"Aw, what's wrong, Petrie?" asked Guido one day, finding the little flyer sitting alone on a rock, looking sadly at the sky.

"Me brothers and sisters make fun of Petrie's voice. They say it sound funny," he sighed.

"Well, that's not very nice," Guido replied, sitting down beside him. A cool breeze filtered through the trees, ruffling Guido's feathers gently. "Mmm, it's so nice outside. Wanna go flying?"

"Not really," replied Petrie dismally. No flying? He must be really down, thought Guido.

"Hey Petrie."


"What do you call a dinosaur who sleeps all the time?"


"A stegosnorus!" Guido dissolved into laughter at his own lame joke. Petrie smiled slightly. Suddenly Guido had an idea. He reached over and began poking Petrie experimentally in the stomach.

"H-hey!" Petrie giggled.

"Aha! You're ticklish!" Guido declared. He began tickling the other like crazy.

"Aaah stop that tickles petrieeheehee!" Guido just laughed along with his friend.

"My, you ARE a ticklish one," he said teasingly. Petrie just giggled madly, squirming and trying to block Guido's fingers with his wings.

"Watcha doin'? " asked Ducky, walking up to the pair.

"Tickling Petrie."

"Oh, oh, I would like to help you, yes I would!" Ducky started tickling Petrie too, who squeaked with laughter. He liked the attention he was getting, as with who-knows-how many siblings, he didn't get much at home. Plus, he hadn't laughed this hard in ages.

"Feeling better?" Guido said when he and Ducky finally let up. Petrie nodded, catching his breath, a huge grin plastered across his beak. "Then c'mon, let's go flying!" And with that the two of them swooped into the air, whooping joyfully.