Author's Note: Despite a few similarities, this was written before the episode 'Quill'. Where Rosalee kisses Monroe while under the influence of a Wesen illness. And takes place before that episode as well. Enjoy!

Monroe's smile wouldn't leave his face. Even after he was cut off by a Bauerschwein on a motorcycle and was slammed into by a Mauzhertz in a hurry on the sidewalk that morning. He had been spending a lot of time at the shop with Rosalee as of late. His clock gigs had been slowing down and he always enjoyed spending his day there. With Rosalee. No matter what they were doing, even dusting shelves was fun with her. Though it had interrupted his usual routine, this new routine of helping her out was a favorite of his. And much better than the usual afternoon Pilates he'd do around 3:30 PM, which he was currently skipping out on as he entered a coffee shop.

Monroe sidled inside the cafe, slipping his hands in his corduroy pockets as he looked over the menu. When the Bauerschwein in front of him, whom he quickly realized was the same one from that morning for this man also couldn't constrain his belly into the tight leather outfit he was strapped in, shuffled away Monroe placed his order. Not only did he get one green tea chai, but two.

"Thank you sir." Monroe said to the cashier before grasping the drinks in both hands. The warm liquid toasting up his chilled hands. It was a cooler day in Portland, and Rosalee's shop was often on the cold side. And he knew her well enough that a warm green tea chai, with a dash of nutmeg, would be something she'd never turn down. The sidewalk was damp and the air smelt like rain as the Blutbad opened the door to his Volkswagen and carefully settled the teas into cup holders. Though as often as he had been going to the shop, he hadn't been there in 4 days. But those three days, felt longer. Like, way longer.

A rush of butterflies inside his sweater garbed chest fluttered as the shop appeared in the distance. The blutbad hadn't realized how often Rosalee's smile was in his mind, nor how different he felt when he was with her. He hadn't felt like this for someone in... he didn't know... years possibly. Yes years. So many years. He hadn't realized how heavy his blutbad heart grew nor how gloomy a week would become when he wouldn't see her. Hadn't realized how many times he had made up excuses to go to the shop. Nor that he would often wear a certain navy sweater she had complimented him on once. Hadn't realized how dull a day would be without even a text, or how much pleasure he felt in even a quick phone conversation about fern oil and flower petals. The fact that he hadn't felt this way about someone in so many years was most of why he didn't think about it. Didn't want to think about it enough to realize how much he cared for her. The last time he deeply cared for someone it didn't end well. This was different, but because of the past Monroe feared thinking about the way his heart felt, and instead of dwelling on it in his mind, he let those feelings flow on his smiling lips as he walked up to the front door of the shop. And little did he know, but Rosalee was wearing a similar smile from her heart to her sleeves.

Rosalee had received a shipment of various types of herbs, spices, salves and drinks, all bundled up in bottles and every single one of them needed to go up on the shelves. She could reach most places, even the highest shelves when on a ladder, but no one got that job done better than Monroe. He could always reach the tallest shelves with ease. But her need of his help, wasn't really a need. It was an excuse, and she knew it. Rosalee smirked as she glanced to his text:

3:27 PM Gettin' us a little something to toast up the igloo

She had come to realize from the moment she met Monroe, that he was unlike any Blutbad she'd ever met. Unlike anyone for that matter, Wesen or not. His charm, sincerity and kindness beneath his gruff look was what drew her to him. His heart was always full, and she found her own wanting to be nearer to his. That however, she kept it to herself. But she didn't know how much longer she would be able to do so. When she heard his car pull to a stop outside the shop, a smile grew on her face. Rosalee took a glance in a mirror before getting to work on organizing some bottles. That were already organized, but she wanted to appear busy. She heard the car door shut above the sounds of the glass bottles she was shifting. Her eyes flitted to the door as she heard the knob shift before it swung open. Monroe appeared, using his foot to open it as both hands were filled with the teas.

"Need help?" Rosalee asked, trying not to show what she was feeling inside. The rush of nervous excitement upon meeting his brown gaze.

"I got it." Monroe managed to get in and close the door before crossing the entry of the shop. "Lucky I got in there before the after work swarms. They usually don't have any of this stuff left after 4 or so." Rosalee wandered over to the tall man and took the drink from him. She sniffed it, her sense of smell catching the flavor before any human would have. "Green tea chai. Smells perfect."

"Tastes perfect too. Well next to perfect. I'm still workin' on my own recipe at home." Rosalee smiled.

"Thanks for this." She cupped the drink with both hands and sipped it.

"No problem." Monroe nodded to her as he drank from his tea, his eyes scanning the boxes littering the shop. Rosalee took the moment to look him over. The blutbad was wearing a pair of dark corduroy pants below a coat, and a knitted navy sweater with a green plaid sneaking out at the end of the sleeves. The sweater fitted him nicely, as did the pants, she couldn't help but notice how much it all flattered the blutbad. She mentally shook herself when she noticed she was staring, embarrassed. She glanced up to his face and he gave her a smile before his eyes skipped about the shop.

"So, looks like a lot of work to do huh?"

"Unfortunately. Its like busy work at school. Except more bending and lifting."

"Yeah, and only more fun." He meandered over to a box of bottles he spotted across the room. "Where else do you get to see Verfaulte Pulver up close." He wrinkled his nose as he got near. "Okay smelling the stuff not as fun."

"If you don't have water to stabilize it with water immediately after opening, you better get out of the room or you'll be worse off than a skunk."

"Get of the state I'd say." He said as he wiped the foul scent from his nose before sipping the tea, bending down to inspect another box. "So, where do we begin?" He asked as he stripped off his coat, resting it on the counter.

"Well, I was saving all these, for you." She sat her tea down an meandered over to a pile of boxes, patting their lids.

"I'm honored." He said teasingly. "Lemme guess, it's either a box that goes up there" he gestured to the top shelf. "Or a box of danish donuts, because either one I'd be totally fine with." Rosalee smirked.

"Sorry to let you down." She opened the box and he peered in at the large bottles, filled with some type of magenta substance.

"Hey, a little organizing never hurt anyone." They glanced up at each other. "But donuts on the other hand..." Monroe raised his brow as he slipped his hands under the box to lift it up.

"Let me help." Rosalee said, beginning to grab the sides of the heavy box.

"No no, I got it. Where do these guys go?" And with the ease of picking up a box of Styrofoam, the blutbad lifted the 50 lb box. He was one strong man, and Rosalee tried not to let how much she admired that about him linger in her mind as she scooted the ladder towards him.

"They go right up here, under the Midnight Flowers sign." she pointed to the engraved sign in the wooden shelf.

"Oh, duh. Midnight Flower potions go by the flowers sign, of course." Monroe had also become slightly distracted in that moment, for when he had picked up the box, it was heavier than he'd thought it would be. He could handle it all right, but he didn't want to show that it was almost too heavy. "You know if Siegbartes weren't so... ogre, they'd be perfect for this kind of job." He said as he lugged the box to the top. "But us Blutbaden, we can handle it. Though perfect isn't exactly the word I'd use for my people." He grunted as he placed the box on the top shelf. Rosalee watched him from below and couldn't help but say.

"There's a lot of definitions for perfect."

"Fair enough." Monroe said as be began unloading the box. "So, what is this stuff exactly? I smells kind of funky. Like an aphrodisiac had a baby with a dandelion." He inspected one of the bottles up close and then realized why they had been so heavy, it wasn't full of a magenta liquid, but of a dense sand like powder.


"That almost didn't sound entirely convinced." Monroe said as he smirked down at the Fuchsbau from over his shoulder.

"It is part aphrodisiac. It has to be mixed with this." Rosalee held up a clear liquid bottle. The blutbad glanced down as he shoved a row of bottles against the wall.

"I'm assuming that's not water."

"It's pressed dandelion mixed with some heavy duty stuff."

"See I was on the right track." Rosalee smirked.

"When you mix the Midnight Flower powder with this, well," Rosalee raised her brow. "It gives you a lot of energy... through the night."

"Oh, that kind of energy." The two smirked without making eye contact. "So what happens if this stuff here gets ingested without, that. No sudden turning into toad like transformations? Growing warts in... places."

"It has different effects on different people. Depending on their size." Monroe froze as he gently placed a bottle down.

"Size... got it." Rosalee reddened, smirking.

"No I mean, yes but-"

"Hey we're adults, we can talk about aphrodisiacs without giggling. And, their effects..." Rosalee looked up to him.

"I meant size as in big guys, big guys like you." Monroe couldn't help but blush and give her a funny glance at the same time.

"Boy we are adults here."

"Height Monroe, as in height." Rosalee threw her arms out, amused and embarrassed at her comments.

"Gotcha. You were saying?"

"Depending on, your body type, the effect varies. Without mixing it with this stuff," she shook the bottle. "It will make anyone no matter their size have a fever, faint, be lethargic or not in their right state of mind, disorientated. But with some aphrodisiac like effects. Nothing too drastic, on its own, but a lot of, expression I guess is the right word. " She began putting away several of the clear bottles.

"So you're saying not at Hank vs. Hexenbiest level I see. More like you're drunk."

"Something like that. If someone tall like you inhaled it, strangely enough, it would effect you more than say, if I did."

"Interesting." Monroe carefully placed the last bottle and began to climb down.

"Oh I forgot to mention, it also could be deadly." Monroe turned to face her as he landed.

"Yeah... don't want to forget to mention that." Rosalee handed him another box.

"In rare cases."

"Well lately I've learned that 'rare' things. Aren't all that rare. Grimm's for example." Rosalee raised her brow in agreement.

"True. But that also, depends on the person. Its best not to mess with it."

"Not planning on it." Rosalee set to work on several shelf units, filling them with various bottles, herbs, etc. By the time 6 o'clock rolled around the blutbad and Fuchsbau had most of the work done. There had been dozens of boxes to put away, but with two the work went twice as fast. Their tea had been gone in the first half hour, and even the coolness of the shop faded as they got warmed up from all the work. There were only a few boxes left when the sound of a phone ringing in the back of shop startled the two Wesen.

"If that's another shipment, tell 'em to get us a Siegbartes and we'll be done by sundown." Rosalee smirked as she hurried out of the room. Monroe sighed, wiping the sweat off his brow. Though it had been hours since he started helping, it certainly didn't seem that way. And he was beginning to think about suggesting they go out to eat when he tripped on something. His shoulder rammed into the shelf unit, rattling the bottles. But Monroe was too distracted by worrying over what he had tripped on, Rosalee's sweater. Now the pretty thing had a footprint on it. "Man. Nice one Monroe." He grumbled, unaware of what the shelf was up to behind him. As he knelt down to carefully pick it up, his heel bumped the shelf. Right as his senses told him something was coming, a glass bottle shattered an inch from him.

In seconds the air was full of a pinkish hued powder. He couldn't see a foot in front of him. He coughed, trying not to breath it in. As he tried to wave it away, unable to escape taking it into his lungs, he realized what it was. Midnight Flowers. Monroe staggered out of the pink cloud, patting the walls, trying to find a way to fresh air. Accidentally knocking more vials onto the floor. Through his coughing Rosalee's voice appeared.

"Monroe!" She called from the other room as the sounds of the glass breaking reached her ears.

"I'm, I'm..." He struggled to say. But it didn't take more than 30 seconds for his vision to start to blur. His head was swelling and spinning. His hearing fading. Rosalee's voice fading like the rest of the shop. Rosalee hurried into the room, glancing at the cloud of powder. Knowing from the smell and look what it was.

"Monroe!" She called, frantically looking for him. When she noticed his body peaking out from behind the counter. Broken glass surrounding him. His eyes closed. The blutbad was unconscious.

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