An anonymous reviewer requested some Two/Six, and so here it is! Enjoy! ~ |: zuzu

Flashes of a Broken Life: Six and Two were and always will be in love. It just took time.

I reached out for the next person, but stepped back when I saw that the person was limp. I stopped breathing for a second once I saw who it was.

Two. It was Two.

Oh my God, Six! How could you let him die?! You let Two die! Two! Of all people, he had to die.

I lost my balance and nearly fell into the stairwell.

I couldn't stand here and mourn my dead lover; I had a mission to accomplish. But inside I was wailing.

When I saw the body bag, I had to look away.

I still could not believe that he was dead, and it was all I could do to not start sobbing in front of Ace.

I stepped into the unusually full elevator.

Great. Two was here.

The agents with me tried to chat with me, but I didn't hear them, really. I was too busy trying to fight down a blush as Two ran his fingers through his curly hair.

I was glad to get out of the small space. And once my back was turned, I smiled to myself.

Two braked suddenly as a van roared past in front of us and quickly disappeared again into the fog. It gave me a flicker of satisfaction to know that he hadn't even blinked.

When the new Agent Two started, I could barely look at him. He reminded me too much of the old Two, the one that I had loved so much, even when I never seemed to want to, or other people never thought I could. And, to be honest, I didn't think I could love either.

I guess he proved me wrong. They all did.

At Two's funeral, we had King say a prayer. All the Hearts, as well as Kyntak and Grysat, were there, and so were the Diamonds and a few of the Spades. Queen and Ace put flowers in the holder. It was held at one of the many, huge burial buildings that filled the City.

The bodies were cremated and then put in small chambers inside, with their name and lifespan engraved into the metal. Each chamber had a small cone mounted outside of it for flowers.

King asked me if I would like to say a few words, but I declined. When King left, he gave me a sad look and patted my shoulder.

Kyntak did this too. Everyone kept telling me how sorry he or she was for my loss.

'But isn't it also their loss?'


'But why do they only say sorry to them, then?'

'Because, Six, it's special. They were very close to Skye.'

Two offered to go look for King, and so he left. Kyntak and I waited for a while. Two didn't return.

Six, how could you be so stupid? You let Two go out there looking for King all alone! Now they're both gone! Dammit, Six, dammit!

When I heard that Two was going to be the one on the radio, I felt a small tinge of happiness. Two was going to be the one on radio!

Later, when I heard that bit of concern for me from him, it made me even happier. He was worried about my safety! Two was worried about my safety.

'I can babysit her sometime, if you like.'

'You'd babysit her? Why would you?'

'Ah, lighten up, Six! He's just being friendly! We'll probably take you up on your offer sometime, Two.'

I stood there, watching him sleep. I generally did not sleep very much, and, besides, I liked to watch him sleep. He was on my couch, having fallen asleep after watching Nai. I hated to wake him, but he would get a sore neck if he slept like that.

Both Kyntak and I had missions today, so we had agreed that Two would watch her at my house.

I woke him up.

I had asked Kyntak. He was no help, and so I asked King. He told me to find something related to what Two liked to do. I asked him if that meant work related, but he said no.

So I went to Queen. She started on the topic, veered off, but at the end came back to it. She was no help, though.

Ace was busy, and I couldn't talk to Grysat; he was always in the foyer. All the other agents would tell Two, and so they were no help whatsoever.

And so I was left alone with my thoughts on what to get him for his birthday.

'Hey, Six. There you are. I wanted to talk to you.'


'Would you like to come with me after our missions are done and get a drink?'

'Are you referring to alcoholic beverages? If so, I decline. They only cloud the mind, and therefore make for poor and meaningless conversation.'

'Hah. Well, you don't have to get any alcohol. You could just get some ChaoCola or something.'

'Still, you will be drinking something with alcohol, so what would it matter that I was not? Then at least one of us will be out of our right minds. Still makes for bad conversation.'

'HHhhh. Look, Six, I just want to talk for a bit, okay?'

'… Fine. '