『Martial Arts』

«Basic Type»
Unarmed / Extra

«Weapon Skills»
Flash Hit
Break Chop
High Kick
Low Kick
Ying Yang Fist
Striking Axe Kick
Tomoe-Nage Throw
Grasping Sparrow's Tail
Plum-Blossom Double Swords of Six-Combination Fist
12-Hand Speed Strike Fist
Quattro Knife Hand Strike (requires «Acupuncture»)
Phoenix Sham Smash (requires «One-Handed Sword»)
White Lotus Arrow (requires «One-Handed Spear», «Two-Handed Spear», or «One-Handed Rapier»)

«Passive Skills»
Skill Reconnect
Unarmed Synchronization

Part of the moderately rare «Unarmed» type of skills, the equipped skill gives the player the ability similar (if not the same) to Eastern-style combat styles, inspired by mixing several Chinese, Thai, and Japanese combat styles. However, most of the skills beyond the basic weapon skills of «Jab», «Chop», and «Kick» require almost exact footwork for it to connect, so there have been people who simply «exchange» this skill for another «Unarmed» skill like «Hand-to-Hand Combat», especially since all «Unarmed» skills have the passive skill «Unarmed Synchronization» that synchronizes the skill points of all «Unarmed» skills, equipped or not. One unique feature of this «Extra Skill» is the «Skill Reconnect» passive skill, which allows you to activate a skill as the last «Martial Arts» weapon skill finishes with your last unused hand/feet, forming a «starting pose» and essentially continuing the «combo», as long as you continually hit the «weak points» of the opponent.

Like all «Unarmed» skills, you can only replace this skill with a skill of the type «Unarmed». You cannot have 2 «Unarmed» skills. This skill cannot be «removed». To level up this skill, use any of its «weapon skills» on any «target», increasing its Skill Points by 1.

«Pre requisites»
Finish a «certain quest» on the 2nd Floor (You'll have to pay me to find out where the quest is located.)

«Post requisites»

When used in the right timing, «Martial Arts» makes up for an awfully overpowered combo-centric «unarmed» skill. However, if the player using it is inexperienced in using it, you will be able to counteract all of its attacks by simply «tripping» him/her. Otherwise, it's a great «skill» to put a strain on the opponent AI. «Martial Arts», «Hand-to-Hand Combat», «Taekwondo», and many other similar skills are often recollected into the simple «Unarmed» skill, because of its synchronicity.
- Argo

"A great skill, yes, but it's just impossible to do the «Phoenix Sham Smash» without me making some weird poses, something I cannot afford when fighting on the 60th series of floors."
- «Kirito» (This is from 5 months ago.)

(Response: Don't be a drag! Surely it will add to your rep, assuming you actually have one.)

"To learn «Martial Arts» is the heart of every ninja ~degozaru."
- «a loser player on the 2nd floor 2 years ago»

"I heard some members of the «Laughing Coffin» have started to use «Martial Arts» and «Acupuncture» because of its basically overpowered «Quattro Knife Hand Strike» that renders you paralyzed for 3 seconds."
- «a fellow informant»

(Response: «Acupuncture» and «Martial Arts» are two different things. While «acupuncture» has been used on lower floors where most of the people making a living offer «massage services» nowadays, «Martial Arts», while being relatively weak compared to actually using a sword from a monster drop on the front-lines. With this, it MIGHT be possible that a «Laughing Coffin» member has been able to use this ability to good use, however, for now, it's safe to say that it's quite unlikely.)

(09/18/12) Edited names.
(09/18/12) Boxing and Hand-to-Sword shouldn't exist and be part of the Hand-to-Hand Combat.
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