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Pet; An Unexpected Guest.

It was an exceptionally beautiful morning, even for Hobbiton. The sun shone down, warming the faces and raising the spirits of all sorts of beings who chose to venture outside that day, whether for a picnic or a gentle stroll, or just continuing about their business as they would any other day, the sun cared little smiling down at the word below it. It was amazed whenever it cast its gaze down upon many parts of Middle Earth by how much it had changed in the ages that had followed its creation. Beings had come and gone, wars had been won and lost, and little to nothing had remained exactly the same as it had all them years ago.

The sun enjoyed looking down on the north-west areas of middle earth, The Shire was one of its favorite places, it spent many long summer days watching the funny little hobbits, they had come into the world fairly recently compared to other species; men, elves, dwarves, and differed greatly from them -and not just in size, though the sun found their appearance delightful, from their hairy foot hair to their round bellies and elf like ears. After all these thousands of years of watching the world little surprised the sun, for the sun believed it had seen all that could be seen, and what it had not witnessed the moon surely had while the sun rested at night, and would of course have told the sun all about it before dawn had broken. The sun could not have been more wrong, and had it been paying less attention to flustered sweaty hobbits it might have noticed an unusual occurrence in the vast collection of trees commonly known as Bindbole wood, east to Shire.

The sun had an excuse I suppose for not noticing the sudden appearance of a girl that did not belong in Middle Earth, in the day or night, whether north east south or west. Not only was this girls arrival completely unexpected and impossible, but the Shire had a visitor that had not come to these parts in the day time for several tens of years. The sun and moon had been waiting many weeks for Gandalf to arrive in the Shire, for where Gandalf went excitement and adventure followed, and the sun and moon loved both of these things.

And so the sun watched Gandalf -unbeknownst to him, drive his cart to the home of one of Old Tooks' descendants. A respectable sort of hobbit, he was a Baggins after all in name at least and that held with it some expectations. Gandalf encountered said Baggins; Bilbo Baggins, standing outside his Hobbit Hole, Bag End that is smoking a pipe, with a full stomach enjoying the view that surrounded him. Though the encounter was brief and seemingly unimportant, much of the fate of Middle Earth would unravel from the few minutes Gandalf and dear Old Bilbo Baggins sat talking outside Bag End, one in a cart laden with unusual belongings, the other on a stool outside his front door blissfully content with his settled life.

The phrase 'Good Morning' was used in excess as Gandalf and Bilbo introduced each other, Bilbo became more uncomfortable with every word the mysterious Wizard spoke to him mostly with talk of Adventures that he should like to send Bilbo on. Though Bilbo had fond childhood memories stirred by the name Gandalf and Hobbits are polite of course, I doubt you would find a more courteous host than a comfortable Hobbit between Hobbiton and Rivendell, Bilbo found himself eager to leave Gandalfs company whilst not wanting to appear rude. He invited The Wizard to tea the next day in a flustered attempt to excuse himself from their unusual meeting before scuttling off back into his Hobbit Hole, leaving Gandalf chuckling just outside his front gate. Before leaving, Gandalf strode forward etching a strange symbol into Bag Ends beautiful green door with his brown staff, he turned on his heels, dashing off once more to add fine details to well arranged journeys and plans he had to come. Less than a mile away from Bag End, exactly as Bilbo was blowing the days first smoke rings in front of Gandalf the Grey, Pet woke up.

To say she was bemused would be an understatement, Pet was so confused and alarmed she could barely comprehend her surroundings. Pet was no longer stood in the attic above her grandmothers house, but was sat propped against a tree in an unfamiliar woods with the small golden book grasped tightly in her hands.

She dropped the book promptly after realizing she was still holding it at all. She examined her burnt hands closely, one had only small lines from the side of the pages of the book, the other -the hand that had been pressed into the spine- had the same strange symbols burnt and blistered into her hand, that Pet had seen on the book in the attic before it had glowed and burnt her.

Pet wondered many things as she sat leaning against the tree. She felt as though she had been asleep for a very long time, yet she still felt tired as though she hadn't rested at all, and hungry and thirsty. Once she had picked up the courage to touch the book again, she opened it and found she didn't understand any words written inside either. They were all strange symbols, spaced out as though they were words written in a funny language in a deep bold red ink. Pet was puzzled by the book and had never seen anything quite like it before to compare it with, although it was quite a small book and fairly thin, it weighed heavily in her hands, much heavier than it ought to have.

After much thinking and dawdling Pet decided it was no good to sit around and wait for something to happen, she though it might be nice to make something happen herself rather than stay where she rested pondering over the book, where she was and how she came to be there.

She stood, closed her eyes and spun in a circle until stopping suddenly, opening her eyes again and setting off in the direction she was facing. Not perhaps the wisest of ways to choose a direction to take, but with no paths or obvious footsteps to follow Pet thought it as good a was to decide a direction as any. As luck would have it Pet started walking in the direction of the Shire and the first house she would come across before evening would be Bag End, if she crossed the fields and hills and stayed on course. Had Pet turned in any other direction it would have been several days before she found anything other than trees.

She walked swiftly all day, stopping little and encountering no one but a field of ponies. She hoped often that she wasn't trespassing unintentionally, she had heard stories of people getting shot or mauled for trespassing and could think of nothing else until she upped her pace.

The sun had just set as Pet reached the field next to Bag End, she wouldn't have thought anything of the many hills and now clear path that lead to what was the Shire, not with the sun hidden away and the moon not yet risen. Indeed she might have changed course and missed Bag End all together had Bilbo not decided he'd quite like to stay up late that night and clean the immaculate silverware he had inherited from his mother, Belladonna Baggins, nee Took. A small light shone out from Bag End from a candle next to a window as Bilbo sat at a table in one of the smaller rooms in his luxurious hole.

And so that is how Bilbo, who was just about ready for bed heard his door bell ringing at eleven o'clock that night. His heart dropped some as the mornings events came rushing back to him, he thought of Gandalf and of adventures and looked around his lovely home fondly. Despite contemplating ignoring the door-bell and pretending to be asleep, Bilbo reluctantly made his way to the door and opened it shocked.

Pet and Bilbo were quite as shocked as each other, after all Bilbo had never seen one of the Big People, other than Gandalf before, just as Pet had never encountered a Hobbit. They both stood there still before Pet regained herself and smiled down friendly at the little person in front of her.

"I'm sorry to bother you so lately sir, I hope you don't mind, but I saw a light on in your window and thought perhaps someone might still be awake."

"No bother, no bother! Bilbo Baggins at your service Miss..." Bilbo trailed off bowing lowly, flustered. He didn't want to seem rude after the long pause at his front door, he was shocked and wondered still, but was relieved not to find Gandalf waiting outside his door.

"It's nice to meet you Mr Baggins, My name is Pet...well Petunia...but Pet...Clark that is"

After a long pause Bilbo ushered Pet inside. Never in his fifty years had anything like this happened. A girl, still a child clearly knocking on his front door in the dead of night. I'd bet my red silk handkerchief that Wizard is behind this, Bilbo thought wildly. After He had motioned her to a comfortable -but still much too small- arm chair, served tea and cakes (despite the late hour, cakes and tea were among commodities that were always offered as a politeness) he sat and joined her bemused. After a long and awkward silence in which neither knew quite how to break Bilbo, now tired and thoroughly confused burst out suddenly "I suppose Gandalf sent you did he? Well, let me stop you before I waste any of your time, we'll be wanting no adventures around here in Hobbiton. Though you may find more accommodating Hobbits in Breeland, queer folk they are mind you."

Pet was startled by Bilbo's sudden outburst, she had not broken the silence for so long out of fear. Since ringing the little mans door bell she had thought long and decided many things. Firstly: much of the world had shrunk, the people the furniture, but not the trees. She could not have grown or her clothes wouldn't fit. Secondly she was quite sure that she was no longer anywhere near Green Birch Hollow or her grandmothers house, she was quite sure she was no longer in the twentieth century even, she saw no hint of power lines outside nor anything electrical at all in the mans house. She also noticed Mr Baggins had very, very hairy feet and spoke properly with a strange accent and many strange words. This is why she too decided to remain as polite and proper as possible.

"Hobbits sir? I'm sure I don't know what you mean. I myself am very fond of adventures, though I think I may have stumbled into one myself already unawares and should quite like to go home soon, before my brother goes away at least, if he hasn't left already..." Pet trailed off, she didn't dare hope that Rich would be allowed to stay just because Pet had gone awol. Pet was in fact the only thing that had kept her brother in Green Birch for so long.

Another long silence fell and it was near midnight when finally Pet decided to try again.

"Thank you for the tea and cakes Mr Baggins, that was very kind of you but I'm afraid I didn't ring your door to eat your food and drink your drink. I'm very lost sir, I...hope it wouldn't be rude of me to ask what you are I suppose? Where we are?..What year it is? It's all very confusing..."

Bilbo looked down at the girl and felt suddenly very guilty that he had snapped. It was quite obvious Gandalf would not send a little girl out alone at night. She looked very frightened and out of place in his comfy arm chair, her blue eyes looked teary as she let her brown hair fall to hide her face. He had little experience with children, and so decided it was best to talk to her as nicely as he could, though stressed he was.

"I'm sorry for my rudeness a moment ago. We are in the Shire my dear, and by Shire reckoning it is the year thirteen forty one. And I am a Hobbit. Bilbo son of Bungo at your service and your families... I hope you don't mind me saying but you do look rather lost, perhaps we ought have more tea and cake! Then you can tell your story before bed, I don't have a room to accommodate the Big Folk I'm afraid but I'm sure we can manage something in one of the old back bedrooms."

"You're much too kind, I don't know where to start I'm afraid Mr Baggins, I doubt you would believe my story if I told you regardless..." Pet trailed off, placing the book from her lap on the table in front of her. Bilbo spared a glance at the book which was beautiful before smiling up at the girl in front of him once more.

"The begging is always a good place to start, I should imagine Miss Clark."

"Most call me Pet." Pet took a deep breath before gushing out everything that seemed remotely important to the little hobbit in front of her, and much that was clearly irrelevant. From her brother, to the attic, to the book, to the woods, to the shire. It was near two o'clock in the morning before Bilbo suggested it was long since time for bed. He had explained much himself of the Shire and had promised to do all he could to find Pets home assuring her, she was welcome in Bag End as long as she cared to be there.

Pet went to sleep in a dinky little bedroom with a few mattresses pushed together almost immediately, Bilbo however returned to his arm chair in the front room, eyes intent on the golden book that rested on his table, thinking long and hard, wondering what tomorrow would bring.