Linorra Week Prompt, 8/12: Lace

Summary: Bitty Linorra drabble. Korra is concerned about going out in public, so Lin surprises her.

Disclaimer: I dashed this off in 30 minutes and I don't own anything.

Pairings: Korra/Lin ("Linorra", "Korralin")

Author's Notes: Linorra Week is happening right as I'm moving cross-country and testing for my Tae Kwon Do third-degree black belt. AUGH.

As Korra walked up the steps to Lin's apartment, she found herself wondering if Lin could identify how heavy her footfalls were using her seismic sense. Was there any earth in whatever material Lin's floors were made of? Did it matter? Korra held back a sigh. She knew as soon as she had her arms around Lin, she'd feel better...but only temporarily. Unfortunately, neither of them could change the fact that only a (small) number of Republic City citizens were progressive enough to accept that their avatar and their newly-reinstated police chief were in a relationship. The age difference was bad enough, but between that and the fact that they were both women, Lin was afraid that Korra would lose the hard-won faith the people of Republic City now had in her thanks to her expulsion of Amon. Korra insisted she didn't care what people thought of her, but Lin had looked at her sadly and told her that, as the avatar, she didn't have that luxury.

Lin had either heard Korra's footfalls or sensed them otherwise, but she opened the door before Korra had a chance to knock. "Good evening, avatar," said Lin formally, in case anyone could overhear.

"Hey, Chief," Korra replied dully.

"Why don't you come inside?"

As soon as the door was closed, Lin wrapped Korra in a tight embrace, one hand stroking the back of the girl's neck so lightly Korra could barely feel it. Sometimes, to Korra, it was almost unreal that any human's touch could be so soft and kind, and even stranger that it was Lin Bei Fong, a woman so tough she could have been carved from the stone she could bend so well, was the one being so gentle. In any case, Korra instantly felt soothed.

"I know you've been disappointed since our conversation last night." Lin drew back from the hug enough to kiss Korra's cheek. "Come into the kitchen. I have a surprise for you."

Korra followed Lin into the kitchen, which was more dimly lit than usual. Korra blinked as her eyes grew used to the low light; after a moment, she realized that the only source of illumination in the room was a few candles on the kitchen table. The table was different than usual too; it was set with a silk tablecloth, artfully folded napkins, and what looked like real turtle-whale bone chopsticks. "Oooh, it's just like a fancy restaurant!" Korra burst out. "Complete with a lace doily!"

"Considering how stubborn you are, I thought you wouldn't be convinced if I only told you it didn't matter that we can't go to dinner in public, at least at the moment." Korra felt Lin's strong arms around her waist. "So I thought I would go ahead and show you."

Korra squirmed around inside Lin's embrace, twisting until she was facing her lover, and kissed her hard. "Lin, you're amazing. Did you just...have all this stuff? Lying around?"

"The doily is the only thing I had to obtain just for tonight. Ordinarily I find lace to be...over-ornate frippery, but I thought it suited the atmosphere. And I had to learn how to fold those damn napkins. You have no idea how difficult it is to get them looking so perfect."

Korra made a delighted noise that could only be described as a squeal. "Lin, have I mentioned lately how much I love you?"

A rare smile turned up the corners of the metalbender's mouth. "And I love you, Korra."

A/N: I'm going to be doing the Marines-caliber stamina portion of my Tae Kwon Do test in just over ten hours. WHY, FANDOM. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME.