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Murdoc's eyes snapped open. It was still dark, and he blinked a couple of times so his eyes would adjust. He was lying on the couch with 2D wrapped around him. He nudged the younger man with his foot.

"2D!" he hissed, nudging him a bit harder.

"Eh?" 2D grunted, frowning before opening an eye and looking at him.

"I like you."

The singer closed his eye again in slight annoyance. "Yeah, I like you too. Did you really have to wake me up for that?"

Murdoc turned to his side, grabbing 2D's shoulder and turning him towards him.

"Stuart. Seriously. I like you a lot."

2D opened his eyes again, regarding the bassist's face. He looked completely serious. He gave him a small smile.

"I like you as well, Muds," he said, squeezing his hand.

He closed his eyes again, turning over, though their hands were still locked. Murdoc also closed his eyes and sighed. The silence dragged on for a couple of minutes, and 2D was starting to doze off again.

"I love you."

It was merely a murmur, something that could have easily been covered up by the rustling of sheets or a cough. But 2D heard it. He turned slightly to see Murdoc's expression, but the latter had his eyes tightly shut and his arm over his face.

The singer turned over and ran his hand along Murdoc's hip, then sliding his arm around the bassist's waist.

"I love you too," he whispered, pulling him gently closer.

Murdoc opened his eyes and they stared at each other for a long while, before 2D flashed the bassit a grin. Murdoc smirked back at him, and they leaned in for a long, tired kiss.

They fell asleep, tangled into each other and comforted by the sound of the other's heartbeat.


"Noods, be a darling and fetch me my lighter, it's in the back seat," Murdoc grunted, panting slightly as he heaved the bags towards the front door.

"Sure." She hopped back towards the car, and opening the door to find 2D lying on the back seat, smoking a cigarette. She bit back a smile and crossed her arms.

"Shouldn't you be helping Murdoc and Russel? They're carrying your bags, you know."

2D sat up, smiling sheepishly at her. He patted the space next to him. "Join me?"

Noodle grinned at him and sat next to the singer, opening a window. They said nothing for a while.

"So." Noodle then began.

2D glanced up at her.

"Are you planning on telling anyone?"

The singer shrugged. "Don't know. We haven't really talked about that yet. Guess we're going to have to, though."

Noodle gave a small chuckle. "The irony," she murmured to herself.

"Wonder how they'll react to hear we're together," 2D mused.

"Again," Noodle added.

"Right. It shouldn't be too much of a shock, then. Not as bad as it was the first time."

Noodle looked at 2D's nervous face, then took hold of his hand, giving it a slight squeeze. "You don't have to rush into anything, Toochi. If you're not ready to tell anyone, that's completely fine. Murdoc will be more than understanding, I'm sure."

2D smiled at her and squeezed her hand as well. "I know Muds'll be fine. It's stupid. I don't know why I'm nervous about it since we've done this all before anyway."

"Maybe it's because it's actually real this time?" Noodle suggested gently.

The singer shrugged. "Maybe. Probably. I'll get over it. We'll tell everyone some time, when we're both ready. But it's not like we're going to hide it or anything, you know? We'll still be holding hands when we walk down the street, and we'll be kissing at the end of concerts, and we'll be leaning onto each other during interviews, and.." he trailed off, blinking. "Sorry. My mind wandered off there. Probably much more than you want to know, love."

"Oh, don't be daft. I'm so happy you two are finally happy," she grinned.

They looked at each other fondly for a while, 2D pulling Noodle in for a hug.

"Let's go inside before they start chucking our bags at our heads," he then said, opening the car door.

Noodle leaned forward, grabbing Murdoc's lighter, then following the singer into the house. Murdoc and Russel were sitting on the couch, having a drink. Murdoc glared up at 2D.

"Great lot of bloody help you were. You do realise I took your fucking bags to your rooms while you two were having a nice old chat in the car?" he snapped.

"Thank you, Murdoc. Here's your lighter," Noodle said with a bright smile, leaning down from behind him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders, dropping the lighter onto the couch.

Murdoc's frown softened as Noodle hugged him tightly.

"All right, all right, love. You've made your point," he said with a smile, patting her arm. "Little witch can get away with anything using those lovely eyes, and she knows it."

Noodle laughed. "Hardly. It depends on the person. You're just exceptionally soft, Murdoc."

"I am not," he grumbled, batting her hair away from his face and poking her on the head while doing so. "Now, get off before you ruin it."

The guitarist giggled, jumping over the back of the couch to sit next to the older man. 2D sat on the other side of him.

"Sorry, Muds. We were just talking," he said with a rueful smile.

Murdoc rolled his eyes, wrapping his arm around the singer's shoulder and pulling him closer. "Fucking forget about it, you ponce. Come here."

He pulled him into a deep kiss, resulting in disgruntled sounds from Noodle and Russel.

"Man, get a room," Russel groaned.

They pulled away, 2D bearing a flustered grin and Murdoc smirking.

"Look, mate, you're the one who practically forced us into this in the first place, so stop your bitching," the bassist shrugged, leaning back on the couch.

"Although Noodle did play a significantly bigger role," he added.

"You thought about telling people yet?" Russel asked then, sitting down next to 2D.

2D and Noodle glanced at each other, before 2D looked at Murdoc. The latter shrugged.

"Don't see why we shouldn't. Although I don't want to make a fucking big deal out of it again, yeah? Let's just see what happens. Right, Stu?" the bassist asked for 2D's approval before making any assumptions.

2D smiled in appreciation. "Yeah."

"The most important thing right now is that we're all happy. Right guys?" Russel said, stretching and leaning back on the couch.

"Absolutely. Let's worry about the crap later," Noodle agreed.

"Oi! Language," Murdoc exclaimed. As soon as Noodle opened her mouth to give an annoyed, well deserved retort, he interrupted her quickly. "And yeah. Happy. Finally."

He paused. "I've missed that," he then added.

2D snuggled into him. "Me too."

It was silent for a while.

"Russ, get the remote, will you?" Murdoc then asked, and the band prepared themselves for an evening of shit television and each other's company.

Everyone was happy.

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