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Wonder Girl Rising

Season 5

Chapter One

New Hero in town


The cars were moving swiftly through the road, as night started to fall. It had been yet another day in the world of tomorrow without any incidents happening…at least, any majors one that involved super villains.

It had been nearly three months since Supergirl had faced Doomsday in a fight to the death in the middle of the city and single handedly saved the world against that savage creature. Since then, Metropolis had been a quiet city except for the crimes that happened every now and then.

Supergirl presence had brought the crime that ruled the city to an almost nonexistent level, and since the girl of steel was pretty much invincible to every weapon they could throw at her, she had kept the city safe.

But now that she has passed on, at least, that's what the people believe, crime had started to rise again and tonight, a group of robbers had taken over a delivery truck that was supposed to be sending some diamonds to a classy Jewelry shop.

What the thieves didn't know was that, there was a new protector of the city, one that was flying in the dark above them as they speed through the street below.

The new protector was flying at top speed above the car, the eyes narrowing at it. The protector flew down landing on the road in the road the vehicle had taken. The car light arrived upon the figure standing in the road and the driver suddenly turned the car away from it, to avoid a collision slamming straight against one of the parked cars on the side of the road.

"What the hell was that?" one said.

"I saw something on the road so I turned to avoid it," the driver said.

"Damn it," another said, "The cops are going to be all over the place soon…shit, let's just grab what we can and get the hell out of here."

They took some diamonds in some bags, and then the masked thieves ran out of the car to see a young woman standing there, with both of her arm crossed.

She was dressed in long blue pants and a red top similar to Wonder Woman's and she even has a lasso at her waist. She had long dark hair and her blue eyes was staring straight at them, her face deathly serious.

"Who the fuck is that?" one of the guy said.

"You will put everything you have stolen back into the truck," the young woman said, "or I'll make you put them back."

One the guy laughed.

"Look here guys, a Supergirl wannabe," he said.

"Just kill her and be done with it," another said, pulling out a gun and aiming it toward her.

He pushed the trigger and the girl moved faster than anyone had anticipated blocking it with her bracelet. Her blue eyes narrowed by a fraction.

"Guess I'll have to make you," she said.

She then flew forward, slamming a kick into the guy who had fired at her chest sending him flying against the truck and effectively knocking him out. Then the other guy came after her. The girl took hold of his hand, before tackling him on the ground. The third guy came at her with a knife, and went for a stab.

The girl took hold of his wrist and twisted it a little, forcing him to let it go, yelling in pain. Then she sends out quick punches into him knocking him down. A groan caused her to glance at the second one that attacked her and she walked forward toward him.

"W…Who are you?" he asked.

The blue eyes narrowed.

"Call me Wonder Girl," she said before effectively knocking him out.

Wonder Girl glanced up at the oncoming sirens and waited for the cars to be close before taking up toward the sky, a smile upon her face.

Mount Justice-Morning

Wally West was chewing on something when Diana walked into the room. The young redhead looked up at her Entrance.

"Hey Diana," he said, "How was Metropolis last night?"

The raven haired girl gave him a grin.

"It was great," she said, "Stopped a robbery from taking place…stopped a purse snatcher…and even saved some Jewelry from getting stolen. Metropolis sure is a place of crime."

"Well, not as much as Gotham is that's for sure," Wally told her.

"What about Gotham?" a new voice asked.

Wally yelled out in surprise and Diana turned around finding Richard leaning against the wall. The dark haired young man was raising an eyebrow at the other guy. He was dressed in casual clothing, his sunglasses upon his face.

"Geez, don't just pop out of nowhere like that," Wally said.

"Said the guy who can run really fast?" Richard said.

Diana smiled a little.

"When did you get here?"

"I just arrived," Richard said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Like I'll believe that," Wally mumbled.

Diana shook her head at the young man's antics and opened the fridge to get some stuffs out.

"Seems you're on the news Diana," Richard said.

The young woman blinked glancing at him.

"I was?"

"Well not by name," Richard told her, "But they have been several eye witnesses and well, here is this morning paper."

He handed the rolled paper to her. Diana took it and unrolled it glancing down at the large black letters that took place at the front.


By Chloe Sullivan

Just last night, they have been a number of three robberies that took place, each of them at different locations. The Metropolis Task Force had managed to apprehend the suspects, after finding that they have been dealt with by an unknown third party. We questioned the police about it and most spoke of a flying figure they notices flying off from the scene just last night.

One eyewitness had this to say "I saw her…it was a girl and she was flying. I was just out on my balcony having a smoke last night when she flew right above my roof."

Could this be Supergirl making a comeback to the public? Or another member of the Justice League had decided to uphold Supergirl's work with Metropolis. Whatever the reason, it is nice to see that Supergirl's drive for justice had inspired others to stand up against criminals.

Wally was standing over Diana's shoulder.

"Nice," he said, "Soon enough, you'll be as famous as Wonder Woman."

Diana didn't answer him, however, as her eyes went back to the reporter's name. Chloe Sullivan was one of her classmate back at Smallville High School. The perky sixteen year old, best friend of Lara back then came to mind and it was thanks to her that Diana realized her feelings for the younger girl…

She let out a smile. Those were the golden days.

"Damn, I wish the League will let us go on a mission soon," Wally said, taking a seat, "I mean, it's been nearly three weeks since then and still nothing. Maybe we should do some solo work like Wonder Girl here."

"You're right," Richard said, shrugging, "We do need a mission."

"Wait…wait, wait," Wally said, "Why don't you contact Bats and let him know that we are ready to tackle anything he has for us."

Richard simply shrugged before walking away.

"He will say no,"

"But you didn't even ask?" Wally said.

"Trust me Wally," Richard said, "Batman will say no. I know him that well."

Wally let out a groan of frustration.

"This is boring," he said.

Diana gave him a glance.

"Why don't we just go to the beach?" she asked him, "We can past the time there."

Wally looked at her, his eyes sparkling.

"That's a great idea," he said.

Then the next second, he was gone.

Diana chuckled a little at his hyperactive movements and she flew down the hallway finding the two boys talking and Wally was already mentioning the idea to Richard.

"Sure why not?" the young man said.

"Alright," Wally yelled, "We are going to the beach."

He zipped off again, leaving the two other.

"This guy…," Richard sighed, shaking his head.

Diana looked at him.

"Where's Batgirl?" she asked, "I thought she'll come by today."

Richard gave her a glance.

"She said she'll come by later," the young man answered her, "She had school things today…at least, that's what she told me."

Diana nodded.

"Say Diana," Richard asked.

"What is it?"

"Why did you choose to go solo in Metropolis?" he asked her, "I mean, you could have asked any of us here for help."

Diana gave him a glance, and looked down.

"I'm paying a favor off," she said.

"A favor?"

"Supergirl saved my life when I was in high school," Diana told him, "Maybe watching over the city she protected with her life…I can repay that debt."

Richard stared at her for a few seconds.

"Hey Guys,"

Wally was standing there, already dressed for the beach, with his sunglasses on, a sun lotion and a beach ball under his arm.

"C'mon, we're wasting sunlight in here," he yelled.

Richard and Diana glanced at each other, and both walked forward.

"We're coming Wally, but you have to wait for us to change,"


"We didn't tell you to change at super speed you know,"

"Aw, C'mon, man."

Luthor Mansion-Smallville

Neil was standing with both hands behind his back as he watched his father walk with the walking stick. His body had healed a lot over the past few months since his accident. Lex Luthor was dressed in his suit as he glanced toward his son.

"Neil…there you are," he said.

"Can I talk to you about something Dad?"

"Sure son," Lex said, as he walked forward.

Neil watched the man arrive closer to him.

"Are you going to tell me why we have Supergirl in the basement in a test tube?" he asked.

Lex's face showed some surprise at first, before he smiled.

"So you've seen it," he said.

"Dad, what the hell?" Neil asked, "Why is Supergirl down here?"

Lex stared at his son, his gray eyes unblinking for a few moments before saying, "Follow me."

Neil followed the man down the secret passage behind the bookshelf and then the two Luthor found themselves in the room again where Supergirl stood, both eyes closed and floating inside it. Neil couldn't forget it ever since he stepped inside there the first time, a few days ago.

"She isn't Supergirl Neil," Lex told him.

Neil frowned.

"What do you mean?"

Lex turned toward his son.

"The girl of Steel disappeared the same day she was admitted in the Metropolis General Hospital," he said, "They have been no trace of the body since. The Supergirl in the tank is nothing but a clone of her."

Neil was shocked.

"A clone," he said, "You've cloned her? Dad, why in the name of all that is holy would you do something like that?"

Lex turned his attention toward the test tube. His attention was fixed upon the girl that was in the tube. He walked toward it and raised a hand toward it.

"Imagine it Neil," he said, "You know of what she is capable of…a force like that shouldn't be gone so soon when it had so much potential to grow."

"Dad, don't tell me you're planning what I think you're planning," Neil said.

Lex turned to glance toward him.

"Supergirl almost destroyed the Justice League one time," he said, "They couldn't match to her power and what she is capable of…with this power on our side, think of what it could do for us?"

"She almost destroyed the League because of what you have done to her Dad," Neil snapped at him, "Black Kryptonite…whatever it's called…"

He sighed.

"Dad, what did the League ever do to you?" he asked, "They want to protect us and even Supergirl protected us…"

"Don't forget what she did to your hand Neil," Lex told him.

"I didn't forget," Neil said, looking at his gloved hand, "I don't think I'll ever forget it as long as I live…"

"Good," Lex said.

Then there was the sound of a gun's safety being removed and Lex turned around finding Neil with a gun aimed straight toward him. His eyes widened in surprise at the phenomenon.

"But, cloning Supergirl, brainwashing her into doing something that will destroy what she had done for Metropolis two months ago," he continued, "I just can't stand by and let this happen. That is inhuman, and I hate to see my father doing something so revolting."

Neil turn on his father...

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