『One-Handed Sword 』

«Basic Type»
Slash / Thrust

«Weapon Skills»
Diagonal / Slant
Vertical Arc
Horizontal Arc
Vertical Square
Horizontal Square
Savage Fulcrum
Sonic Leap
Rage Spike
Snake Bite
Vorpal Strike
Deadly Sins
Howling Octave

«Passive Skills»
Armor Pierce
Non-System Assist Bonus

All players start with this skill, which involves equipping a sword light enough to be able to be lifted using one hand to either the left or the right hand. By using skills, related to it, you can level up this skill by around 1 point randomly, with a 10% chance, after 10 hits battling NPCs whose level has a discrepancy of no lower than 15 levels.

Since all players start with this skill, many (if not all) basic weapon skills come from this parent skill, and this is the skill with the most number of recorded weapon skills.

«Post requisites»
One-Handed Curved Sword (Equip a Curved Sword)
One-Handed Dagger (also called Short Sword) (Equip a Dagger)
Two-Handed Staff (Equip a Staff; AGI must be 10 or more)
Two-Handed Axe (Equip an Axe; STR must be 10 or more)

One-Handed Rapier (at 50 Skill Points)
One-Handed Shield (at 100 Skill Points)
Two-Handed Sword (at 150 Skill Points)
Blade Throwing (Must have Item Throwing; at 150 Skill Points)

Extended Weight Limit (Equip a Sword w/ a STR requirement +5 than your STR) «Parent Requisite»
Extended Inventory Limit (Have Extended Weight Limit; Fill your Inventory) «Parent Requisite»
Parry (Block a Sword Skill using your own Sword) «Parent Requisite»
Sword Rush (Run and use a Sword Skill) «Parent Requisite»

«Unique» Dual Blades (?)
«Unique» Holy Sword (?)

It was quite easy getting information about these data, mostly because 30% of the entire SAO population, including people I personally know, have mastered this «skill». However, I have my doubts over if I should include «Dual Blades» and «Holy Sword», mostly because I have no idea how to get those skills. («Kirito» even told me that he doesn't know.) However, I suspect it had something to do with mastering «One-Handed Sword». As for «Heathcliff»… let's just say it's been hard contacting that guy. He's too… calm, so I could presume that his «Unique Skill» requires both the mastery of «One-Handed Sword» and «One-Handed Shield».

"Stop bugging me…! *looking around for other information brokers* Even I don't know how it got to my «Skills List». It was … just there."

(Response: I always wonder why that guy dislikes that unique skill. I'd pay a fortune just to even know how that skill works!)

"«One-Handed Sword» is a practical skill, but I personally think it's a useless one, compared to «Two-Handed Sword». Even the «Rapier» sounds better. HAHAHAHAHA!
-A guy living in the «45th floor».

(Response: Understandable, because most «One-Handed Sword» users use a «Shield» of some sort. However, that guy should see some of the good solo players use that so-called "useless skill".)

(09/04/12) Changed stuff confirmed in the new translated chapters of Volume 10.
(09/15/12) Fixed Skill Points Leveling Issues in regards to «Weapon Leveling Up», designed it so that "advanced" skills will be easier to level; added «Vertical Arc» and «Horizontal Arc».
(09/27/12) Added «Savage Fulcrum»; reset Skill Prequisites more appropriately.
(10/01/12) Removed Star Splash; Placed Howling Octave