Some things you should know about this story:

Mona was 'A', end of story.

Ezra and Aria never told her parents about them.

Ezra still works at the high school, and is still all of the girls' teacher.

Aria's parents are divorced.

I smiled as Ezra walked into class on Monday. His eyes immediately came to rest on me, a smirk playing slightly on his lips.

"I had a very nice weekend, how about all of you?" Ezra asked the class as he turned to put his bag on his desk. His voice was full of chipper. He was met by an unenthusiastic round of 'okays' and 'fines'. I winked at him as he turned back around, and his grin grew ever so slightly.

"Pass up your homework. Today will be an in class work day." Groans filled the room. "Look everyone, I know that it's less than a month until graduation, and believe me, I remember that countdown going on in your head right now. But you are so close to being done, that you should give your all in the last few moments. So, I want everyone to write three haikus. You have fifteen minutes. And we will be sharing, go."

My smile dropped a little as I started to think, but I didn't stop smiling completely. I hadn't since Friday.

I laughed as he held me on the big marble steps, whispering things, seductive things, into my ear. A shadow crossed my face as I leaned back against Ezra's chest. I opened my eyes and looked up at a girl, maybe 25, with gorgeous red hair and laughing green eyes. She stared at me for a moment, and then smiled.

After a few seconds of somewhat awkward silence, she stated, "I just wanted to tell you that you two make the most adorable couple in the world. Without a doubt."

I smiled back up at her, and she turned to walk away when Ezra called, "wait!" She turned back to us with a questioning look on her face.

"Yes?" She asked, as I said, "What is it, Ezra?"

He looked between us and whispered to me, "we still need two witnesses." He raised his eyebrows at me and I nodded my permission.

"We were wondering if you're free for the next half hour or so."

I had ten minutes left to write two haiku, having already come up with this:

Courthouse, peaceful judge,

Red, green puppy. Black, brown mouse.

Stairs of you and me.

He called the two minute warning as I finished up. I was proud of the final products. They were understandable to me and Ezra, but cryptic enough that nobody else would get it.

Silver Toyota.

Black and white. Classic clothing.

Gold. Setting sunlight.


The lights, turn them off,

The darkness welcomes us in,

Bright light, stupid glass.

After five or so people Ezra turned to me, "Aria, you may read yours now."

I stood up and recited the first two. Ezra liked the first one, his smile returning after having to reprimand the person before me, Noel Kahn, for writing two ridiculous poems that made no sense. He had not even tried to complete a third.

As I read my last haiku though, Ezra blushed red across his cheekbones and his smile turned sheepish when I read the last line.

"I love you," he whispered against my neck, while we waited for the elevator.

"I would hope so," I responded. He laughed then moved his fiery assault to my collarbone. When the doors opened, I shoved Ezra lightly.

There was an older couple, maybe late forties, inside waiting for the elevator to go up. We entered and the door closed behind us with a bing.

I reached over to push the 8th floor button, but saw it was already lit. Ezra blew on the back of my neck, which was unusually ticklish. I was trying not to laugh, but a giggle burst through. The woman looked over at us, startled, then did a once over.

Ezra's chest was pressed against my back and our hands were a mess of skin, making it hard to tell where I ended and he began. The woman nudged her husband and he discreetly glanced our way. He and his wife shared a reminiscent look and the woman reached over and pushed the 5th floor button, the next stop. The doors dinged open a few seconds later. As she was leaving, the woman gave me a 'you're welcome' smile. I mouthed 'thank you' in response.

"So what happened to Mr. Fitz in class today?" Hanna asked me during lunch.

"Yeah, he was as red as a tomato," Emily added.

"And he sounded unusually cheerful." Hanna finished.

"I thought it was obvious." Spencer said as she took a bite of her salad. We all looked at her. She finished chewing and said, "then again I do have more clues than you two, because of-"

"Spence spit it out!" Hanna cut her off.

"Well, Aria was supposed to spend the night at my house on Friday, but she took off like twenty minutes after she got there. That and how both she and Fitz can't seem to be able to stop smiling, I'd say they had very productive weekend."

I stared at my sandwich trying not to look too embarrassed.

"Were Aria and Fitzy getting it on this weekend?" Emily teased.

"Guys, I just turned eighteen. We were kind of celebrating that." I defended myself.

"Didn't you two 'celebrate' that Tuesday?" Emily asked. "You know the day after you birthday when you ditched our sleepover to spend time with him."

"He wanted to take me to Philadelphia for the weekend. We got a hotel for Friday and Saturday night and did some touristy things Sunday." I didn't want to lie to them completely, but Ezra and I agreed that telling my friends probably wouldn't end well.

"What did you do Saturday?" Hanna started the inquisition

"We kind of holed up in our hotel room for the day." I tried to fight the blush, but it blossomed across my cheeks anyway.

"So Aria and Fitzy really were getting it on this weekend," Emily joked.

"Can we please stop talking about this?" I begged.

Spencer started to say, "well, as long as you were safe-" but Hanna cut her off agian.

"No way! This is juicy stuff, even if I can't share it with anyone." She wasn't done but the bell rang, cutting her off. "Do not think for a second that I will forget about this."

"I know you won't Hanna, I know you won't." I said.

I walked into Ezra's classroom after the last bell rang under the pretense of a missing assignment. He had just finished packing his bag when I entered.

"You ready to go?" He asked.

"Of course," I smiled as he leaned down to kiss my lips quickly.

We walked out of school together and Ezra, after glancing around, pecked my lips goodbye. With the promise of a 'see you later,' I left the parking lot. If I couldn't get away from my dad, I would sneak out with the help of Mike.

At home, things were still tense. The divorce was finalized a few months ago, and since then Dad had starting seeing Meredith again. My whole junior year had been spent trying to figure out if Mom and Dad were getting back together or not.

I pulled into my driveway and sighed. Mom was here.

I sighed again as I walked into the door. Even divorced they still fought like cats and dogs. I tippy-toed upstairs as quietly as I could, trying not to disturb them.

After dropping off the school books I wouldn't need in my room, I peeked into Mike's room to see if he was there, which he wasn't. Smart boy.

I slipped quietly downstairs, wanting to get away before they noticed. I walked to the front door without having to worry because they had moved their fight from the living room to the kitchen.

"Spending the night at Spencer's, bye," I yelled in their general direction, before hightailing it to my car; I couldn't deal with scrutiny at the moment.

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