Linorra Week Prompt, 8/17: Tides

Summary: Lin and Korra at the beach. And Korra wants Lin to show off her new bathing dress.

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Pairings: Korra/Lin ("Linorra", "Korralin")

Author's Notes: I'm done with freshman orientation and am getting ready to register for classes! Yaaaaay!

It had taken moving spirit world and earth to get Lin to actually buy a bathing dress, and now she wasn't wearing it. Well, that wasn't true; she was wearing it, but she was wearing a diaphanous white robe over it. "We're going to the beach, Lin," Korra insisted. "You'll roast like that."

"Korra, this fabric is extremely light. Also, what are you complaining about? It's see-through."

"Not really," Korra groused. "And it's so loose. What's the point of wearing a bathing dress that shows off how gorgeous you are if nobody can see it?"

Lin shrugged; she had given up on stopping Korra from calling her "beautiful" and its many synonyms. "Isn't this your first time going to the beach in Republic City?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Women my age don't wear bathing dresses only. It's either a bathing dress with a robe over it, or appropriate summer clothing. If I were to wear just a bathing dress, we would attract...undue attention. Nobody wants to see a fifty-year-old woman in that state."

Korra folded her arms. "Maybe an average fifty-year-old woman. You? Half of Republic City probably wants to see you in a pretty bathing dress."

Lin pinched the bridge of her nose. "Korra, honey...when will you realize that almost nobody finds me as attractive as you?"

"And when will you realize that you're wrong about that?" said Korra with a grin.

Lin knew perfectly well that both she and Korra were stubborn as pig-mules, and some arguments weren't worth getting into. So she continued packing her beach bag in silence. She and Korra walked to the beach holding hands. Korra had convinced Lin long ago that she didn't care about the dirty looks they got, and anyway they'd revealed their relationship to the public long ago. The beach wasn't far away, and as soon as they got there, Korra flung her cover-up to the sand and raced to the water, whooping like a happy child. Lin shook her head and set up their little base camp; a towel large enough for both of them to sit on, an umbrella (as a pale Earth Nation woman, Lin sunburned very easily), a collapsible hammock, and a wicker basket containing fixings for a small picnic. While Korra was busy playing in the water (she had spiraled herself up a dozen feet in the air before diving back down as if from a personal springboard, and now she was creating small waves for a flock of small children who were overjoyed at the prospect of playing in the ocean with the avatar), Lin picked up a book and lay in the hammock, reading. Most people would never bring a book to the beach, but Lin could pull the grains of sand out of the spine if it came to that.

"Lin!" Korra called from the shoreline. "Lin, come on! The water's great!"

Lin sighed and put down her book. "We talked about this!" she shouted back. "I'm not going into the water!" The point of a bathing dress was, obviously, to be able to swim unencumbered; Lin's robe would get waterlogged and weigh her down. So of course Korra was trying to get Lin to take her robe off.

"Really?" Korra shouted back. "Come on, Lin, please?"

"No!" Shaking her head, Lin turned to go back to the hammock; Korra interrupted.

"But, Lin, what about the tides?"

Lin raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about? It's not like the tide will come in and sweep me away; it's high tide now!"

Korra grinned. It was a mischievous grin that immediately put Lin ill at ease. "But I'm talking tide of love! It will not be resisted!" Korra summoned a massive—well, tidal wave—and pushed the wall of water straight at Lin.

Fortunately, Lin's reflexes were still sharp; she slid into an earthbending stance and flung up a counter-wall of sand about a food higher than Korra's wave. The "tide of love" crashed into Lin's wall, soaking the sand and knocking some of it down to ground level. Lin regarded the massive pile of wet sand for a moment, then moved into a different earthbending stance and stomped the ground with her front foot. There was a great whoosh as pounds and pounds of sand were blown away from the pile, leaving an intricately detailed model of Air Temple Island. Lin immediately dropped the unused sand to the ground so no errant grains would fly into anyone's eyes.

A chorus of "whoa"s and "awesome"s rose from the group of children in the water, who immediately rushed to admire Lin's sculpture.

"Dammit, Lin!" Korra called, slogging out of the ocean. "I said it will not be resisted!"

"Apparently, you were wrong," Lin deadpanned.

Korra made a noise of frustration. "Well, at least you turned it into a cool sculpture." She tilted her head to the side. "How the spirit world did you manage that?"

"Lots of practice. Sand sculptures were one of my mother's hobbies, though, so I learned young."

Korra looked more closely. "Is that me and the airbending family up there? On the balcony? Cool!"

"It looks like your 'tide of love' was unsuccessful." Lin raised her eyebrows pointedly. "I made myself clear. How would it look for the chief of police to be arrested for indecent exposure?"

"You mean gorgeous exposure." Korra draped her arms around Lin's neck. "Stop exaggerating. A bathing dress is not indecent exposure."

"Still not anything anyone but you needs to see. Face it, Korra, you've lost."

Korra shrugged. "I still say you can't resist my tide of love. The real tide of love."

Lin rolled her eyes. "Oh, no. What now?"

Korra's response was completely wordless; she lunged forward and kissed Lin soundly on the mouth."

"Hmmpf—Korra! We're in public!"

"And we disclosed to the public," Korra protested. "They'd better get used to seeing us kissing."

"There are children around," Lin hissed. "They probably think I'm your mother. They wouldn't understand."

"Yeah, they're around, because they're drooling over the greatest sand castle ever thanks to you. We've got a few minutes at least." Korra stroked Lin's scarred cheek with the back of one hand. "One kiss, Lin. Please?"

Lin looked around nervously.

"Lin, come on. One kiss. Or if you won't kiss me, at least take off that stupid robe."

Lin groaned. "Fine. Spirits, you're hard-headed!" She stepped back from Korra's arms and yanked the sheer white robe over her head, leaving herself standing in the jungle-green bathing dress Korra loved so much. It was one piece and had short sleeves, but it also had a keyhole back that exposed a scar where a perp had tried to stab Lin in the kidney and missed. At first, Korra had been surprised that Lin didn't care that it was exposed, but Lin had pointed out that there were scars on her face; what were other marks on her body compared to that? "I have no problem allowing anyone to see what I've been through as police chief," Lin had said. "I've never let any healers remove any of my scars...oh, don't give me that look. I know you were wondering why I have so many."

Korra made a purring noise like a baby cat-otter. "I wouldn't be so hard-headed about it if you didn't look so amazing in that. Spirits, look at your muscles!" Korra caressed Lin's arm. "Come into the water with me now?"

"As long as you don't pull any more of that 'tide of love'..." Lin paused, remembering once more that there were children nearby. "...nonsense."

"I promise I won't do anything silly. Come on, let's just go for a swim! Please?" Korra tugged on Lin's hand like a little girl.

"Fine. But any more funny business and I won't let you see me in anything less than this for a month."

Korra squeezed Lin's hand. "Ooh, that's a serious threat. Don't worry, there won't be any 'funny business'."

Lin followed Korra into the water with a sigh. "Why do I not believe you?"

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