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Chapter One

Myka Berring dragged herself down the stairs, focusing all her energy on each step, careful not to let fatigue lead her to an embarrassingly ungrateful landing. In the months prior, her sleeping pattern had become a sporadic, unhealthy mess, even by Warehouse standards, and her caffeine dependency had worsened. The team had learned to expect her to be last to breakfast; the consideration of waiting for her before they began eating had vanished months ago.

When she reached the ground floor, she raised her eyes to discover a B&B devoid of human life, outside of herself. For a moment, panic set in. Then, she noticed the front door, cracked open ever so slightly, and heard the muffled voices of her friends, chattering far too excitedly for the early morning hour.

Slowly, Myka made her way to the door, wondering what had them on the steps. Then, she opened the door, just enough to expose her slender body to the outdoors, her hand frozen on the handle, just like the rest of her body.

Everyone wearing a matching grin, her team scattered themselves on the front steps. Even Artie had a smile on his lips as he watched Claudia retell a story, her arms waving widely. By Artie's side stood Leena, watching with a maternal smirk, like all her kids had come home for the holidays. Steve stood in between Claudia and Pete, a rare relaxed expression on his face, watching Claudia, amused at her exaggerations. Next to Pete, his arm casually draped over her shoulder, as if they had both forgotten it was there, was Helena Georgia Wells, and Myka nearly collapsed.

The first to notice Myka's presence, HG turned slightly, her dark eyes meeting Myka's and dilating. Her entire chest rose as she took a relieved breath, a wide smile spreading across her face.

"Hello, Darling." She purred, her voice sultry and excited. As much as she loved her Warehouse companions, she had been rather impatient for Myka to make her appearance.

Myka let her hand drop from the doorknob, thus letting the door open wider. HG's greeting had caught the attention of the entire team, who were happy to break from Claudia's story to welcome her to the steps.

"Mykes!" Pete cheered, obliviously, "Look who's joined the party!" Pete's arm shook HG, who smiled at his gesture, trying to keep eye contact with the brunette in the doorway.

The Warehouse was filled with inseparable relationships: the fatherly love of Artie for Claudia and Myka (and even Pete, most days); the irrevocable friendship between Myka and Pete, Claudia and Steve, almost sibling-like for the latter; the maternal love for all of them from Leena. Still, there was nothing quite like the relationship between HG and Myka, a friendship that had led to both the saving, and nearly ending of the world. There was something in it which let the relationship survive some of the lowest lows of history. It was like the two women had become a part of each other.

The team was ecstatic to see HG back, but they expected their joy to be dim in comparison to Myka's. It made sense how she hadn't immediately erupted in elation- it took a moment to process that HG really was back –but when the seconds passed in silence, Myka's expression never hinting at any positive emotions- everyone became very confused, slightly afraid, even. It would be downright idiotic to cross either women, but when they were at each other's necks, each strong, independent, stubborn set of eyes was painted with bloodlust.

"Where the have you been?" Myka asked, her voice barely audible.

By now, HG's smile had entirely faltered, and she hesitated.

"You're…upset with me?" she asked, her voice thick with confusion, disappointment, and anxiety.

Myka laughed curtly, which terrified everyone. "You disappeared, Helena. One minute, you were there, the next, you're gone. No one knew where you were, if you were okay, what you were you doing. You just disappeared." Myka explained, her voice stiff, her hands sharp in their movements.

HG took a step forward, her expression panicked. There was nothing sweeter than the sound of Myka's voice saying her full name in admiration, and nothing colder than her saying it with anger. "I was with Mrs. Fredric." she offered.

Myka took a half a step back, not welcoming the shortness of distance between them.

"I-," HG stuttered, a rare action for her. "I would think that you, of all people, would understand the importance of confidentiality in this business!" HG defended. HG was possibly the most stubborn person any of the Warehouse personnel had ever met, so when they recognized her defense being far closer to begging than fighting, no one knew what to do.

When Myka spoke again, her voice was shrill and ice cold.

"I don't know, maybe it's a culture difference." She began, her shoulders shrugging sarcastically. "Maybe it was common practice in the 1890s to leave without a word, but today, it's customary to say goodbye, Helena. A goodbye would have been nice; a bit of a warning before you disappeared."

HG's face contorted; her eyes wide with panic, her brows narrowed and lips shrill with confusion. She had no response, no defense. All she wanted was to see her friend smile, feel her lean body hug against her, happy to see her home. This was completely unexpected, and the genius was helpless.

For a moment, Myka watched HG, waiting for her to test her. When she received nothing but a pathetic expression and helpless stuttering, she spun around, glided back into the B&B, and shut the door behind her.

The girl had a way of storming like a bull with the grace of a dancer, and it nearly killed HG.

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