Lightning knocked hard twice on the door of Snow and Serah's apartment, a sound that Snow and Serah had both become accustomed too. Only seconds later the door was flung open to reveal Snow, his bulky frame filling the door. His beard had grown since Vanille had last seen him, what was once just tamed blonde stubble was now a mane that obscured his neck. His hair however, now tied in ponytail, was still compressed by his familiar black bandana. Although no amount of facial hair could conceal his excitement as he hugged the two Pulsian at once, his muscular arms engulfing the slender females.

"Who's at the door honey?" Serah said from the kitchen, her voice quite and soft.

"You're never going to believe who it is."

As Serah came into view the second thing Vanille noticed was the dull expression on her face, as though Snow often overreacted about visitors. The first thing she noticed however; was the large bump on Serah's otherwise trim body. She was pregnant.

The repressed guilt came back to Vanille, consuming her like a disease, infecting her entire body. The familiar feeling of remorse once again took a sovereign grip over her body. Vanille's pupils appeared as though they were trying to escape her emerald irises, as she frantically scanned Serah's pale face for any sign that she had recognised the two Pulsians that had condemned her, and consequently her sister and her future husband, to face the burdens of life as a despised l'Cie. Before Vanille had a chance to come to a verdict, her thought was broken as she once again heard Serah's consoling yet shy voice.

"Hello?" She asked, standing close to Snow, hugging his sturdy bicep. Her mystified face easily noticeable as she examined the two oddly dressed women at her door

There was a moment of silence as Vanille stared across at Serah. Their eyes met as two contrasting forces. Serah's eyes, portraying her innocence and naivety, looked into Vanille's eyes, which only showed shameful pity. Serah drew her eyes away too look up at Snow, longing for an explanation.

"These are the two I told you about, the ones in the crystal." Snow said, suddenly noticing his wife's discomfort.

"A unit found them on Shiva Street and brought them in." Lightning said.

Serah looked at Lightning accusingly, as if asking why that meant she could bring them to her home.

Lightning, picking up on her sister's unspoken question, answered with an almost defiant tone.

"They thought it would be a good idea to have a reunion."

"Great idea, I'll call Hope. I bet he missed you both." Snows voice trailed off as he left in search of phone.

"Mommy, where'd you go?" Said a young child from further inside the apartment, his muffled voice filled with concern.

Instantaneously, Vanille recognised the voice. This playful yet curious voice, that despite also sounding soothing and gentle; filled Vanille's heart with anguish. Vanille felt a dagger bore into her heart as the she reluctantly replayed repressed memories. Memories containing the voice that brought her so much shameful torment. Vanille bit her bottom lip to contain her sobs and tears began to trickle down her smooth cheeks, as Dajh Katzroy ran into the room and hugged at Serah's leg.