This is just a short drabble I wrote one day while I was playing around with ideas. I'd hate to think of Gomez and Morticia not being together, but this seemed like an interesting idea since there's so many how they met stories.

Morticia combed out her short, shoulder length black hair. Her face, a hideous sunkissed color, showed a sad expression. Her loose fitting blue dress touched her knees when she stood and stepped out into the kitchen. The pastel colored walls of the house she lived in gave her a sickening feel as they always had. Her husband, Peter, sat at the table reading a newspaper, waiting for his breakfast.

"Good morning, Dear." She said, beginning to make breakfast. He grunted a reply, but didn't put down his newspaper. She sighed a sad sigh and wished she could go back in time. Her sister had a happy marriage with Mr. Addams. She hadn't even met him, but he made Ophelia happy. They had one son. She hadn't met him either. In reality, Morticia hadn't seen Ophelia since she was married. They talked on the phone maybe twice a year. That's all.

Morticia drug herself up the stairs and opened the door to Amanda's room.

"Hunny, it's time to wake up. You have school today." Morticia said softly.

"Yeah, okay, mom." Amanda said angrily. Morticia closed the door and walked to John's room.

"John, get up, please." Morticia said. "John. Wake up." He rolled over and groaned.

"I'll get up in a minute!" She sighed and walked back downstairs. Amanda was 13 and John was 11 this year. They were hardly home. They went out to play with friends or were in the tree house their father had built them years and years ago. Peter worked almost every day. And when he wasn't working, he was hosting parties in which she was to stay in the kitchen like a good wife.

She finished breakfast and the whole family sat down to eat. No one said a word. Peter got up and left for work, mumbling a good bye. Amanda and John collected their lunches and left for school. Morticia watched them as they walked down the street. She wondered if she was missing something. She had a husband, who had a very good job. She had two smart, beautiful children, but she wanted something else. Something it seemed was missing for a very long time.