Chapter 3: Attack

June 18th 2017

I didn't sleep very well, which is no surprise considering the face that I'm not used to bunking in a car. The night was uneventful, although I did wake up a few times due to undead movement.

I need to find my exact location, and judging by my map I need to keep heading west until I reach a small lake. I hope that's an accurate representation, as I cannot afford getting lost these days.

Before I head out, I'm going to eat. The car has a full tank, so I'll be good for the rest of the journey into the at least I hope so. Unsurprisingly, the back roads aren't very crowded, so it's easygoing for me.

I still haven't fired my gun at any undead, but I have fired it that one time as a distraction. I still have 150 rounds for the rifle.

I've been driving for around another 15 miles, and I found an abandoned gas station. I think this seems like a good to rest. There's no one inside, so I'll be bunking here tonight. I had a good meal, and I am going to sleep now.

June 19th 2017

I was attacked. I woke up to a loud moaning and a dead one inches from my face. Luckily, I keep my machete handy for these reasons, and I sliced its' head clean off. I proceeded to stab the brain, then hurriedly pack my things up. I grabbed my blankets, rifle, and water bottle/jug and tried to escape to the car. I wasn't so lucky. There were 5 undead between me and the door, and around 10 on their way from the front. If that wasn't bad enough, the back door was blocked by 5 more, ready for a feast. The smell was more than horrid, with them baking in the broad daylight.

I quickly swiped down one, hoping they would trip over the corpse. What I discovered was horrifying. The rolled on the floor, still chomping, but the body kept moving too. It couldn't see, and it kept rolling and stumbling, but it was still moving nonetheless.

While I was standing there, jaw hanging open, a biter managed to shamble over him, and nearly got me. I stabbed its' chest, then quickly decapitated him and stabbed the cranium. That one wasn't going to move again. It was like the brain and the body had some sort of invisible connection.

I turned around just in time to find the other 5 a couple feet from my position. I managed to jab at the rotting skulls of the undead, killing two of them forever. I sliced another one of the , and its' whole head was hanging by a 1 inch piece of decaying skin. That was enough for its' eyes to disorient the rest of his body. He stumbled clumsily, then fell to the ground, scrambling and trying to get back up. I stabbed the brain, but the time that took allowed the rest of the group of two to reach me. One was almost hugging me, so it was too close for my machete to be of any use, with the long blade not being able to be maneuvered.

I unclipped my survival knife from its' sheath, and stabbed at the closest one, but with the blade being so so short, it did almost nothing. I quickly jabbed its' skull, to discover it was too dull to get through to the brain. I swore under my breath, although I don't know why I don't yell. I had to kick it back, which was not good for my legs, since the blood wasn't fully flowing tough them after my sleep. He fell to the ground among the heap of dead. I stomped his skull in with my boots, and that was his end. With one left, it was a lopsided fight, but the ones at he main door were closing in on me.

I slipped the knife back in its' sheath, and used my machete again. Useless, and ironically named, survival knife. I kicked the other one if front of me to the ground and proceeded to execute him, by stabbing him in the brain. I quickly ran out the back door to find a few more hanging by a dumpster, trying to eat a squirrel they trapped. They turned to see me exiting, and I reacted quickly. The fence to my right was too high to climb over in time, and the left was blocked by the dumpster divers, so I turned and ascended the ladder. Reaching the top, I knew I was safe, but I had to go down at some point. I guess I'll try to wait them out. I hope they're not too persistent.

I might have to sleep here tonight in hope that they might leave. Going to try to sleep now after eating, but it might be difficult with all the moaning.