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Micky is a human.

Now that this has been established, don't be fooled. The other Monkees are also humans. Last time we checked.

Of course, the thing about Micky is that he is apparently really stubborn and refuses to communicate with our muses.

Micky was bored and in a restaurant. Micky being Micky, he began to hit things around him rhythmically for no apparent reason.

This stopped when he realized that the "drum" he had used was, in fact, someone's shoulder.

This would come back to haunt him, especially a few seconds later when he was forced to leave the place without actually having had food. Micky, feeling insulted, threatened never to come back. The man with the shoulder was the manager and therefore really couldn't care less.

Micky muttered about how this never would have happened back in Sandusky, Ohio, conveniently forgetting that he had spent all of one summer there, and that was for a family reunion. (During which he had informed everyone that he lived there, mostly because he liked the name.)

"Well," he told himself, "you're going to be late for that audition anyway." Micky stopped, blinked, and realized he was absolutely right and not merely consoling himself.

George Michael Dolenz ran as fast as he could. It wasn't very fast at all, but that doesn't really matter because this is only a back-story (and not much of one at that) and nobody cares whether or not he made it to the audition on time.

He might have bumped into a short young man, or someone with a green wool hat, or a blond boy, but Micky didn't notice. He was late, after all, and living on his own as an actor, late was merely another in a long list of things he couldn't afford.

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