Hey there! Back by popular demand and a half finished scene which was originally going to be in the one-shot, I have returned with a drabble set a little after the initial fic for all of the TokiyaxOtoya fans out there. Enjoy~ :)

Haruka the Fujoshi: Bonus Chapter

by orangepumpkins

I'm going to do it! Tokiya chanted in his head. I'm going to confess to Otoya when he gets back from his bath, and I'll show him my true feelings instead of the frequently annoyed front I always have! I can—his thoughts were quickly cut off at the sight of the boy of his affections. Otoya's cheeks were a tad rosier than normal, due to the heat of the bath. Damp hair stuck to the nape of his neck and the milk he was drinking made his lips glisten.

"Hey Tokiya, want some?" the red head asked, offering his half-finished carton of strawberry milk. It was times like these that Tokiya felt like slapping himself for feeling like one of HAYATO's fangirls when he would wink at one of them. If he said yes, then he would have an indirect kiss with the boy of his dreams! The boy who made it possible for him to evolve his singing into the soulful voice it was today.

"S-sure." Tokiya finally answered, only to find air where the offered milk carton and hand attached to it had been.

"Oh, you wanted some? You were kind of quiet and staring at me for a while so I thought you were offended that I offered you such an unsophisticated drink such as strawberry milk and now I finished it…." The red head replied from where he was, just beside the trash can, disposing of the empty carton. "Want me to go and get you your own carton? There's chocolate and banana milk too…and regular."

"Oh..no…it's fine. But um, could we talk?" Tokiya asked hesitantly.

"Sure?" Otoya agreed cautiously, knowing something serious was about to be discussed.

Once the red head was sitting on his adjacent bed, Tokiya began to ramble. He rambled on about how seeing Otoya's face cheered him up and how the teen's drive and determination made him want to change himself for the better, getting rid of HAYATO, how Otoya's 1000 watt smile lit up a room and how completely and utterly the former idol had fallen in love for the goofy boy. The more he talked, the lighter Tokiya's chest felt, happy to free his pent up feelings but once again it was weighted down when the red head began his reply.

It was clear to see that this was one of the first times that someone had confessed to the free spirited teen. He was at lost for words and took a full minute to properly make a reply. The minute seemed like an eternity to Tokiya. "I…Thank you for falling in love with me, Tokiya. You're a very good friend, but I'm not sure if I can accept your feelings. I harbor my own feelings for another person and.—"

"Nanami." Tokiya stated knowingly.

Otoya nodded in reply. "…I…I know she doesn't like me. In fact I'm pretty sure she likes you. The only time she even bothers looking in my direction is when I'm standing near you, and then it's during those times when she looks like she's lost in some sort of paradise in her head, probably day dreaming about some alternative universe where the two of you aren't bothered by the likes of me."

"Stop kicking yourself down! I didn't fall in love with you because you acted like this, I fell in love with you because you never gave up! Now, to settle your heart, no, Nanami does not like me. The closest thing to that that she feels for me is friendship and possibly admiration towards HAYATO. Either way, Romantic relations between a girl and a boy are in direct violation of the school rules, so even if I didn't love you, I would never go out with her."

"…thanks…I think…you are still kind of awkward about it, but you've really become a lot friendlier about everything and I don't want to lose that friendship." Otoya grinned. "I'm going to go and buy you a juice box or something because it is obvious that you wanted one! I mean, who can resist strawberry milk?"

In reply Tokiya smiled somberly and nodded, trying to keep from tearing up.

Once Otoya was out of the room, he sprinted to the lobby vending machines leaned against the wall, cheeks ablaze a crimson red. Why did I say that?! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why am I all honorable and junk? One of the people that I like-like just said he loved me! Why don't I know who I like more?! GAH! The red head then proceeded to pound his head on the vending machine.

"What's wrong, Haruka?" Tomochika asked when her roommate suddenly sat up straight while trying to write an essay on music history.

"I feel sudden self-loathing. It feels like I just cockblocked one of my OTPs or something…"

"You're so weird." Tomochika laughed, chucking a pillow at Haruka.

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