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"Wait!" I turned around and there she was. The person who was leaving me behind, for the best of course. I wanted nothing more but for her to stay but she wouldn't be able to flourish to her greatest potential if she did. Her amethyst eyes bore into mine searching for any reason to stay but I hid my pain and sadness far to well. With a burst of energy, she ran at me, swung her arms around my neck, and kissed me. It was our goodbye kiss. We both poured everything we had into that one last kiss.

When we separated, she looked into my eyes one more time, turned, and ran outside my house. She quickly got into her cab heading to the airport. I stood in the doorway. I didn't wave a goodbye. Didn't scream the words I wanted to say. Nor did I whisper how much I loved her. I only stood there and watched as she drove away, leaving Amity Park three days after graduation.

That was the last time I would ever see Sam Manson...or so I thought...

~~~~~~~Four years later ~~~~~

A grown, twenty-two year old Danny Fenton stood in his old room picture frame in hand. In that picture were three people-himself and the two best friends anyone could ask for. It was a picture of the infamous Amity Park trio, well at least they were infamous when the picture was taken in their freshman year of high school. Now in days if you just moved to Amity Park, surely your next door neighbor would come right away with a batch of cookies in hand and tell you all there is to know about the town. And that includes the Disasteroid incident, the ghosts who use to wreak havoc over Amity Park just a couple of months ago before the Treaty of Two Worlds was finally agreed on and signed. Also, your neighbor would fill you in on the Fentons, Amity Park's world known ghost hunters who lived not to far from downtown Amity.

But of course, you cut your neighbor off right before they're about to move on to the next topic. Danny Phantom.

You've heard all about Earth's hero and how with the help of his best friends, family, ghosts, and the leaders of the world came up with a plan to save the planet from total disaster. You know all about a boy-well not really a boy anymore-named Tucker Foley. One of Danny Fenton/Phantom's best friends who gave up his place as mayor to major in business and now owns his own business researching and developing the latest technology and not to mention ecto-technology. His business is sure to reach the multi millions soon enough.

Next, you ask yourself and your new neighbor 'Wait a minute whatever happened to Sam Manson, Danny Fenton's ex-girlfriend?' She responds that no one, not even Danny himself knows. Right after high school, she left and vanished from the media.

So here Danny stands, picture in hand and ready to leave Amity for a new life, wondering what did happen to Sam? Sure you've heard she was working towards opening up her own art studio and about to finish up her bachelor degree but that was almost a year and a half ago. His mind almost starts to take a trip down memory lane when he hears a honk outside. Danny sets down the picture on ledge of his window. He's about to head for the stairs when he turns around and snatches the picture from the frame. He quickly tucks the picture inside his jacket pocket before descending downstairs. He thinks, 'You might have forgotten what we had, but I never will.'

"Oh Danny!" My mom says before tackling me into a hug as I walk outside. "I'm going to miss you so much!"

"Danny Boy!" Dad comes from behind and lifts us both into a bone crushing hug. I might have grown taller but I don't think I'll ever tower over my dad.

"Guys, I...I can't breathe.." He quickly releases us and nervously rubs the back of his neck, a habit I clearly picked up from him.


"It's okay, Dad. I get it. I'm going to miss you guys a lot too."

"Why do you have to go then?" Mom asks as Dad gently puts his hand around her waist.

"We all know the answer to that." I say looking down and kicking a pebble around. "I'll call don't worry about that."

"Of course you'll call! You don't want to make your mother go crazy thinking something happened to you in that big city!"

"It's Chicago, Mrs. Fenton. Not a hell hole." I turn my head around to see one of my new best friends, Taylor Hale.

"I know that sweetie, but you have to understand. He's my son-"

"And your his mother," She says while placing a hand on my shoulder. "Trust me, I know all about your concern so don't you worry Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. If he doesn't call you, he'll be hearing about it from me until he does." My parents gently smiled at Tay and relaxed.

"Well when you put it like that, he'll be just fine, Maddie! Off you go then kids! You want to get there as close as you can before it gets dark out!" My dad shooed us down the steps. We both got into the moving truck I rented.

"Thanks." I said as soon as we got in. I started the car.

"No probs. Somebody had to make sure we got there on time." She clicked her seat belt on.

We waved to my parents as we drove off. Driving around town to get on the road towards the highway, we passed a lot of the town. 'I'll be back some day.' I promised as we passed the now exiting Amity Park sign. Chicago and a new life were getting closer and closer.

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