I'm attempting a continuance here...

Morticia watched her children walk off to school. Once they turned the corner and were out of view, she turned to go back into the house when something caught her eye. A man standing at the end of the block, looking her way. She smiled politely to him and he waved. She walked into the house and over to the kitchen window. The man had turned and was walking up the hill to a large house. She watched him until he reached the steps of his own home and walked inside.

She went about her daily chores from there. She cleaned the house and washed the dishes. She made the beds and got dinner in the oven. She was outside in the garden when her husband returned home from work.

"Good afternoon, dear." She said, standing up from her spot on the ground. She gave Peter a kiss on the cheek. "How was work?"

"Alright." He said. A man of many words as always.

"Peter, do you know the man who lives in that house up there?" Morticia asked, pointing to the house on the hill.

"Yeah. His name is... Addams, I think." Peter said.


"Yeah. But he's a loon. They all are."


"Yeah. Stay away from them, Morticia. They'd probably make you into a witches brew." He said.

"Oh, that would be fascinating, wouldn't it?" Morticia said. Peter shook his head and walked into the house. She continued her gardening until the children arrived home and they all sat down for dinner.

"Mom, I made a new friend today." John said. "His name is James."

"That's nice, dear. Is he in your class."

"Yeah. He's kinda weird though. That's why we never talked before."

"Well I'm glad you made a new friend, darling."