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"Speaking Japanese" "Speaking English"

'Thinking' 'Zanpaktou'

"Hell Butterfly" "Radio"

'Hichigo' "Hollows"

"I trust you understand the mission?" The Head Captain demanded.

Sitting upon his throne like chair, the Head Captain held an air of demand. The aged Soul Reaper was bald, save for the long white beard held neatly in place by purple ribbon. He wore the white Captain haori over the Soul Reaper garb. His age was only shown by the wrinkles across his face and the large staff he used to help him walk. Even then, the staff simply hid his zanpaktou, his weapon.

Across from him stood two Captains of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. One stood proudly, a noble, and wore a modified Captain haori that had gold lining and a collar with gold tassels on the corners. In his long black hair were white hair pieces, somewhat matching his steel gray eyes. Next to him was a shorter Captain with spiked white hair and cold teal eyes. Though he seemed a child, the stance he held was that of a wise man, even rivaling the Captain next to him. His sword was a too big for him to carry at the waist, so he had it strapped to his back by a star clasped chain, a green scarf around his neck.

"Yes, Head Captain." They replied at the same time with ease.

"And remember; only your Lieutenants are to know of this mission, as they will be filling in for you until your return. And do not, under any circumstances, tell anyone who you are."

Captains Byakuya Kuchiki and Toshiro Hitsugaya nodded in understanding before using Flash Step out of the barracks and to their own. Toshiro was met upon arrival by his Lieutenant, a curvaceous woman with light blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, a pink scarf wrapped around her arms and her badge strapped to the tie at her waist.

"There you are Captain!" She said happily, attempting to suffocate the tiny Captain in a tight hug, but was pushed back quickly before she could. "So, what did the Head Captain want, making you run off like that?"

"Inside, Rangiku. This is not a discussion for anyone else." The white haired Captain snapped back at her.

"Oh, okay." The woman quickly realized the seriousness of the situation and followed her Captain inside without another word.

Toshiro led her to his office, locking the doors tight and reaching out with his icy Spiritual Pressure to see if any of his subordinates were roaming around. They were either lounging in their quarters or off on missions, so he had secrecy for the time being.

"What is it Captain?" Rangiku questioned, sitting patiently in one of the office couches.

"It appears Captain Kuchiki and I will be going to another area in the World of the Living." He began, sitting across from her on another couch.

"Another area?"

"Yes, an area halfway across the world known as America. Normally we don't go there, as we're mainly a Japanese based society, but the Head Captain has deemed it necessary for us to go there."

"Do you even know English? I don't know anyone here who does."

"No, but that problem will be fixed by Kisuke. Byakuya and I are to visit him first before we go to America, as he will have special Gigais made and has recently made an item that will allow us to speak and understand English. We will most likely be there a few days; the situation there is still an unknown." He paused, turning an icier gaze to his Lieutenant. "That means you need to lay off the sake and actually DO your paperwork."

Toshiro's voice had risen at the last bit and the room temperature dropped a few degrees, but Rangiku Matsumoto simply grinned.

"Oh don't worry, Captain! I'll get it all done, don't you worry!"

"The fact that you said it twice makes me worry more." His eyebrow twitched in annoyance. With a deep breath he calmed himself and stood. "I will be leaving with Byakuya tomorrow, so be prepared to actually get some work done." With that, he left.

Completely missing the last sentence, the Lieutenant was wondering how to get a little work done while going out to party with her fellow Lieutenants Shuhei Hisagi and Izuru Kira.

In the Squad Six barracks, Byakuya had just given his Lieutenant, Renji Abarai, the same rundown and was already preparing himself to leave so he could be ahead of schedule. It would shame the family to be late for such an important mission. His younger sister Rukia had stopped by, but he had refused to tell her where he was going, as per the Head Captain's orders. The eldest Kuchiki sibling hated seeing Rukia so upset, but orders were orders and he had to follow them.

Going through his thoughts, he was actually surprised that the Head Captain wasn't including Mayuri Kurotsuchi in on this, the face painted, half mad scientist and Captain of Squad Twelve. With so much unknown about the state this area, which had been called Manhattan Island, was in, one would think he'd be included in for research. Then again, at least he wouldn't be arguing with him over trifle things. That man just did not understand how a noble did things.

"Are you sure it's such a good idea to go all the way to America?" His Lieutenant had asked him when briefed on the mission and its secrecy. The Lieutenant had thin brown eyes and crazy red hair that looked like a pineapple the way it was tied up. There was a band over the tattoos above his eyes, bands on his lower arms as well over his bandages.

"There will be two Captains going, Renji, I'm sure we'll be fine." Byakuya had replied, sighing. "Or do you doubt the power of your Captain and the Squad Ten Captain?"

"Of course not! After all, Captain Kuchiki is very strong and Captain Hitsugaya is a prodigy."

"Then why doubt the orders given by the Head Captain?"

"It's just, well." He scratched the back of his neck nervously. "No Soul Reaper has ever been to America before; we don't know what it's like. Why are two Captains being sent in the first place?"

"There has recently been a massive rise in corrupted Spiritual Pressure, similar to that of Hollows, yet not Hollows. The Head Captain wants to know if the Hollows are moving on to other countries and evolving."

"I seeā€¦ Well, guess I'll get a head start on some sleep so I'm ready for tomorrow." Renji gave his Captain a small bow and left the Kuchiki mansion. The noble had a sneaking suspicion he would soon be assaulted by his sister and forced to spill information about the mission. Perhaps he should have given the man less so Rukia wouldn't be able to learn what was going on.

Well, it was too late now, and he had a long mission to prepare for. Once he had packed, he went to rest for the night.