"Aw man! We lost him again," Sam complained. The team had been trying to catch Danny ever since he had said he didn't like chocolate pudding. So they had decided to drag him into a game of truth or dare. He had refused, walking away, so they'd given chase. This had happened five times, whenever they saw him they would try to get him to play.

"Here, let me try," Ava said, and walked to the door that led to Danny's room. She knocked. There was no answer. "Come on, Danny, open the door, it's just me." He door opened, and she grabbed his arm, dragging him to the living room.

"Hey! You did it!" Sam exclaimed, looking up when they came in.

"Told ya!" Ava smiled. She pulled Danny down next to her. Colson walked in.

"Glad you're all here, we've got a mission for you. Pete will meet you at Times Square."

"Aw, man! We almost did it! We almost got Danny to play truth or dare!" Sam cried, putting his hands on his head and tipping it back.


"I can't believe we came out here and lost our chance to get Danny to eat chocolate pudding for it to be a dead end," Nova complained, again.

"Come on, let's go back to the Helicarrier, and tell Fury it was a dead end," White Tiger said, turning.

"Wait." Iron Fist's voice cut through their chatter like a knife. "Do you here that?" Then they did, the sound of footsteps.

"This way!" White Tiger called, naturally taking control. The others followed her, Nova flying above them. Then rhey saw him. He had a bow and arrow, and was running toward the buildings in the other side of the park. They caught up, taking shots and swipes at him, but he dodged each one. By then they had reached the buildings, and he jumped up, using the walls on either side to jump up to the roofs, a lot like what Iron Fist did. They followed, and the boy turned to face them. Iron Fist froze, just for a second, but it was there, the hiccup. No one noticed, only the boy, about their age with shaggy brown hair and clear green eyes. He pulled an arrow out of his quiver, aiming it carefully. The team ran at him, or in Nova's case, flew.

Time seemed to slow, and the kid smirked, releasing the taught string he had been holding back. It flow strait and true, into Iron Fist's chest, just above the heart.

"Iron Fist!" White Tiger yelled, her eyes wide with terror as he fell to to ground, blood spreading across the roof, like a stain. Nova got a wild angry look on his face, and blasted the bastard with all he had. The teen fell to the ground, not dead, but unconscious. Spider Man webbed him up, and they rushed to the Helicarrier, the prisoner to the brig, and Danny to the hospital.


His hearing came first. He could hear Dr. Chaplin talking to someone.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine. If it helps, you can go i and see him, just be quite." The door slid open, and shut as the visitor walked in. They stopped next to him. The person gasped slightly, and Danny realized it was Ava. She quietly left, and he could hear her talking to Chaplin.

"What happened to his face?"

"I don't know, it just suddenly appeared there. I don't know what it even means."

"Do you think it's going to stay there?"

"Like I said, I'm not sure. Maybe he can tell us when he comes to. Now go get some rest. It's late." Ava left, and Danny sat up, opening his eyes. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. He almost fell down, but he supported himself with he bed post. Once he was steady on his feet, he moved to the mirror. What he saw made him sick. He braced his hand on the wall, and put his head down until the feeling passed. There was someone he had to see, and he had to see him now.


When Danny walked into the brig, he was right there, sitting in a cell, looking as happy as could be.

"I knew you'd come, friend." He smiled, the grin disappearing as fast as it had come.

"What did you do to me?" Danny stood near the bars of the prison that held his old friend, unafraid.

"Can you feel it? Creeping up inside you?" His old friend stepped up to the bars, curling his long fingers around them, the cain between his hands bouncing off of them with slight clings.

"I asked you what you did to me."

"Pretty soon, you won't be yourself, and you won't know what even happened." His smile was wide, and it set off his eyes, where you could see sparks of madness that hadn't been there before. They formed shapes that disappeared just before you could see what they were.

Danny reached up and touched his face, moving his hand over the all too familiar pattern. It tingled beneath his fingers, reacting to his touch. He knew what it meant. He had known when it had been tattooed on his face, when it had reappeared and he'd seen it in the mirror. 'Devil'.