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Chapter One: Our Epic Begins

Cas rolled over, dragging his sheets tighter around his body, as he fumbled around on his bedside cabinet for his alarm clock. Once he'd managed to shut it up, he lay back in bed and contemplated never leaving his bed again. Ever. It was a very nice thought, until Michael stuck his head in Cas's room. "You better get up, Castiel, if you're late again you're walking to school."

Cas growled and kicked his bed covers away, dragging himself out of bed to pull one of his many baggy hoodie and faded jans outfit out of his closet, before heading off to find some breakfast. Walking into the kitchen to a greeting of "Hey there, metal mouth, nice undies!" from Gabe he started his search for a slice of toast not completely smothered in Nutella and carried it off to eat whilst he banged on the bathroom door, until Luc finally emerged.

"Oh good morning, little brother, aren't you a little beam of sunlight this morning." Cas's only response was to give Luc an angry look and push past him into the bathroom, locking the door behind himself and stepping out of his boxers and into the shower, groaning when the water quickly turned cold. Ahhhh, the beauties of having a large family.


Dean rolled his eyes as Sammy poured his bran l into a bowl. Can't he just love sugar like every normal kid? Chugging orange juice from the carton, and ignoring the bitchy look Sam sent his way, Dean opened his binder and scribbled some half-hearted answers on the physics work sheet the teacher had given him to "asses his knowledge" of physics. Dean had wanted to tell the guy plain and simple that he knew fuck all, but Sam had walked 'round the corner at the last second and started chatting about the "amazing" library this school had and Dean had taken the assignment out of the teacher's hand silently instead.

Sam had made sure to do all his homework last night before curling up on the sofa with some nerdy classic novel he kept trying to get Dean to read, whilst Dean watched the baseball over the top of last month issue of Hot Rod and got nacho cheese all over the thrift store furniture.

As Sam and his over-sized school bag dragged Dean out the door by the sleeve of his jacket, Dean decided that today he was going to find the school's auto workshop today and spend the rest of the semester, or however long it was 'til Dad dragged them to another town, holed up in there instead of some stuffy class room.


Getting a ride to school with Michael had its pros and its cons, in Castiel's opinion. Its pros were stuff like getting to school on time, not having to walk there and so on. Its cons were the other passengers, Michael's friends. Having to sit in a car with Michael, Raphael, Uriel and there Christian rock every day was one of the things Castiel truly hated about attending high school.

Pulling into the parking lot, Castiel realised there was something he hated about high school just a little more than his pretentious ass of a brother's sucky music. He watched some kid in a leather jacket leaning against some classic cool-looking car have a conversation with a much smaller boy hauling a huge backpack around.

Another thing Castiel hated about high school was getting crushes on people way out of his league.


Dean really didn't know what to make of this school; it seemed pretty average. Average students, average teachers, average parking lot… And then he'd walk into the auto workshop when some tiny guy with a lollipop in his mouth was doing a strip tease on top of a car.

Well, okay, not an actual taking-all-his-clothes-off strip tease, more of a swing-his-hips-and-make-eyes-at-the-girl-watching-him strip tease, but still. It was a tiny little guy dancing on a car to some old fashioned song about a stripper. Weird ass school.


Cas had made it to lunch time without being embarrassed by one of his brothers, so when he was making his way to the lawn outside the cafeteria and saw Gabe talking to the boy from this morning, he tried really really hard to not let himself be seen as he turned around and headed for the corner. "Hey, Metal Mouth!"

Crap. Turning 'round, clutching the handle of his backpack that was slung over his shoulder like it was some kind of life line, he made his way over to were his brother was standing with his new friend. "Grease Monkey, this is my baby bro. Metal Mouth, this is the new inmate. Play nice." With that he ducked past Cas to talk to a group of girls standing around looking like they belonged on an episode of Jersey Shore. Leaving Cas and the boy alone. Alone.

This gets better and better.


It was still a weird ass school, even if stripper boy was pretty cool. Well, he was a total ass who liked to prank his brothers and party. Which made him pretty cool in Dean's book. And apparently he didn't have a problem with being a total loud-mouth. "Hey, Metal Mouth!"

A figure in a blue hoodie stalled mid-step, before turning around hesitantly and walking towards the pair of them. When Gabe's brother got closer Dean started realising he may have wanted a different brother doing a stripper dance on a car. Because, damn it, this kid was fucking adorable in the sexiest way possible.

Once Gabe had introduced him without actually telling him this kid's name and wandered off to flirt, Dean tried not to stare. He really did. Tried not to stare at the way the kid's posture suggest that he wanted to curl in on himself and disappear, at the way his hips moved when he shifted his weight from one foot to the other… He gave up trying when the kid started nibbling his lip. Braces. With a nickname like 'Metal Mouth', Dean really shoulda already guessed that the kid had braces. Dean sighed slightly. It'd seemed like he'd be hanging out with Gabe while he was here.

But Gabe didn't seem like the type to just let the fact that someone was banging his 'baby' brother just fly by without punching someone in the face.

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