When Danny woke up, he was back in the infirmary on the Helicarrier. He sat up, putting his legs over the side of the bed. Standing, he moved to look in the mirror. The mark was gone now, and he could feel that the chains were back in place. He walked out of his room. Dr. Chapel looked up as he came in.

"You shouldn't be out of bed." But Danny kept walking, ignoring the doctor. He found himself on top of the Helicarrier, his feet dangling off the edge. Ava sat down next to him, and he glanced at her.

"I guess I owe you an explanation." He ran a hand through his hair.

"No, its okay."

"You want to know, though. I can tell."

"We've all got secrets, and if you don't want to tell me, it's no big deal."

"I'm supposed to be the guardian of the bridge between two worlds, this one and the next. Only, I couldn't control my powers, so I got help from the people at Kun Lun. The only solution they could devise was to use the chains to lock him up, Sebastian, that is. He could fight in the other world, in case the bridge was threatened from there, I was this world. Thorn, Adrian, Rose, and I all lived in Kun Lun, and Adrian's sister was there, too, but I didn't spend much time with her. Rose had disguised herself as a boy named Rowan so she could live there. Slowly, the other three of us found out she was a girl. It became a running joke among us that is was Rose and Thorn, and the two were almost inseparable. When I got The Iron Fist, the dragon I got it from went on a rampage, and destroyed Kun Lun. They told me everyone had made it out unharmed. That's when I took Fury's offer to be a SHEILD agent. I didn't see Adrian that day, I had always assumed he was on the scout team to see if anything was savable. That's about it, I think."

"You should hurry up and get ready, or you'll be late for school." Ava stood, and began to walk away. "Oh, and Danny?" She turned to face him again. "Thank you."


Danny stood awkwardly in Colson's office.

"Danny, yes, you see Rose transfered out today, and she left this for you." Colson reached into his desk and pulled out a black cylinder. Danny took it, and he felt something die inside of him. He managed to convince himself she might come back, but deep down, he knew she was gone.

"Was there anything else?" His voice was hoarse.

"No, there wasn't, although she did say to tell you to remember." Danny felt a spark of hope light in the dead part of his chest.

Maybe she would come back after all.