he had his own routine. Relationships just got in the way.

"Why do you have all these books if you don't read them?" Kyntak asked, examining the new book with interest.

Six took it out of his grasp again before answering. "Because touching them leaves fingerprints. Don't touch them."

"But have you ever read them?"

"I," Six took out a white cloth and began wiping them down, "have them all committed to memory." He sighed and put them on the shelf, supposing he could read it when Kyntak was done bothering him.

His brother was now in the kitchen, looking through the cupboards and fridge to see what he had to eat. "All homegrown, I see. That's good. They like us to like nature."

"It's because I don't have a triple C." Six said. Do I have to explain everything to him? He should know that I can't have a triple C.

"Well I do," Kyntak said, then went off to explore the rest of the house, going into Six's bedroom. He sat down and bounced up and down a bit. "Hmmm... quite hard. Not a good thing! You need a better bed, Six!"

"I don't sleep much. Since I don't use my bed often, it will wear out much less quickly. Why would I need a new bed?"

"For the ladies!" Kyntak exclaimed, looking around. "No pictures, no nothing. It's like this house is just for show." he glanced at Six. "Although, I suppose it is just for show." He abruptly got up and looked around the bathroom, then the study.

Kyntak looked around the study, muttering everything he saw under his breath. "Desk, computer, wastebasket," He nodded, apparently not finding anything that needed to change, then went back out into the hallway and discovered the training room.

"What is this?! A training room?! Really?! You need to conceal it or something!" he shook his head disapprovingly, then went up the stairs to the attic, gasping over dramatically when he saw the cockroaches. "You need to get rid of these! Some traps, poison! Or at least make the attic less accessible." Kyntak gave his brother a look, then went back down to the front door.

"So, to recap: books are good, homegrown food is good, study is good. You should have a less noticeable security system, though. You need a better bed, the attic, and conceal the training room, okay?" Kyntak patted his shoulder, then left, leaving a slightly confused Six alone in his house.