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set in Frieza saga!

"Kimi, are you sure you want to help me distract Frieza?" Krillin asked me as I adjusted my sayian armor. "Yes! If Gohan gets to, so do I! Besides, woudn't it be better to have a person with better reasoning skills on the battlefield?" I asked him. I knew he would comply, after all, my reasoning skills were far better than your average five year old... and Krillin.

"Okay, then, as long as Goku would be okay with it..." Krillin told me. We grabbed Gohan, and headed off to distract the evil tyrant.


"Okay, heres the plan, just distract Frieza, don't agree to fight with him, no matter how mad he makes you." Krillin told Gohan and myself. Of course he knows that if Frieza makes me mad enough, I'll be the one to challenge him, not the other way around.

A/N: okay, i cannot quote Dragonball Z, so if what Frieza says is not what he/she said in the episode, or what the other characters said is not correct, don't judge please:)

"Are you ready to fight me yet?" Frieza asked us, although he already knows the answer. I wanted to say 'Of course we can't fight you! Have you checked your power level recently?' but that would get me no where but in trouble with Frieza, so I bit back the comment.

After a few minutes, Frieza spoke again, in that girly voice that annoys me to no end. "Well? are the weak earthlings scared? I thought you would be more willing to die. I'm just going to kill you all anyway, so who would like to go first?" He asked us. We stayed silent.


"Hey guys! What's up?" I've never been so glad to hear dad's voice, the past few hours have been so scary. All that happened was Frieza asking questions, and us staying silent. We tested his patience, ableit a bit too much.

I heard dad's voice, so he's about half a mile away by now, but he's flying pretty slow, probably trying to save his energy for the fight.

I felt a bit too confident in dad's abilities, I guess. That's why I said "My daddy's coming! Your going down, lizard!" to Frieza. Well, he got mad. Scratch that, PISSED OFF. Here's what happened after that...


"You insolent brat! You will pay for ever insulting me in such a way!" Frieza yelled. Krillin shouted "H-H-He's charging a d-d-death beam! Duck Kimi!" Kimi didn't have time to even move, as the death beam came barreling toward her at tremendous speed.

Poor Goku arrived at the scene just in time to see his baby girl be struck down by the concentrated finger-sized beam of energy.

Goku fell to his knees, with tears in his eyes. "My b-baby g-girl! What did you do to her, you monster!" Goku wailed, mourning the loss of his only daughter.

Gohan was crying his little eyes out too. "W-why! K-Kimi! Come back! Gohan cried beside his sister's lifeless body.

Vegeta went wide-eyed, his mouth agape. Fear coursed through his veins, just as much as when he had spent time on Freiza's ship as a little boy.

Krillin froze in shock. As the reality of the situation started to sink in, he was shocked, scared, and more than the rest, angry. He charged a distructo disk, aimed at Freiza, yelling "YOU MONSTER!" at the top of his lungs.

Gohan and Goku soon followed in Krillin's footsteps. Goku was so hurt, and angry, that something strange happened. His hair turned gold, and his eyes turned teal, and his power increased ten fold! However, not before a five year old Gohan released his hidden powers at the tyrant.


A now Super Sayian Goku also charged at Frieza.


Well, it's safe to say that Frieza is dead. How long ago was that, you might ask? Well, that was about 10 years ago. Thanks to a bet made by King Kai and King Yenma, I walk the Earth again.

And now I'm in high school, with my twin brother, who doesn't know I'm his twin, boy, mom's gonna kill me for being away for ten years...