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~Ryuu P.O.V.~

I sat up in bed as 'Love the Way You Lie' by Rhianna blasted through my brain. As she sang, I slowly realized it wasn't in my brain.

I growled and smashed my alarm clock to pieces.

"Damned thing..." I grumbled as I slowly swung my feet over the side of my double bed. I yawned and glanced at the calendar before doing a double take.

That's right, it's the last day of school.

I sighed and yawned again then walked over to my vanity. I stared at my frizzy hair and big brown eyes. My tan skin was covered by my pajamas.

Classic Sasha.

I smacked my mouth and put my glasses on. I began to walk to my wardrobe. I passed my poster of Alois from Black Butler and kissed his cheek.

Yes, I am a Kuroshitsuji tard. Oh well, get over it.

Me and my 3 friends Lilly, Adri (Audrey), and Miranda are also obsessed. Lilly- Grell, Adri- Ciel, Miranda- Sebastian.

Don't ask me why Lilly is so obsessed with Grell. Grell's a freak. And she doesn't even have a chance because she's obviously a girl.

And for that reason, Lilly has made her OC a boy. Yes, I know. Oh well. His name is Sheldon. We all call her Shelly as a nickname. Shelly has sloppy brown hair and big purple eyes. He usually has a red or gold t-shirt on with a black long-sleeved jacket. He always wears army green cargo pants and black sneakers plus glasses.

Adri's character is Shadow Thorne. W call her Thorny though. Thorny has medium length blonde hair that when out would go to her mid-back . It has blue highlights and is styled mostly like Anko's hair from Naruto. Thorne has dark eyes and ivory skin. She usually has on a red-violet tee with a red heart on it and a long-sleeved black half-jacket. She also wears loose blue jeans and black trainers.

Miranda's character, Yuki has mid-length blonde hair and glasses. She usually has her hair in a braid or ponytail. She has brown eyes and doesn't talk much. However, she can get upset easily and that's what we're for. Basically, she's like the little sister.

My character's name is Ryuu. I'm Shelly's younger sister. I have wavy blonde-brown hair that goes to my mid-back. I have pinkish-red eyes and always have my hair up in a ponytail with bangs on either side of my face. I wear a red V-neck tee and baggy, red-violet cargo pants. I also wear a black biker jacket with a collar and glasses.

All of our characters are 14.

I continued on my way to my wardrobe and grabbed my uniform. We all wear the boy's uniform because we're not comfortable showing so much skin. I put on my navy blue pants and white button-up. I tied the navy blue, light blue, and white striped tie around my neck and made it loose. I coaxed my hair into a sloppy pony and went downstairs.

I raided the fridge for anything edible and realized all I had was microwave ramen.

I growled and shoved it in anyway. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. I glanced at the clock and grinned.


The gang always comes over before school. Why? I have no idea.

"It's open!" I called to the living room.

I heard the door open and suddenly my friend's voices filled my ears.

"Ryuu!" said a voice I recognized as T's.

"Kitchen!" I called as the microwave sounded.

Yeah, we all had a bad habit of calling each other by our OC's name. Though, not a single one of us cared.

And they all filed in. First, T (Thorne), followed by Shelly and Yuki.

"Mornin'." Shelly managed to say before yawning and flopping down into a chair.

"Did you sleep well?" Yuki asked leaning against the counter next to me as I finished making my ramen.

I nodded as I put the chopsticks to my lips.

I slurped it down in 3 seconds flat and I sighed contentedly. All my friends sweatdropped.

"Let's go!" I said excitedly. They all shrugged and followed me as I slipped my black trainers on, slung my school bag over my shoulder, and stuck my left hand in my pocket before I ran out the door.

"Wait up!" The three called as I walked down the block toward school.

~After School~

I swear to every God you could possibly think of, that if Shelly didn't shut up, I was going to hurl my fist at her face.

"... I mean did you see the way he looked at you, Ryuu? He wasn't even- Ryuu? Are you okay?" Shelly asked, feigning innocence.

"NO I am NOT okay." I seethed through gritted teeth.

See what had happened, was a guy who could have been Alois's twin told me he'd liked me that day at school, and Shelly wouldn't quit teasing me about it. She knows it pisses me off too.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?" She asked evil smirk twitching at her lips.

"THAT'S IT!" I yelled, tackling her to the ground. We wrestled for a good 5 minutes before T decided we'd kill each other during out "cat fight", if you will.

T pulled me off Shelly and Yuki restrained her.

"Now quit it! Jeezuz, you two piss me off." T growled, obviously peeved.

"Okay, Mom." Shelly and I unisoned.

We grinned at each other before our restrainers released their grips and we automatically glued to each other (meaning, Shelly stuck her left hand in her pocket, slung her right across my shoulders, and tossed her long brown hair from her face. I shoved my hands in my sweater pockets after switching my school bag to around my right shoulder. Our footsteps synchronized) and we began walking to my house.

I could feel Yuki and T's derpy looks on our backs as I called over my shoulder, "Let's go snorelaxes!"

They snapped out of it and hurried after us.

~My House~

I crashed onto the couch between T and Shelly as we started the movie.

It was Friday, so my 'sisters' (Imma call them that because I'm too lazy too keep saying, 'the three of them' all the time) decided to crash at my place that night. It was already pitch black outside and we all decided to watch a horror film.

T picked out Insidious. I've seen it already, but only I have, so I agreed. Besides, it doesn't realy matter how many times I watch it, it's still scary as hell. No pun intended. (If you've ever seen Insidious, you know what I meant by 'scary as hell'.)

Through the entire movie, T must've said "Oh my Jashin!" at least seventeen times, Yuki screamed almost as much as I did, and Shelly said "Holy shit!" more times than I could count.

"That was a shitty ending..." Shelly grumbled.

"Tell me about it..." I responded as the credits rolled up the screen.

"So... you guys wanna watch Black Butler?" Yuki offered.

"HELL YEAH!" We all chorused. I got up, the large comforter falling from my lap. I stretched and groaned, sighing as I relaxed again. "I'll go make popcorn. T, you got Netflix?" I asked. No answer.



We all turned to look at T, only to see she had crashed against the couch arm, a peaceful look on her face.

We all looked at each other and nodded. I walked over to her sleeping body and picked her up bridal style, I walked down the hall way to my room and placed her on the bed. I returned to the living room, to see Shelly fooling around with the remote.

"Let me see that, gaytard." I told her as she hissed and threw it at me. It smashed into my hand and I fumbled around with it before finally catching it (sort of) and changing it to Video 7.

I turned the X-Box on and went to Netflix.

"And that's how it's done." I told Shelly smugly.

"Oh shut the fuck up! I'll make the popcorn." Shelly hissed at me before storming to the kitchen.

"Great, you pissed her off..." Yuki said sarcastically.

"She needs to be less stubborn." I said shrugging as the sound of popping popcorn filled my ears.

I found Black Butler and saw we were almost to season 2. I grinned to myself. I probably looked maniacal, but I didn't care. Season 2 was when my whore of a boyfriend came in. Yes, I'm speaking of Alois Trancy. The blonde- haired, blue-eyed, bisexual (let's face it people, he soooo wants Ciel), man-whore that I have fallen for.

Am I dork? Yes. Are my friends dorks? Most definitely. Would I trade them for the world? Hell naw.

At that moment, I saw Shelly morph into my vision range, holding a big bowl of Worcestershire popcorn. (Being popcorn with garlic powder, salt, and a drizzle of Worcestershire, hence the name. Seriously don't knock it till you try it!)

"Love you, Shelly!" Yuki and I said in unison, me grabbing the bowl since I was in the middle.

"Yeah, yeah. I wanna see some Grell." Shelly said.

"... You mean Grell's ass." I corrected. She growled and shoved my shoulder, making me crash into Yuki and burst into a fit of snickers.

"Bitch..." Shelly mumbled, face heated. She was no doubt considering my suggestion. This only made my snickers turn into wheezing as Yuki joined the laughter.

"Damn..." I said as I brushed the tears in my eyes. Yuki was still trying to hold in maniacal laughter.

"Just play the fuckin' episode." Shelly growled dangerously. Her evil face made me wanna shriek and trade spots with Yuki.

I complied with her request (threat) before she yelled (bit) my ear (head) off.

As soon as it started, I became unbelievably drowsy.

I yawned and rested my head on Shelly's shoulder. Seconds after she rested her head on mine. Yuki yawned and rested her head in my lap.

Then we all fell asleep.

I felt cold. Like I was laying on tile. Well it definitely was something of that matter because whatever it was, was giving me a bitch of a headache.

I opened my eyes and hissed at the sudden intake of light.

"Ow, damn!" I groaned as I rolled over onto my stomach.

Then, as if something clicked, I sat bolt upright and looked around.

This was not my house.

I tried to remember if I owned a mansion.

The place was GINORMOUS! I was laying on white marble (jeesh, no wonder it was so uncomfortable) with a long red carpet that looked like on you'd roll out at the Grammy's. A grand staircase led up to a balcony.

"Holy hell." I murmured, totally flabergasted. Although, something in the back of my mind told me this place was familiar.

I got off the floor and realized I was wearing a frilly, black dress. I also realized it looked like a dress Lizzy would wear; frilly, girly, and ridiculous.

At least it was black (my favorite color), that made it a little better.

"Okay, how in the seven hells did I end up here?" I asked.

"Who are you?"

I froze and my heart skipped a beat. I slowly turned to look at Alois with a deer- in- the- headlights look.

If I wasn't ready to piss myself, I would have glomped him repeatedly.

"U-um..." I stuttered.


"Well? Answer me before I hurt you." Alois said, narrowing his eyes at me.

And the sad thing was, I knew he would.