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Chapter 3= Our Introvert Hero Adventures Into The World Of Social Interaction

Dialling Gabe's number, Dean brought the phone up to his ear and tried not to sound like he was hyperventilating. Just be cool, Winchester. You're good at cool. "Hey, Deano! Me and Cas are hanging out in the food court and Zaza said he was gonna be here in a while. Did you bring your bro?" Meaning you brought yours? "Yeah, shall I just meet you there?"

"Sure thing, I'll even pay for your ice cream if you hurry up." Dean rolled his eyes, seeing a pattern in everything Gabe ate. "Well, ain't that nice." He snarked, before hanging up and turning to Sam. "You up for free ice cream, Sammy?" Sam's face was sceptical. "Free ice cream? Are we on a date or something?" And pigs could fly…


Dean rubbed his hand over his face as Sam led the way to the food court, starting to wonder if he still wanted to do this. Sam had gone into full mother hen mode after Dean had mention that Cas had "poor social skills". Damn, the kid liked helping people… Maybe he can help me get la-nononono bad Dean, no using Sammy as booty bait, no way!


Cas was holding his smoothie like it was a life or death situation, panic starting to bubble up inside him, as usual. What if Gabe's 'play mate' was a jerk? I mean, since when did Gabe know anyone called Dean. Unless… No, no, he wouldn't, it can't be. Wrapping his lips around the straw he tried to concentrate on the way the banana overpowered the chocolate or the way the ice cream on the store's sign was so obvious photo-shopped. Or the way those two boys over there looked just like… Oh no.

Cas turned to glare at Gabe over the table, but Gabe was too busy licking the sticky mess off his spoon to notice. The two boys obviously spotted the seated brothers, walking (probably unintentionally) in step towards their table.

The older one looked bored as he trailed after the small boy. Cas put his smoothie down on the table before he broke the cup. The boy slowed as he got closer, an odd look crossing his face. Gabe bounced up out of his seat and wrapped an arm around either boy's shoulders. "Miniature, meet Cas. Cas, this is Sammy."

The small boy lent forward to glare at his brother 'round Gabe's chest. "Sammy?" Dean shrugged, not even trying to hide his smirk and plonked himself down in the seat opposite Cas, who resisted the urge to squeeze his eyes shut and hyperventilate. The smaller boy pulled the chair next to Cas up close to the table, trying to make it's scoots toward him seem unintentional.

"So, you're Cas?" Castiel picked his smoothie back up and sipped at it, unintentionally causing an awful noises as the straw tried to suck up the dregs. Trying not to act affected he put it down again before nodding. "Castiel. And you are…" The boy smiled this huge genuine smile at Cas, the kind of smile that made him wish he got out more, and inclined his head at his bored looking brother. "That's Dean and I'm Sam, nice to meet ya." I preferred Grease Monkey…

"Yes, well." He reached for his smoothie, remembered it was empty and shoved his hand in the pocket of his hoodie. Sam smiled at him again, before turning his attention to Gabe thank god and asking something about free food. Cas knew this because he was actually listening and not trying to count Grease Monkey's freckles. They were rather fascinating…

Gabe was too busy cleaning the unnecessary mess of ice cream and chocolate syrup of his fingers with his tongue and staring at a spot behind Cas to answer.


After following Gabe's line of sight, Dean blinked a few dozen times. Gabe was, apparently, making crazy bedroom eyes at one of the waiters whilst performing fucking fellatio on his fingers. At least that hurdle was out of the way; homophobia free big brother: check.

Sam and Cas, Castiel, who names their kid fucking Castiel poor bastard, were having an awkward half conversation about the smoothie that, in Dean's opinion, had far to lucky a straw. Damn this kid and his braces and his mouth and just god this kid was sex on legs and totally clueless. Sam ended up waving over Gabe's eye candy. "Hi, again." He grinned at Gabe, who raised an eyebrow and twiddled with one of his ear piercings. "What can I get you, guys?"

Dean grinned and picked up the menu . Someone else was paying; he might as well take advantage of this.


Cas was staring at Grease Monkey. He knew he was, but he couldn't help it; even his hair was attractive. A voice next to his ear made him jump. "You'll get used to it eventually."

"What?" Sam grinned and took a sip of his own smoothie. "Watching Dean eat." There's going to be time to get used to him? "Oh, I see. Sam… do you like books?" A snort was issued around a whole strawberry, followed by a statement heavily muffled by another heaping forkful of waffle and whipped cream. "What my idiot brother mean to say was yes, I do. I like lots of books, but right now I want to read more classics." Cas nodded and, after another sip of smoothie, gave a small smile. "I'm working on a list; right now I want to make it through War Horse, but with school starting…"

Sam nodded. "It's hard to keep on top of it all, right?" Cas noticed that Dean and Gabe weren't talking, but actually acting like they weren't really listening to what their brothers were saying. "Would you like to see the book store?"

"Sure! I have to get shoes later too so…" Gabe cut in. "So we meet back here when you guys are done, Cas has no fashion sense at all." Dean, waffle finished, decided against making a quip about Gabe's dress sense; he was paying after all. "Hey, Alfie!" Gabe yelled over at his garish-uniform-clad friend. "Check, please."


Sam loved books. You could tell by the way his face lit up when Cas showed him the used bookstore. If Cas had had to mark any place as his second (maybe even first, but he always pushed that thought aside) home, it was the used bookstore hidden away in a back street near the mall.

As he walked in the door after Sam, he smiled pleasantly over at Joshua, who was sat at his usual spot behind the counter. Joshua raised an eyebrow quizzically at Sam's back as he practically pranced around the store, grabbing books from different shelves, reading the back covers, chuckling or even clutching some to his chest.

Castiel smiled. As much as he was a loner, he rather liked seeing other people happy.

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