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Scorched. Burned. Agonizing pain. Headache. Brain freeze. Brain freeze?

"AHHHH!" Kyle's eyes shot open and he grabbed his head. "What the hell, Talon?"

"Apologies, sir." Talon responded with his abnormal growl. "You only have thirty- two minutes of air left before you suffocate, and all covenant cruiser patterns show they are moving out of the system."

"Ohh. Well when you put it like that." Kyle looked around and the simple movement sent him spinning. The destroyed stern of The Lone Ranger came into view. It wasn't to far. Kyle swung a fist that sent him flying towards the shattered ship.

"Sir, what is the plan?" Talon growled curiously.

"I'm going to attempt to repair the ships control console and ram a covenant cruiser, then board it once its shields collapse."

"A near brilliant plan, Spartan 419."

"You know what." Kyle said thoughtfully. "Call me Kyle."


"Well not right now. Just whenever you need to talk to me. Sir and Spartan 419 get annoying after a while."

"Apologies, si- Kyle."

Kyle smirked. "Thank you."

Kyle caught onto a door and forced it open. Gravity was instantly sucked out and he almost blew away. Kyle held onto the door frame with a white knuckle grip until it finished, then climbed in. He crawled through the air to the nearest elevator shaft. The Spartan yanked the doors apart and was greeted by blast doors.

"Fuck! Really?" Kyle yelled at nothing in particular.

"Kyle, you have a C-12 charge in the bag. A few a those on the sides of the door will tear them clean off." Talon growled his idea.

"You sure?"


"Well, okay then." Kyle dug into his bag and brought out four blocks of C-12 charges and planted them on the sides. He dragged himself around a corner, and detonated the explosives. He climbed back to it and smiled widely at the gaping hole in the elevator, then crawled into it. He climbed up the shaft to the bridge, then yanked the doors open. No blast doors. Two crew members were floating in the air. Dead. Kyle ignored them and made his way to the Nav console. He pressed the power on button and the bridges lights blinked on.

"It still works!" Kyle whooped.

"Put me into the pedestal and I will assist in controlling the ship." Talon ordered. Kyle obliged. He took the chip out of his helmet and inserted it into the slot of the pedestal. A Velociraptor, popped up.

"What the fuck?" Kyle explained.

"Are you referring to my form?" Talon asked. Kyle just nodded. "I am a unique AI. My form differs from all others."

"I figured that." Kyle mumbled. He tapped on the keyboard for the Nav system and set a collision course for the nearest cruiser. "Talon, I need you to calculate the speed and when I need to engage thrusters in order to successfully nail that bastard."

"Done. Setting mission timer on your HUD." A thirty second countdown appeared in the left hand corner of Kyle's HUD. His gauntleted hand hovered an inch above the Thruster Engage button. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Kyle slammed his hand down on the button as soon as he saw the one. The ships thrusters instantly flared to life and flew forward. Kyle flew back into the wall from the momentum of the foreword thrust.

A few moments passed then the stern of The Lone Ranger smashed into the Pride of Redemption. Kyle flew through the front view screen and hit the slick, purple- blue body of the covenant ship. He crawled along the hull until he reached the hanger and climbed in. Several grunts and engineers were in there along with an elite.

"Hello boys." Kyle said sarcastically through his armors external speakers as he drew two magnums from his thighs. "I'm here to crash the party."

The elite roared and the grunts scurried away while the engineers floated towards the ceiling. Kyle pulled the triggers. Two grunts went down from bullets going through their skulls. The elite took out his plasma repeater and opened fire. Kyle emptied both pistols on the elite that went down after the third to last shot. He reloaded and unleashed hell on the rest of the grunts.

Kyle reloaded again as he stepped over their corpses.

"Well that wasn't much of a challenge, but theirs still a whole ship full of target practice just waiting for me." Kyle picked up the elites plasma repeater.

"You made short work of them, Kyle. Good job." Talon complimented.

"Thanks. Now lets get to work for real." Kyle grinned as he opened the door out of the hanger.

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