It's cold in Fendel.

Do you know how cold it has to be for snow to always be on the ground? It's a truly bitter biting cold that sink it's windy teeth into you and sucks the ever living heat right out of you. Harsh. Unforgiving. And it's always windy, pushing the cold around so that no one ever gets to chance to know what it means to be warm.

Hubert would know. He was standing outside Fendel Tower in his typical lieutenant outfit, which is made more for the hot, dry desert then standing cold, wet snow.

So it's cold in Fendel.

And he really wanted Pascal to appear already. She need...something. In all honestly, all he had seen on his communicator was 'I need you to meet me outside Fendel Tower' and he was on the first ship out. The excuse being that the President was expecting an answer to the proposition involving his daughter and the conversations had all taken that turn or one toward his father's antics toward getting back in politics, which in truth were one in the same.

So why not let the universe hold a carrot in front of his face? Everything seemed to be stacked in favor of him chasing the carrot anyways. And he...well...he liked that carrot. She's a good carrot.

He had thought about reading the rest of the message on the ship ride there, but honestly, you have no idea what it's like to be pursued on a personal level by the President. Concerning his daughter. Making a run for the nearest ship and getting an uninterrupted passage to Fendel was not as easy or fun as it sounds when the President is clever enough to don normal clothing and stalk you across the desert.

He opened the communicator and decided to familiarize himself with what exactly she needed.

Apparently there was trouble with the Valkines, and if all her onomonopias are to be believed, she had tried to fix it. Which probably involved just hitting the most powerful and frightful cryas with that ridiculous hammer and drill of hers. Blindly. He chose not to think about that.

There was also something about...portals? Gates? Vortexes? The last part had devolved into something he was sure that only criminally insane and small children could understand.

"Hello Hu." A snide voice of an older sister traveled right up to him. It was like getting lashed with the wind again when he knew the mockery was coming. He put the communicator back in his pocket.

"Hello Fourier." Hubert glared as Fourier stopped to talk.

"You're looking for Pascal too, I assume?"

He paused.

"I'm not looking. I'm waiting. She told me to meet her outside the Tower." He pushed up his glasses for good measure.

"Well, you'll be waiting a while then. Nobody can find her." Fourier glared around hoping to catch her sister creeping around. "Honestly, that girl..."

"She probably ran head first into trouble again." Hubert shrugged and looked toward the road that lead to the center of town. "Half-cocked and knee deep in monsters."

"I'd believe that if I thought she'd taken her weapon." Fourier produced Pascal's shotstaff from behind her back. He knew it was Pascal's instantly from the banana residue hand prints and the messy writing of her name in black marker near the end. "She has her moments, but she isn't that stupid."

Hubert didn't like where this was going. He had to agree. Pascal was dense when it came to things like biology, hygiene, and social convention, but she was more then smart enough to take her shotstaff if she ran off half-cocked into battle.

"Do you have any idea where she could have gone?" He asked as Fourier hid the weapon.

"Well, she should have been here." Fourier shrugged. "It seems that she sent out a message to everyone she knows to get to Fendel Tower."

He really didn't like where this was going. "Everyone?"

"Captain Malik, Asbel, Cheria, Sophie, and King Richard have been here since the shuttle landed." Fourier's weren't looking at him. They were looking at the scenery behind him. "They've been searching the tower and around town."

"Amazing I didn't run into them." Hubert thought very carefully, with every available wheel in his head turning to figure out where she is. "Where's Asbel?"

"Inside." She gestured to the tower. He immediately started toward the door. "Hey.."

"Yes?" He turned as Fourier fixed her gaze on the ground. "What is it?"

"You'll find my idiot sister, right?" She seemed a little bitter about asking that. "You of all people will find that idiot monkey, right?"

"Of course I will." He said truthfully. Something about his tone made her look up. "Then I'm going to lecture that insufferable woman about ripping me from my work and traveling across an ocean until her ears bleed."

She nodded and followed Hubert. "Seems only fair."

Asbel was talking to Sophie just beyond the door when the two of them stepped in.

"Hey Hubert." Asbel greeted him. "I thought you were in Stratha."

"I was." Hubert pushed up his glasses a bit. "Any word on where Pascal is?"

"Well, she isn't in the tower." Malik's voice arrived before he did. Richard followed behind him.

"The gall of that woman." Hubert glared around the room for something to focus on. "Telling us all to come here just to vanish into thin air."

"No need to be worried, Hubert." Richard commented "I'm sure she's fine."

"Can we please mock Hubert later?" Asbel's annoyance level started to rise on subject matter. "Someone might actually be in trouble."

The universe seemed to agree, as there were two high pitched screams outside the doors. One was high pitched and incredibly girly that was in distress, the other was far more paniced female and was making some odd cartoon-ish sounds.


Hubert and Asbel didn't seem to be able to open the door fast enough. In fact, the door and all the science behind the speed in which a door can possibly open and how fast they could run was too slow for them.

But how fast the monsters were pouring out of black orbs hanging around the tower was more then fast enough for them.

Hubert saw Pascal flail and shout for cover as she made a mad dash for right behind him. He instantly drew his weapon, not that anyone could ever figure how where exactly he hides his dualblades. It was all adrenaline and selective sight as he took down the monsters around him.

...5.6.7-He was losing count and his ability to keep up. His attacks were starting to...bounce? Either these dualblades were starting dull, or these monsters were getting stronger. He held up his guard as tried to gain his breath. He couldn't attack endlessly.

That was until several bear-shaped monsters grabbed Hubert's dualblades and chucked them away from him. It wasn't just knocking them out of his like he was a rookie using them, they all actively grabbed the blades and pulled them out. Monsters were never that smart and should have never been that strong.

He took a good look around at his surroundings.

There was just an army of monsters coming for them. No. Army was too small of a word. A nation of monsters. No, that still seemed like too small of a word. A universe? A plethora? The entire race of monsters? He didn't know what the words were, but they were flowing from the orbs at an alarming rate, like water from a faucet turned all the way up.

And they were both surrounded. He was weaponless. So was Pascal, who was huddling behind him, scared, and relying on him to protect her. What he had last seen, Asbel had gone to protect Cheria. Everyone else, it seems, was swallowed by the endless stream of monsters too. He couldn't see beyond the three foot ring of dead monsters around him. The only comfort he could take was that he could hear them fighting, inflicting and taking blows from all the monsters.

"Hu.." Pascal whimpered from behind him.

"Don't worry." Hubert's brain rushed in every kind of direction. "We're going to get out of here. One way or another."

"Promise?" She said looking around. He could feel her grip digging into his back.

She was quiet. She was scared. Maybe that what was scared him most of all.

And in all honesty, he was too.

But he wasn't going to let her die here. Not here. Not now. Not while he's still alive.

"Promise." He nodded and looked into the faces of all the monsters.

He didn't know how he was going to do it. It seemed impossible. He was probably going to die. If he was going to give Pascal a shot to keep living, he definitely was going to die. And it was going to happen really fast.

For the first time since he was a kid, he closed his eyes and wished for a superhero to come save him. It was irrational, impossible, and stupid, but damnit, it was the only thing he could take comfort in right now.

The was the sound of a portal opening. It was instinctual to know when was opening, it just made that unique sound. He looked up. One of the gates opened directly above their heads.

At least it'd be quick.

A black blur fell out of the gate and sank it's sword into the monster's head in front of them with extreme prejudice. A red blur followed it and sank it's sword into another monster's head, and the two blurs danced around the yard, never touching but always moving, knocking off as many monsters as they could before the blurs settled back to back in the middle of the frenzy. One was a boy, about 18, with dark unkempt red hair with a red shirt kept closed with brown buckles and long white jacket decorated with red and silver trim. The other was a girl, about the same age, who wore large sunglasses and a large flowing black jacket with a silver zipper that ran from her knees to her chest with a big floppy hood, which was pulled up so far over her face it covered most of it. Both their swords shined in the light as they contemplated their next move, though hers seemed to have more bulk to it.

Pascal looked at them from over Hubert's shoulder as the girl's adjusted her hand and looked around. Were those...gears on the hilt?

"Just like Gralesyde?" She asked looking around as the monsters collected themselves to refocus their attack on the two. She took an awfully long look at Pascal and Hubert.

"I was thinking Velanik." He grinned. He nugged her and brought her back to reality.

"I hated Velanik." She groaned and adjusted her hand. It seems the sword was as heavy as it looked. "But seeing as I can't really argue right now...let's go with that."

"That's the spirit!" He charged straight into the thickest part of the monsters.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN." She shouted. With a flip of the wrist, her sword split in half and became a pair of hand guns witch provided covering fire as the boy launched into every kind of maneuver to take down the largest enemies around. She spun, streams of eleth bullets flying into the monsters directly around her, causing them to flee toward the biggest monster in the room for cover. Once they all had successfully huddled around last largest monster, the girl stopped her fire and threw her guns up in the air. The boy jumped up the same spot as the guns, she jumped up and grabbed her weapon, with had fused itself into becoming a staff, and they both plunged into the group of monsters with as much eleth as they could both summon.

The monsters were gone when the snow and dust cleared. The two of them had left a crater where they had landed, and somehow the girl had hidden her weapon under her jacket. The boy simply put his back in the sheath. They both looked around, causing everyone else to look too.

All the gates and monsters had vanished.

"Is everyone okay?" The boy's looked around them. "Anyone hurt?"

"Who are you two?" Cheria's voice called out. She was found huddling behind Asbel.

"Oh." He looked at Cheria. His face paled a little bit." I'm...Lion."

"Clever." The girl clapped her hands lightly in approval. She smiled at the group as they all came together.

"I'm...Fara." She said. She smiled politely. She reached under her hood and messed around with her hair before taking the hood off. Her long white hair was caught underneath the jacket. "I'm sorry I can't take my glasses off, the monster took a really good shot right at my eyes, so now the light kind of hurts."

"Oh, let me have a look at them." Cheria offered as she approached her.

"Um, no, that's okay." Fara said holding on to the glasses. "These glasses make me look cool anyways, so why not keep them on?" She let out a nervous laugh.

Cheria backed off a little, gave her a look that expressed her confusion and thoughts that Fara was insane. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Nah, I've taken bigger tumbles." She smiled. "Thank you, though."

Fara looked around spotted Hubert's dualblades close to where she was standing. She gleefully ran and picked them up, admiring them. She twirled them around, spinning them and jumping around making sound as though she was attacking monsters.

"Excuse me." Hubert said walking toward her. Pascal had dashed off the minute she could after the monsters cleared to get a good look at Lion.

"Oh, these are yours, huh?" She smiled and turned them sideways to had it to him. He took the grip as she let go. "Neat weapon."

"Yes." He stared into large black lenses. He couldn't see anything, but the rest of her face seemed hopeful and excited. If not rather oafish. "They're a Statan military secret. I can't speak of it and I'd advise for you not too either."

"Oh, that's okay." She walked away with her palms up and her head tilted, with a little sarcasm laced in her voice. "Not like I have reason to take it or anything."

"...Who did you say you were again?" Hubert ask as he followed her to the rest of the group.

"Fara." She smiled. "The girl who's going to help you with this whole time warp problem."

"Time warp problem?" Malik asked

" it works out..." Lion scratched the back of his head.

"Those monsters you fought were time warped." Fara nodded as she patted Lion on the back. "They had fallen into pockets where all of space and time are ripping, causing them to absorb a massive amount of zero eleth."

"Whoa, zero eleth?" Pascal jumped up. "You guys can prove that it exists?"

"It can't exist." Fourier said pulling out Pascal's weapon and hitting her with it. "There is only three types of the eleth that exist. Another one would throw the universe into disarray."

"Oh, you guys make it sound like that hasn't happened before." Fara stretched her arms out. "And yes, we can prove that zero eleth exists."

"What do you mean happened before?" Richard asked, trying to keep his calm.

"We're from the future!" She motioned to Lion and herself. "We know all you. We're all friends! You told us. About Lambda."

"And Fodra." Lion shrugged. "It was kinda a big deal for you guys."

"And how the world nearly came to crashing halt because Proto Heis-slash-Sophie here was designed to punch a hole in Richard-slash-Lamba because Lamba-Richard here was trying to punch a hole in the Lastalia." Fara smiled. "Oh, wait. Right. You guys don't know me yet. King Richard. Sorry."

"That's not...completely right." Cheria said

"Yeah...Fara tends to not listen when people tell her the story." Lion scratched the back of his head. "But how else do you think we know that Lambda is a good guy and lives in Asbel's purple eye? Or sleeping in Fodra's' guys have always been a little iffy on the specifics about that."

" know us." Malik hesitated. "From the future."

"Are we...friends in the future?" Sophie asked walking up to Fara.

"The best-est friends!" Fara said taking Sophie's hands. "We eat crablettes and eel bowls a lot and you gave me Sopheria flowers for my birthday and-"

"Oh brother...Fara, don't spoil the future." Lion groaned and shook his head.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry." Fara let go of Sophie and faced the rest of the group. "So what exactly do you guys want to know ?"