The factory stood in silence, its bricked walls cracked, its wooden supports rotting. Remnants of a once bustling economy, shattered by the CNPP incident. From my vantage point behind a rotting tree I could see into the yards and sub structures around the factory. The factory itself sat as the central structure, with a few smaller, crumbling workshops around the outside. The main door into the Factory itself had crumbled inwards, rendering it impassable, and the only other entrance I could see into the factory was a pipeline suspended some twenty metres in the air. The pipeline ran down from the topmost floor of the factory into one of the workshops, which had roof access. The yard itself was rather quiet, but strange noises emanated from the factory itself, as well as the occasional creak from the aged supports. Carefully, I made my way down a muddy embankment towards the factory itself, keeping an eye out for movement, or the tell-tale distortion of a cloaked Bloodsucker. Muddy grass gave way to cracked paving as I neared the workshop. A clanking erupted from within the Workshop, and a distortion flashed past in my peripheral vision.

I gasped, levelling my weapon. The cry of a Bloodsucker rang out from behind me, and I turned to face it. The distortion closed in, and I aimed my Weapon. The Bloodsucker uncloaked, rearing its arm back to strike. I squeezed the trigger, and the AK opened up, kicking back with the fully automatic fire. The bullets struck the Bloodsucker, but it kept coming.
Its swinging arm hit me, and I flew backwards into the wall of the workshop. From my holster I drew my .45 and I aimed it at its tentacled face. With a squeeze of the trigger, The pistol kicked back, sending a .45 ACP round slamming into the Bloodsucker's face. It's head exploded in a mess of gore, and it's headless body slumped to the ground.
Slowly, I stood. Brushing dust of my clothes, I retrieved my AK from where I had been standing.
The interior of the Workshop reeked, and I felt my breathing becoming laboured. I left the darkness, and I pulled on my Gasmask. Flicking on my light, I re-entered. A foul gas hung in the air, and my light played off the benches and equipment. At the end of the workshop a ladder led onto the roof. The pipeline entered through a hole in the wall of the Workshop, and it curved into the ground. A rupture in the pipeline seeped the foul gas into the enclosed chamber. I moved through the workshop looking out for more creatures, breathing steadily to stop the screen of my gasmask from fogging up with condensation. I climbed the rusty ladder carefully, wary of its crumbling state.

The rooftop was cracked and rubble covered, and grass and shrubs grew in the cracks. Over the edge of the workshop, I could easily step down onto the pipeline, which inclined slowly up to the factory.
Stepping carefully, I jumped down onto the pipeline. The pipe rang out with a dull ring when I landed on it, and some birds who had been resting on it further up flew for cover. I carefully made my way up the pipeline, hands levelled for balance. The pipe led up to the wall of the Factory's top floor, where it passed through a hole that only the pipe could fit through. However a metal bracing ran around the outside of the factory above a catwalk. When I reached the top of the pipe, I leant out cautiously, grabbing a hold of the decayed bracing. Taking a deep breath, I stepped off the pipe. The bracing supported my weight, and I began to climb around the side of the factory, until I found myself above the catwalk. Taking another deep breath I dropped down onto the catwalk.

I hit the catwalk with a crunch, and the catwalk immediately began creaking as the rusty supports began to give way. Quickly as I could, I leapt through the doorway into the factory itself, just as the catwalk fell away with a snap. The catwalk hit the ground far below with a smash, and the impact sent it spiralling into the wall of the factory. The metal beams of the catwalk smashed through the cracked brickwork, creating me a perfect exit. I laughed and turned around to the challenge ahead of me. I was in the foreman's office, suspended up above the actual factory complex. The pipeline entered the factory and it led down into a massive machine in the centre of the factory itself. A Snork stumbled about on the factory floor, investigating the loud crash from the catwalk. A staircase spiralled down from the foreman's office, stopping at doorways occasionally, which most likely were storerooms and internal workshops. Firstly, I searched the foreman's desk. Inside one of his drawers I found a box of matches and a packet of Transistors, which I put in my pack. Sifting through paperwork, I found a shipping order that detailed the removal of most of the electronics to a workshop nearby. I folded the shipping order up, and I placed it into my pocket. As I began to descend the staircase, my Anomaly detector began beeping, and I looked down the staircase to see some sort of distortion moving up and down the staircase. The anomaly moved back and forth in front of one of the storerooms. I approached the anomaly, and my detector beeped furiously, until the anomaly moved away. When the anomaly moved I sprinted into the storeroom, just as the anomaly moved back past.

The storeroom was pitch black, but for the thin beam of light cast by my torch. I searched through the shelves and found only a small box of circuit boards, which I put in my pack. I returned to the doorway and waited for the Anomaly to pass, before bolting out the door down the staircase. The rest of the storerooms contained nothing but musty and rotting cardboard boxes. When I reached the bottom floor, I looked around carefully for the Snork, which had disappeared. I stepped off the metal staircase onto the cold, concrete floor and I looked around. The foul gas hung on the floor, at about knee height and below that I cloud not see much. A few benches scattered the area. On them sat soldering equipment and other tools. I approached on of the benches, passing the giant machine, when I heard a blood curdling cry.

The Snork launched itself at me from behind the machine. I dove forward, dodging the Snork's attack. Standing, I aimed my AK at the Snork, which was recovering from the jump, and I emptied the last of my Magazine into it. The Snork slumped over, dead. Ejecting the spent magazine, I loaded a new one. The benches were empty, but I gathered up some of the tools and other useful things I found. I made my way for the hole in the factory wall, made by the catwalk, and I climbed through into the sunlight. From there I decided to check the Warehouse that the shipping order mentioned, so I headed up into the hills, crossing the countryside in the direction of the warehouse. I found the Warehouse nestled in a clearing, surrounded by trees. Human figures stood guard, and as I approached, one of them aimed his rifle at me.
"Put your weapon away, Stalker." He said. I shouldered my AK and approached, hands in the air.
"What is your business here?" he asked.
"I am looking for electronic parts. Wires, circuit boards and the like." I replied.
The man lowered his gun. "Follow me." He said. I examined him, and the uniforms of the others in the warehouse. They all wore black trenchcoats, and wore balaclavas.

The Man led me into a room were another man stood behind a desk. He looked like the leader.
"Take all his gear." Said the Leader. The other man closed in to take my gear, but as he approached I whipped out my knife and stabbed him. Blood fountained from the fresh wound, and I ripped my knife from his belly. The Leader reached for his weapon but from my holster I pulled my .45 and I shot him. Shouts erupted from the warehouse as I jumped over the desk, flipping it over. Resting my AK on the edge of the desk, I opened up on the Bandits entering the room. From behind the desk I moved next to the door, from where I let out bursts at the bandits, who rushed in to attack me. In only a few minutes fighting, I managed to dispatch them all. The main warehouse structure consisted of a long tall shed lined with shelves. The shelves were lined with boxes, all containing electrical supplies.
"Jackpot!" I said, marking the location on my Map.

Bear met me at the gate. "What did you find?" He asked.
When I met the question with a huge smile, he knew I didn't need to answer, and instead he accompanied me to Grouch's office. Grouch sat in the same place he had been sitting in when I left.
When I entered the room, he looked up and his expression lightened.
"What did you find?" He asked.
I retrieved the Transistors and circuit boards from my pack and I handed them to him.
"Anything else?" He asked.
"Yes, this." I said, placing my map on the table. "There is a warehouse here." I pointed to my mark on the map. "That contains boxes on boxes of electrical supplies."
Grouch nodded. "You've done well. Come back later while I try to fix this." He said.
I nodded and left, Bear following.
"Well done." Bear said as we descended the stairs.
As we left the house, one of the Stalkers ran up to us.
"Bear, Yuri, you must help!" He said.
"What is the problem?" Bear asked.
"Sacha is stuck on the roof at the northern outpost, Pseudodogs have attacked and we need help!"
Bear looked at me. "Well, let's get to it."