Their baffled expressions did not cease even as they emerged from the park into the streets of New Oerba, the towering infrastructure showing no resemblance to the Oerba they were once accustomed to. Puzzled glances from the locals at Fang and Vanille's unusual attire made them know that they were out of place.

"Why are they all looking at us, did we do something wrong?"

"Do something wrong? Ha! We saved everyone on this planet, I doubt we did anything wrong."

Fang's confidence was short lived, as a pair of armed Guardian Corps officers approached them.

"I have to ask you two to follow me; I imagine the commander would like to see you both."

The Guardian Corps officers escorted Fang and Vanille into a vast building complex, its exterior lit with orange strips of lights despite it being noon. They ascended to the top floor of the building in a claustrophobically small external glass lift; their view of the shimmering city gradually increasing as the lift climbed higher up the side of the Guardian Corps head quarters. As they reached the apex, the doors opened to reveal a long, surprisingly well decorated corridor, lined with soldiers wearing commemorative military uniforms, the jackets adorned with medals, ribbons and the signature Guardian Corps shoulder piece. Fang and Vanille cautiously continued down the corridor, constantly aware of the armed guards at either side of the narrow passageway, constantly monitoring them as they made their way to double doors at the end. Upon their arrival, two soldiers opened the doors before standing aside to allow the two Pulsians to pass though.

"Commander Farron, we have two new arrivals in the town that you might be interested in meeting."

"I told you, you don't have to tell me every time someone…" Lightning was forced to abruptly end her sentence when she realised who the officer was referring to.

"Fang? Vanille? But how?"

"Aw, not even a hello. You've upset me light." Fang teased, finding time to be sarcastic even when in such a puzzling scenario. Lightning managed to retain her cold demeanour, despite the happiness that was flourishing inside her due to the unexpected reunion with her previously lost friends.

"How are you even awake, I thought it took hundreds of years?"

"Why how long were we asleep for?" Vanille asked, her curiosity besting her as it usually does.

"Just over two years…It's good to see your both safe."

"For two years you've done alright haven't you Light, or would Commander Farron be more appropriate?" Fang inquired with a grin on her face, not expecting an answer.

"After saving Cocoon we all made quite a name for ourselves, it wasn't difficult getting a job. Besides, it was probably best I took the job before Snow volunteered."

"Speaking of Snow, where is everyone?" Fang asked, looking around the room as she did so, despite already knowing that they were the only ones in the room.

"Hope is living with his dad, or should I say Mayor Estheim; and Snow and Serah are living in an apartment across from here."

"Well let's go there!" Vanille said, her perky voice somehow making her self invitation less intrusive.